Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) Action Item. Patient Assistance Program (PAP).

Sponor a patient to use marijuana  or start a new program in your state.

Imagine being a medical marijuana patient living in a state that protected you from arrest and jail ... but being unable to afford the expensive registry card that would keep you free.

After the Marijuana Policy Project passed medical marijuana laws in Vermont and Montana last year  making those states the ninth and tenth to protect patients we stuck around to make sure every eligible patient could benefit from the new laws. When we found that some patients couldn't afford the required state registry cards that allow them to use and grow marijuana legally under state law, we created the MPP Patients Assistance Program ... which has paid the medical marijuana registry fees for 46 financially needy patients this year.

Would you please sponsor a low-income medical marijuana patient today? Your donation can prevent medical marijuana patients from being arrested and jailed simply because they cannot afford to pay a registry fee.

You can sponsor one patient with a donation of $100. Or, if you're generous enough to donate $1,000 or more, you can even start a new MPP Patients Assistance Program in a new state. (MPP has already received $1,000 to start a new program in Oregon and a $2,000 commitment to start a new program in Rhode Island, which we expect will become the 11th medical marijuana state in two weeks.) Launching programs in new states is a surefire way to generate extensive coverage of the medical marijuana issue in those states, just like the launching of our Montana and Vermont programs did.

Additionally, our programs in Montana and Vermont are quickly running out of cash, so will you please donate anything you can to the MPP Patients Assistance Program right now, while you're thinking about it? Whether it's $10 or $1,000, cancer, AIDS, and other seriously ill patients are hoping you will give the most generous gift you can  to help them.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Rob Kampia
Executive Director
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.

P.S. Your donation can be fully tax-deductible and will help keep a needy patient safe from arrest and jail. Visit and donate by December 31 to receive a tax-deduction for 2005.


"One of the last things chronically ill people can afford is extra medical costs. I applaud MPP for sticking around after the bill became law and helping many of us with this part of the process."
Vermont patient Mark Tucci, who suffers from multiple sclerosis

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MPP will be able to tackle all of the projects in its 2006 strategic plan if you and other allies are generous enough to fund our work.

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