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This is an Action page for a Rally for the OMMP. Please feel free to contribute by Posting Your Info for everybody or Send Us a Message.

Lobby for the OMMP Come fight for fair Cannabis laws in Oregon and beyond.  Learn More >> and Act Today!

Act NOW! See Talking Points and Testimony that folks can use as a template in developing their testimony or written comments.

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Rally, Lobby, Network

Come, Gather with others of the Medical Cannabis Community to - - Rally * Salem: Tue., February 23, 2016 at High Noon, at the Western Steps (North Side), of the Capitol building - then ...

Network, and prepare to Lobby at - * The Marijuana Legalization Committee hearing for SB 1598 1:00 PM, HR 343 - and beyond! Read more >>

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Rally, Lobby, Network for the OMMP

Come fight for fair Cannabis laws. Gather with others of the Medical Cannabis Community to (a) attend hearings on bills this session, (b) Lobby your representative on the bills and issue in general, (c) network and share news and information, and more.

The Marijuana Legalization Committee hearing for SB 1598 ( Agenda ) will be broadcast on laptop, with external speakers, for people who may be testifying (should it become a public hearing) but not able to be in the main meeting chambers (Hearing Room 343). There will be a couple of canopies as there is expected to be some rain. Please be prepared and dress accordingly.

Meetings with staff, and with legislators have been scheduled regarding some of these topics. There will be a letter delivery procession, with district legislators, as well as members of the committee, getting letters from their constituents, for those unable to attend, or those who are unfamiliar with navigating the halls.

It is neither assumed or expected that any of these are the opinion or aim of those not present. Nor is embracing all of them expected for participation or collaboration. The spirit is in protecting Oregon medical program, offering opportunity to Oregonians in their home state, and helping to establish a system that incorporates all the aspects of the cannabis community, as well as their host communities.

See Talking Points and Testimony that folks can use as a template in developing their testimony or written comments.


The Marijuana Legalization Committee >> ( here ) <<

Your Reps | Your state Senator and Representative can help address your concerns. If you're not sure who represents you, you can find your guy, or gal, here: Find Your Legislator << This all is important, because every one of them will be voting on the bills that have been introduced regarding cannabis this session.

Getting There

ADA: Wheelchair users, ramp users, please contact me if the below information is not adequate. Disabled parking spaces are located on Court Street (north side of building). The passenger loading and unloading zone is located on Court Street directly in front of the steps. Powered doors and a ramp are located on the east side of the building with access gained from the front of the Capitol (Court Street). (Source: www.oregonlegislature.gov/Pages/universalAccess.aspx)

Parking: Meters are located around the area for up to 10 hours. Rate is $1.50 an hour. (Please know how much time you plan on spending, as parking meters are heavily monitored.)

Directions to the Capitol:

from Portland >> Here >>

from Springfield >> Here >>

from Ashland >> Here >>

from Ontario >> Here >>

Talking Points

  • Reduce patient fees to a min. of $25/ max. of $50 for all patients.

  • Restore protections from warrant-less searches for gardens not participating in commerce.

  • Restore 24 mature plants to patient gardens within city limits & rural residential areas.

  • Remove grower fees for patients, or initiate a one-time address registration fee.

  • Oregon OMMP provider residency: maintain patient refugee establishment, but ensure that providers and businesses are Oregon based, or institute residency requirements for primary investors/stockholders.

  • Expansion of ACMM to include 51%+ patient/provider participation.

    (Read more >>)


    Will go here.


  • Senate Bill 1598 | Bill Overview Here >>

  • Senate Bill 1598 | Amendments Here >>

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