Sunday, December 4 at 01:18 PM:
gettinnice from Rhode Island wrote:
" Are there any clubs in Rhode Island? "

Sunday, December 4 at 01:10 AM:
Arthur from LA was here.

Saturday, December 3 at 09:37 PM:
chad from so. oregon wrote:
" white rino "

Thursday, December 1 at 08:02 AM:
mike from las vegas wrote:
" were are the clubs at "

Wednesday, November 30 at 05:54 PM:
Brynn from South Africa wrote:
"Weed is all good. But is their some way that i can get people to send me some from all across the world. "

Wednesday, November 30 at 12:53 PM:
" HEY! "

Tuesday, November 29 at 11:02 AM:
Babyboy from Calif wrote:
" I have a Cannabis card and visiting Phoenix, AZ. Any locations?"

Tuesday, November 29 at 09:24 AM:
Woody Woodward from John Day, OR wrote:
" Just a note to add my support to the good things you folks are doing !!! "

Monday, November 28 at 09:48 PM:
Sandra Mulligan from Waterford, Michigan wrote:
" I am a two time stage three cancer surviver, But the effects of two serious five drug chemos have left me in a position of an illness that is undefined. I have severe nuropathy, joint pains, and cannot seem to concentrate. My only hope is Medical canibus, but I do not know how to go about getting relief. Help is really needed. I am 52 years old and My pain has me on the edge of life. I only want some help. I know the weed helped before, but how do I convince a doctor? Where do I go? I need help and this is my first attempt on the net.

My contact info for replies. Thank You!
248-738-1247 "

Monday, November 28 at 01:39 PM:
takerrah jones from baltimore, md wrote:
"i don't think that is such a big deal to smoke a little marijuanna. it doesn't even does that much damage on your body. it seems as though people are making a big deal out of nothing. it's just the fact that everyone makes it seems as thought that it is that bad but is isn't. "

Monday, November 28 at 12:04 PM:
Kat Barnum from Oregon wrote:
" What are requirements to get a medical marijauna card? I got in an accident and tore a legament that healed wrong and now i have chronic pains specially in the cold my doctor says she cant do anything about it. "

Sunday, November 27 at 10:56 PM:
andy harmon from sterling, alaska wrote:
" i would like to obtain a card to leagally grow for patients in alaska "

Thursday, November 24 at 01:37 PM:
Larry Garrison from Dallas, Oregon wrote:
" Need To Find Out Where to get clone plants. i am On a Interferon Program and medically liscensed and need clones "

Thursday, November 24 at 11:31 AM:
irl patrick kindy from bellingham, washington wrote:
"i have AIDS, take hanfulls of medications, marajuana helps with my nausia, keeps my weight up, and keeps me calm ...... where, and how do i get medical marajuana?

heres my e-mail, will someone from the same area, help me please .... "

Wednesday, November 23 at 03:16 PM:
kim from califonia stopped by.

Tuesday, November 22 at 05:34 PM:
james harmon from new york wrote:
" how long does one hit stay in your body "

Monday, November 21 at 12:02 PM:
Demetrius from Texas was here.

Sunday, November 20 at 09:04 PM:
Richie Kinsall from Lathrop, Calilfornia wrote:
" I love marijuana. Ever since I started smokeing ive felt so complete and stable, more calm. I get everything done I would sobber high without getting headaches and back pain. I need a doctor close to Modesto if someone knows email me at willing to pay some cash :)"

Sunday, November 20 at 01:38 PM:
ron mccrory from salmo b,c, wrote:
"thank god for a great med."

Friday, November 18 at 10:48 AM:
Seth & Amber from Tri-cities, Washington wrote:
"my husband has gen-disc disorder in his lower back and he has extreme pain 24-7 and the doctors say he needs surgury,but he is only 25 yrs old. The surgury only last appox. 7 or so yrs. (so I have heard) I have talked to people that have had back surgury and they are still in alot of pain. I would like to know how do we go about getting a med card so we can hold off on the surgury? e- mail: "

Thursday, November 17 at 11:38 PM:
robert winchester from fresno wrote:
"i need a doctor to see for marijana id card if you know please email me at "

Thursday, November 17 at 11:50 AM:
I from Idaho wrote:
" I am a 17 year old and i suffer from severe migraine headaches. I end up in the hospital 1- 2 times a week with severe pain and nasuea that lasts up to 8 hours, i am looking for any help. When i go to the hospital they just give me morphine and other narcotics that are bad for my body. I have smoked canabis, and had relief but i need info on who or what can help. My email is "

Wednesday, November 16 at 06:43 PM:
Henry Valdivia from California wrote:
" how can i get med marijuana prescribed for me i have arthritis due to multiole leg fractures a knee surgery and gun shot wound please help me to have legal access med marijuana please "

Wednesday, November 16 at 02:08 PM:
mike from spokane, wa wrote:
" smoke all day all long "

Wednesday, November 16 at 01:59 PM:
Veronica from camino, ca wrote:
" a few months ago my boyfriend and I where living at a house where we had premits to grow ten plants a piece along with another man. He had the setup in the garage, so we all grew the plants. He has now kicked us out of the house and will not give us our plants. He says he has filed extortion charges against us because we asked for the plants or some money to replace the plants, being it almost time to harvest. He will make about $48,000 when he takes the crop to the marijuana clubs to sell. Short of robbery how should we go about getting compensation? any suggestions? "

Direct action - going and getting what you believe to be yours - has it's own risks and liabilities. You can tell the clubs about him, but they'll probably be too desperate for the meds to help (boycott him) in this case - yet will warn them about him for the future. Publicizing may get help, including networking with other victims, however - has it's pros and cons. You can try charging him with stealing, but civil suit looks you're best bet. There was a similar case on Judge Judy earlier this year involving an Oregon patient. Sadly, we'll see more of this before we'll be able to regulate these kind of creatures out of the market. Best o' Luck!

Wednesday, November 16 at 10:24 AM:
charlene ontiveros from san jose, california wrote:
" i would like to see a doctor for my everyday pain i have "

Wednesday, November 16 at 08:15 AM:
Sheila from California wrote:
"I hear that there is a card for allowing California growers of marijuana, which can be obtained in Sacramento. Is this true? If so, how can I obtain one? "

Wednesday, November 16 at 05:02 AM:

Tuesday, November 15 at 07:05 PM:
kathy ganci from california wrote:
" i really could use this program. I have two terminal diseases and have found comfort in the bowl How does one get the cal. licence for this program "

Tuesday, November 15 at 04:10 PM:
bob from napa was here.

Monday, November 14 at 04:20 PM:
William S. from Wisconsin wrote:
" Do you know of any Cannibus clubs in Wisconsin. I'm a chronic pain patient in search of relief "

Sunday, November 13 at 08:26 AM:
Gettinnice from Providence, R.I. wrote:
" We need to legalize medicinal marajuanaa

Is there any place that I can put my name just to be another person in favor of medicinal marajuana?

If so my e-mail is "

Sunday, November 13 at 07:50 AM:
Vickie Thus from Wood River, Ill. wrote:
" I think prescriptions of medical marijuana, must be few and far between. It is nearly impossible to get it prescibed in this area. I have glaucoma, and I'm sure it would help the pressure and pain. "

Friday, November 11 at 10:09 AM:
Noah R. from delta, ohio was here.

Friday, November 11 at 06:08 AM:
johnny potsmoker from merry old england wrote:
"i love smokin weed but i hate losing jobs because of failed drugs tests ive read all the hype about how long it stays in the system but its bollox. email me ( with the truth and i will and i will shag ya brains out. (females only) "

Thursday, November 10 at 01:18 PM:
kent hampton from aumsville, oregon 97325 wrote:
" i am a participant in the medical marijuana program i am desperately searching for some clones and i have been unable to buy any bud can you help me please "

Thursday, November 10 at 10:29 AM:
Paul F. from Swanton, Ohio wrote:
" im in high school and i smoke weed every day. i like the high. so dose Tylor Y. of delta, ohio. "

Thursday, November 10 at 07:46 AM:
Val Benson from Phoenix, Arizona wrote:
" Hello there - just doing some research- THX "

Wednesday, November 9 at 02:23 PM:
Jesse from Oklahoma City wrote:
" I am doing a paper on medicinal marajana I would like to have some facts and the bibliography to be able to read the articles. Could any one help me.

Thanks "

Wednesday, November 9 at 12:01 PM:
D.A. Colvin from Florida, USA wrote:
"Kudos on a wonderful important site!

I cry a tear of joy and pain when I see sites like this striving so hard to make a difference in the lives of so many. We must NEVER stop fighting! Many lives depend on our continuing this educational fight. Please visit my web site and learn how to end this madness. No child should have to endure the pain that I did! Please sign my guestbook. Thank you for listening.

from my anguished heart,
D.A. Colvin "

Wednesday, November 9 at 11:24 AM:
brent l from colorado wrote:
"Im acctually looking for a doctor to speak with to see if I can be perscribed a med. marijuana card for severe chronic back pain. Help!!!!!!!! "

Tuesday, November 8 at 04:47 PM:
Dylan Taylor from Texas wrote:
"I am a junior in high school and i smoke weed everyday and i make straight A's. I don't understand how people say can weed makes u dumb and gives u no ambition. I love to make good grades and my reward from my parents is being able to smoke weed at home with my friends if i make A's. So i highly recommend to all u parents out their who smoke ciggerets that weed grows from the ground just like tobacco and it is way better than cancer sticks. So dont get mad at your kids for getting high. I love smoking weed and its a plant that grows from the ground its not made in a lab like meth or that bullsh*t its a herb just like pepper or wheat or barsley. SO chill out all of u weed haters and smoke a bowl of some f*cking dro and u will love it like a tight pussy.

Where is da bud! Where is da bud! "

Monday, November 7 at 04:45 PM:
Wanda from Fontana, Calif. wrote:
" How can I get a license to grow medical marajuana? "

Monday, November 7 at 03:48 PM:
lorrie paige from santa rosa, ca. wrote:
" would like to have adress list for my area "

Monday, November 7 at 08:33 AM:
tara from oklahoma wrote:
" hello"

Sunday, November 6 at 04:27 PM:
Pepster from Pacoima, California wrote:
"I want to get a liscense. I have koosh but got a couple peploe for cronic. "

Sunday, November 6 at 01:18 PM:
William Natrass from placerville, california wrote:
" i need to get my card and dont know where to get it "

Thursday, November 3 at 02:51 PM:
josh harmon from st. louis wrote:
" it is right to legalize marajuana for medical us only and teenagers shouldnt be able to us it because the would abuse it "

Wednesday, November 2 at 10:38 PM:


Wednesday, November 2 at 04:09 PM:
ronnette alvidres from santee wrote:
" how can i get marijuana. i have osteoperosis and walking or standing for more than an hour is painful. "

Wednesday, November 2 at 11:06 AM:
dont think that is important from you know wrote:

Wednesday, November 2 at 10:56 AM:
dont think this is important from california, scaremento wrote:
" well I would first like to say that I am 13 years old and I was doing this assighnment for my english teacher called legalizing marjuana pro or con I chose con so I was wnodering if you would be able to help me and give me some info. and since I am in the 8th grade I ask for this info. not to be kiddy and fluffy bunny stuff I want the real deal what effects it has and why should we not use it and why should we just so I know how it all works out.oh REMEMBER CRACK IS WACK and DONT BE A DRUG BUG oh and DRUG FREE IS THE WAY TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Wednesday, November 2 at 08:52 AM:
Danielle Bray from HUMBOLDT wrote:
" Marijuana is awesome "

Tuesday, November 1 at 08:49 PM:
cissy garwood from yreka, ca wrote:
" I am open for 420 e-mails or any 420 pen pals "

Tuesday, November 1 at 03:16 PM:
roadrunnier99 from MENDOCINO COUNTY wrote:

Tuesday, November 1 at 08:43 AM:

Sunday, October 30 at 11:48 AM: from anaheim wrote:
"in need of a club in riverside "

Sunday, October 30 at 03:33 AM:

Saturday, October 29 at 04:07 PM:
colleen rincon from san diego, ca. wrote:
" i have been I have suffered from m.s since 1999 and i have had brain surgery in 1992, 2003 open heart surgery,and still suffer from p.m.s. my persciption and medical m.j. have sure made it easier to live a happy life regardless."

Saturday, October 29 at 11:48 AM:
Female from Ontario wrote:
" I have been a Epileptic for 42 yrs I'm now 63. Marjuanna has prevented blackouts Am trying to optain medical marjuanna but do not know where or how. "

Saturday, October 29 at 10:44 AM:
Kathy Johnson from Cleburne, Arkansas stopped by.

Saturday, October 29 at 03:10 AM:

Wednesday, October 26 at 02:47 PM:
Jen Gerhardt from Northern California wrote:
" I need to know how to get my card i don't know who to go to to get it. I am in Northern Califonia. Can anybody help? please email me if you can help > "

Wednesday, October 26 at 02:25 PM: from california wrote:
"I would like to get a medical m card and dont know how to go about it, is there someone out there to help me? "

Wednesday, October 26 at 11:17 AM:
linda from manchester wrote:
" i would like to know what are the symptoms of comeing off cannibis after smokeing it for years every day. "

Wednesday, October 26 at 06:02 AM:
stone"R" philly from s.c. wrote:
" high iz phun "

Tuesday, October 25 at 09:03 PM:
adamj from placerville wrote:
" im interested in b coming a cannibus club member "

Tuesday, October 25 at 01:10 PM:
shanny from santa cruz, ca wrote:
" I am suffering from the side effects of my medication (horrible stomache aches and headache). If I smoke I am able to feel releif from the pain as well as eat. Something else I have noticed is an increase in my creative juices which were raped by my medication to treat my bipolar. How does one begin the process of obtaining a med marajana card or get approval from a doctor. My concern is the marajana confilicting with the progress of my treatment, so far under my study there has not been any negetive side effects. Any insight out there? Shanny in Santa Cruz"

Tuesday, October 25 at 12:41 PM:
Tom a cancer patient w/myeloma from Maryland wrote:
" I want to know if these (cannibus) pills would give me energy - I have no mussle tone left and am down from 172 to 137 can they help me? please email Tom @ thanks "

Monday, October 24 at 09:07 PM:
bob from edmonton, ab wrote:
" i need a doctor "

Monday, October 24 at 07:59 PM:
Michelle from Northern Territory, Australia was here.

Monday, October 24 at 07:30 PM:
stacy from puyallup wrote:
" looking for a washington state doctor"

Monday, October 24 at 05:00 PM:
arlene from Baltimore, MD wrote:
" I have fibromyalgia, sarcoidosis, and severe depression. Marajuana works better than all of the medicines prescribed. Any doctors in MD prescribing medical marajuana ? "

Sunday, October 23 at 08:35 PM:
robert winchester ( from fresno, cal wrote:
" i need a card to buy medical marijuana can you help me. "

Sunday, October 23 at 04:41 PM:
angel from portland wrote:
" like i said in the first posting that i am new to the ommp program i have my card and i am needing assistance and advice on how to set up and get the starts i was told that there was a place on ne sandy in portland that if you have a card that they will assist people with their cards to get the clones or starts at either no cost or very small cost i am on a very limited income and cant afford to get the lights or the starts but there is no one out here that i would entrust my grow set up with si there anyone out there that knows of the place in ne portland that helps out people like me"

Sunday, October 23 at 01:49 PM:
Amber Dement from Portland,Oregon wrote:
" I am 19 years old, with severe backpains. June 2004. Five days after I had my first son, I was walking out of K-mart holding my newbord and I slipt and fell on my lower back. Also, October 2005, I was involved in a bad car accident. I am 7 months pregnant. While in the accident my back pains got a million times worst. I am 19 and I can't even play, hold my son, and I have one on the way. Most Days I can not even get out of bed. ANYWAYS...... I was just wondering if I can get medical merijuana? And if so if you know any doctors around in my area that could help me.

Please help me and my kids.

Helpless MOM
SE Portland "

Saturday, October 22 at 03:20 PM:
wendy from fla & sd, ca wrote:
"I strngly belive that it should be legal for everyone who needs it, including bipolar individuals. I am bipolar and cannabis work for me better than all of the medecines, I have recive from the shrink. after all it comes your nervs alot. unitedstates needs to open their eyes and realize that is a drug that works difrently w/ difrents individual just like any other drug aproved by the fda. LEGALIZE IT "

Saturday, October 22 at 12:59 PM:
cindy from lacrosse wrote:
" if you consume one puff will it show up on a test "

Friday, October 21 at 02:50 PM:
Nina from LA, Ca. wrote:
"where are the club locations in my area"

Friday, October 21 at 12:14 PM:
albert bracamonte from san jose, calif wrote:
" looking for co-ops in northern calif. "

Friday, October 21 at 07:37 AM:
jun from japan was here.

Thursday, October 20 at 02:46 PM:
tom demille ( from west hollywood wrote:
"thank you "

Thursday, October 20 at 01:04 AM:

Tuesday, October 18 at 11:24 AM:
Lorenzo Olbera from Vallejo, Ca. wrote:
" Please give me listings where I can get Perscriptions In San Francisco "

Monday, October 17 at 10:00 PM:
sean coen from thousand oaks, california wrote:
" Hoow do i get a medical marajuana card? please e=mail me at "

Monday, October 17 at 09:24 PM:
Larry from Modesto, C.A wrote:
" I would like to know if there is a phone # so I call about getting a medical marijuana licence. "

Monday, October 17 at 07:55 PM:
honeybuns from orlando wrote:
" belive it helps in certain cases "

Monday, October 17 at 10:31 AM:
Belinda from Baltimore, Maryland wrote:
" I am trying to locate a physician in Baltimore, Maryland that can and will write for medical marijuana. I have a history of cancer as well as addison's disease. I am getting ready to go through the testing again and possible surgery due to the discovery of another tumor. I have lost 38 lbs in less then 5 months and can not keep anything down. I have to take medicine to survive and that is also not staying down. I am tired of taking all these pills and having the trouble keeping everything where is belongs. The phrase "FEEDING TUBE" has been used and I will NOT allow that!! I know the benefits of marijuana and know that will work the best and I won't have to be adding additional pills to my already very angry stomach...Please, If anyone has any information for physicians in this area please contact me ASAP!!. Thank you!! My e-mail is HuskyLoveXs3@Aol.Com "

Saturday, October 15 at 07:53 PM:
mike witherspoon from shasta, co wrote:
" i have lots of questions "

Saturday, October 15 at 12:32 AM:
Debbie from DFW wrote:
" Tired of pain (Fibromyalgia, Chronic pain, etc..) just browsing."

Saturday, October 15 at 11:07 AM:
Diz from San Francisco wrote:
" I would like to know of a site where i can find the locations of different clubs cause i only know of like 6 and i wanna try different ones"

Wednesday, October 12 at 10:07 PM:
Naomi "Matu" Feliciano from Riverside, CA wrote:
" I have medical card,legal. Where is there a place in or around Riverside, CA. Please help me, I'm in a lot of pain. I'v moved here from Oakland, CA ..... I have glaucoma, arthritis, numbiness of the hands, spasm's of the feet, circulation def. "

Wednesday, October 12 at 05:48 PM:
Joyce Sillcocks from Ventura, Ca 03003 wrote:
" Is there someone who can prescribe me with MM. They seem to have Sativex on European markets. Looking for doctor here "

Monday, October 10 at 05:58 PM:
concerned user from georgia wrote:
" how long does marajana stay in the urine if you dont smoke on a regular basis? "

Monday, October 10 at 09:57 AM:
shana from jamaka wrote:
"ineed nothe complete info on growing hydro "

Monday, October 10 at 09:19 AM:
gstaggs from Napa, Calif wrote:
" where are the clubs in North Cali At?? "

Saturday, October 8 at 11:42 PM:
christy sparling from north carolina wrote:
" I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyagia, and scoleoisis. I would like to know if any one knows if they have a doctore here North Carolina that would write me a prescription. email: "

Saturday, October 8 at 01:52 AM:
Cindy Hill from Folsom, CA wrote:
" I need to know where the Cannabis Clubs are in the area. "

Friday, October 7 at 02:19 PM:
Janet Wilson from Fresno,California wrote:
" I'm also looking for a doctor close by to prescribe marijuana for a chronic illness "

Friday, October 7 at 01:33 PM:
Saundra A. Young from San Lorenzo, California wrote:
" I'm looking for a doctor close by to prescribe marijuana for a chronic illness"

Friday, October 7 at 12:54 PM:

Thursday, October 6 at 06:15 PM:
brandy from cali wrote:
" im going to san francico this weekened and i was wondering if someone could tell me where some compassion clubs are out there????? "

Thursday, October 6 at 03:20 PM:
Jeff Carp from CA wrote:
"My wife has cancer & is receiving chemo. I want to get a form to get a medical marajuana card. Can you tell me how? "

Thursday, October 6 at 09:37 AM:
debi from south san francisco wrote:
" need listings for doctors in San Francisco, or the Peninsula that provide perscriptions "

Tuesday, October 4 at 05:56 PM:
deb from boston wrote:
" How long does it take for thc to be out of your system after smoking pot? "

Tuesday, October 4 at 09:48 AM:
Tarrell Hughes from St. George, Utah wrote:
" where can i go even though i live in utah, and get a madical canibas perscrition. I know its valid in utah but no one in utah will write a perscription. "

Tuesday, October 4 at 06:18 AM:
deinne from london wrote:
"i wish i am a doctor "

Monday, October 3 at 06:22 PM:
Holly from tampa, fl wrote:
" I have a disease that causes severe dibilataing pain. I am wanting to know more about the effects of cannabis, I do not respond to other pain meds. Please someone help me. "

Monday, October 3 at 02:33 PM:
bob from san diego wrote:
" wud up with a connect or card "

Sunday, October 2 at 07:47 PM:
chris from phoenix, az wrote:
" hi"

Sunday, October 2 at 06:13 PM:
tatiana from california wrote:
" i'm searching for a doctor who can evaluate me."

Sunday, October 2 at 03:23 PM:
Susan Frilot from California wrote:
""Cannabis is Medicine!" Hooray! Because of medical marijuana, I am stress free with no anxiety and leading a far more fruitful life than before. I am not alone. There are thousands of patients like me, and we should never be treated as criminals. "

Sunday, October 2 at 02:02 PM:
shad wilson from california wrote:
" just moved up north to mcarthur california from the bay area need to find a cannibus club anybody know of any in the area would greatly appreciate thanx "

Saturday, October 1 at 03:06 PM:

Saturday, October 1 at 03:03 PM:

Saturday, October 1 at 02:41 PM:
mother from Ca wrote:
" Is it safe for baby to be breastfed if mother smokes small amounts of marajuna? "

Friday, September 30 at 09:05 AM:
angela from oregon wrote:
" cyndi from new york, it all depends on how much you have smoked if it is just a urine sample you can flush your urine with in 24 hours but with hair folical there is nothing you can do if it city/state they do UA but federal does hair folicals "

Friday, September 30 at 08:58 AM:
angela from oregon wrote:
" just received my regisrty card and really need help finding locating where when how to get set up for what ever i need is there anyone out there that can give me some assistance in obtaining what i need the dr has had me on drugs for so long that they no longer work and now am trying this and i have over extended my budget at purchasing the medicne and really need a compassionate person that can help me get started and or can help me gain an ammount that can get me by untill i can get mine up off the ground"

Friday, September 30 at 02:53 AM:
merk from la wrote:
" i love weed "

Thursday, September 29 at 09:57 AM:
back surgery patient from sacramento wrote:
"need to obtain medicinal marijuana card for alternative pain releif to reduce vicadin concumption...where and how do i do this ... thankyou "

Wednesday, September 28 at 03:47 PM:
Manuel Silva from Washington State wrote:
" I need a Doctor that will prescribe Medical Marajuana. I have intestinal cancer. Please give me a name so I may contact them. Thank you. "

Wednesday, September 28 at 12:24 PM:
ste parry from livepool wrote:
" drugs rule "

Tuesday, September 27 at 07:40 PM:
Stoner G from Stoner country wrote:
" hi im stoner g keeping it real "

Tuesday, September 27 at 07:38 PM:
Joshua Thompson from naples, tx wrote:
" hi,im josh a stoner. Weed makes the body, mind and soul feel good. this has been in our country for years... "

Tuesday, September 27 at 03:35 PM:
calexander328 from california wrote:
"i have medical marijuna license and i now relocated to tampa fla. I am trying to find a compassionate caregivers in Tampa Fla. or nearby areas. thanks email thanks again "

Monday, September 26 at 04:55 PM:
mike from riverside wrote:
" "

Monday, September 26 at 03:54 PM:
juaquin tawwal from gilroy, california wrote:
" are you guys all stoned? or what? "

Monday, September 26 at 12:00 AM:
allen from east bay (vallejo) ca. wrote:
"how does one go about getting a mm card in the bay area? help. "

Sunday, September 25 at 10:16 PM:
tina marie valdez from new mexico wrote:
""i was in a car accident last march and was in a coma for 1 month 15 days. i'm recovering, but your body ..... when i smoke it i just feel better. where can i get it at??

714-849-9101. "

Saturday, September 24 at 02:07 AM:
fmorris from Dayton wrote:
" There is a member who selld the hemp jewelry - please reply. Have interest "

Friday, September 23 at 09:40 AM:
kevin ottman from sac, but moving to dorris. wrote:
" What are the laws in siskiyou county for growing my own medicine at home. "

Thursday, September 22 at 06:57 PM:
rbanda from austin, texas wrote:
" : Does the smell of cigerets harmful? "

Thursday, September 22 at 12:26 PM:
liz from Orland, Ca wrote:
" I would like information about finding a doctor who I can ask about a medical Marijana card "

Wednesday, September 21 at 09:48 AM:
heidi from idaho, illinois, indiana wrote:
" I'm looking for a place to look up info for medical use for bi-polar and chronic pain? any help would be apriciated "

Wednesday, September 21 at 12:11 AM:
glen taylor from holt, fla. wrote:
" I am paralized in my intestines. and am afraid of the out come. need to no what can ore is the out come to expect, can you help. "

Tuesday, September 20 at 06:18 PM:
Danelle from WI wrote:
" How long does it take to get marajana out of your system? "

Tuesday, September 20 at 12:39 PM:
dawna from colorado wrote:
"looking for a dr. to prescribe for bi polor "

Tuesday, September 20 at 07:24 AM:
don carnes from iowa wrote:
" how do i get medical merijuana here "

Tuesday, September 20 at 03:46 AM:
cyndi from new york wrote:
" i need to find out how long it takes to clean my body of marijauna i am taking a drug test for a new job and want to pass it...I am 57 yrs old female 6' weigh 160"

Sunday, September 18 at 10:46 PM:
scott crown from DENVER ( wrote:
" Where to go for statr approval and access? How and where and you buy medical needs? "

Sunday, September 18 at 12:00 AM:
julia from washington state wrote:
" where can I find out if I can get medical marijuana at in washington state "

Saturday, September 17 at 10:57 PM:
monica from washington wrote:
" i'm looking for info on how to get a green card. please send me an email at

thanks for the help"

purplemann510 from born an raised in oakland, ca. live in 916=rancho cordova, ca. wrote:
" where is a close club with good meds/lowprices thta close to my area or with delivery srvc. And 4 all my 420 people the feds got us in a catch 22.Tyme to come 2gether and let'em know the war on drugs aint nothing but a money scam thats why marijuana is still a schuedule1 drug all they do is confiscate a portion keep a portion and recycle the rest back to the streets to keep the cells filled to make them look good in the conservatives eyes who are high on ganja also just aploy for more money.Energy crisis-high oil prices- global warming-can be stopped with HEMP!!!!!!!! LEGALIZE THA HERB!!!!!(we all know Bush burns the marijuana-bush to} herba is tha herb man costly--brite and early in the morning-- herba is the herb man costly- -its a shame the gaffelments shady!!!!!!! "

Friday, September 16 at 05:46 PM:
meech from so cali wrote:
" moving to so. lake tahoe need to find a club to hook me up anybody know where i can find one"

Friday, September 16 at 09:49 AM:
Letmenu from Santa Maria,CA wrote:
" I have found revies on others sites about dispensaries in Santa Maria. Problem is the reviewers didn't say where in Santa Maria. Does anybody know the address or phones numbers to them???"

Wednesday, September 14 at 08:26 PM:
grasscutterbob from auckland wrote:
" i smoke weed every day it is the best buzz in the world "

Wednesday, September 14 at 12:09 PM:
Ashley from San Diego wrote:
" I want a canabis card. Simple as that. "

Wednesday, September 14 at 09:12 AM:
Professional Aromatherapist from Florissant, Colorado wrote:
"been smoking marijuana for 13 yrs. Has always help with my mood swings due to complete historectomy, now suffer from arthritis and find it very very helpfor for that as well. "

Tuesday, September 13 at 06:07 PM:
Sandra from Gold Beach, Oregon wrote:
"I have a friend from Fresno California with a medical card. I heard that there was a cannabis club in Crescent City California. Can you tell me if that is true? "

Monday, September 12 at 09:59 PM:
Nicole from Cali wrote:
" I would like to know how you go about seeking a doctor that will perscribe medicinal marijuana. In need for chronic back pain and Bi Polar disorder. I live in the bay area. Any help regarding this matter would be great!!!!


email is"

Monday, September 12 at 04:27 PM:
tasha guy from lome/togo wrote:
" pls keep offfffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffff "

Monday, September 12 at 02:52 PM:
brock baby from ridgecrest wrote:
"Pot is a great stress reliever and is a way of life. "

Sunday, September 11 at 03:34 PM:
ferochira from Thornhill Ontario, Canada wrote:
" I have been told to get on the goverment cannibis program but can find no Dr. who will help. I am alergic to most artificial meds and live in constant pain. friends do help with marijana but i need to find one of these doctors. Please help if possible, i have little faith in Dr's anymore and have finally had my first suicide attempt in Mar. '05. am considering second, can take no more.

If you can help please contact

Thanx "

Sunday, September 11 at 12:22 PM:
tiffany from norfolk wrote:
" how long does it take marijuana to leave the body"

Saturday, September 10 at 09:10 AM:
dave b from england wrote:
"i have crohns colitis, is there any cannabis medication available, not to smoke it, because it is a herb used for fermenting "

Friday, September 9 at 09:01 PM:
kathy from texas wrote:
" trying to find out to help a friend get better "

Friday, September 9 at 08:16 PM:
Trina from St. Helens wrote:
" Need to know how to get ahold of medical marijuana card. "

Friday, September 9 at 08:14 PM:
Trina Edwards from Saint Helens Oregon wrote:
" I think if people only tried it they would leave the rest of the drugs alone. "

Thursday, September 8 at 08:49 PM:
Lee from Indianapolis wrote:
" I am 34, and I was diagnosed a year ago as BiPolar. Have found great relief for the aggitation and the need to remain "centered" during mania with Cannibus. I have been open and forthcoming about this fact with all of my docters and therapists; most of them willing to listen to this fact. I TRULY can say pot has allowed insight and recognition into my "state" as I am experiencing it, by allowing me to step outside of myself, almost as an observer, to recognize what might not be obvious to me otherwise. TRULY an incredible tool for the purpose of self-maintainence during times such as Mania. "

Thursday, September 8 at 11:46 AM:
my name is jeff from im from modesto, ca wrote:
" how do i become a member and get a card "

Thursday, September 8 at 10:18 AM:
dot from la habra wrote:
" can i use pot if i get dialysis? "

Thursday, September 8 at 01:37 AM:
joe lino from santa maria, calif wrote:
"city trying to stop me from opening coopertive in my town city will not acept application for lic. if business conflicts with fed law any lawyers out there wana help me ready to take city on. "i know my rights"! "

Wednesday, September 7 at 04:40 PM:
Kathleen from Central Coast, Ca wrote:
"For more clubs check out their reviews at"

Wednesday, September 7 at 04:39 PM:
Kathleen from Central Coast, Ca wrote:
"Shawn - there are many clubs in Sac... Capitol City Patients Center (916) 649-0114 1512 El Camino"

Wednesday, September 7 at 04:35 PM:
Kathleen from Central Coast, Ca wrote:
" I am a new patient and I am trying to find out the address for the clubs in Santa Maria, California. I have to drive all the way to Santa Barbara right now... "

Wednesday, September 7 at 01:54 PM:
miranda from austin, tx wrote:
" I want to know if anyone knows where i can go see a doctor, without insurance , i was just diagnosed with hep. c "

Wednesday, September 7 at 10:23 AM: from beaverton wrote:
" I would like to find out where I might find clones to start my guarden i am a ommp card holder. thank you "

Wednesday, September 7 at 03:08 AM:
Kenneth Mcmurrian from Sacramento ca wrote:
" Where can I buy really good cannabis ca? "

Tuesday, September 6 at 08:43 PM:
Shawn from Sacramento, California wrote:
" Hi, my name is Shawn. Where are the canibus clubs in Sacramento,Ca. I'm already a liscense member of Medicann. My e-mail adress is "

Tuesday, September 6 at 05:50 PM:
Im a dusty clamper from The dust of Georgtown wrote:
"A yeah, can you get perscriptions for cannabis for stress? Or is it just for pain.

Thank you "

Tuesday, September 6 at 01:47 PM:
Lamont from San Bernadino wrote:
" How can I aquarier medical canibis for my acute case of glacoma? "

Monday, September 5 at 07:57 PM:
john doe from san diego was here.

Sunday, September 4 at 05:58 PM:
Daniel P. from sf wrote:
" hi there "

Saturday, September 3 at 03:10 PM: from Cypress, CA. wrote:
" i cannot eat and i need some help. i had pancreatic tumors, i suffer from fibromyalgia, lupus, spinal stenosis, arthritas, disc degeneration, cronic fatigue syndrome and much more. the orange county club was disbanded, can u help me locate medicine to stimulate my appetite????? i have lost 25 pounds after suffering from a massive pulmonary embollism in july of this year. thanks j"

Thursday, September 1 at 09:41 PM: from USA wrote:
"does anyone know of a place named Green Peace anywhere in the USA?? please email me "

Thursday, September 1, 2005 at 04:04 PM:
Mona from Hawaii wrote:
" I just need some research of pro's and con's of Medical Marajuana Use."

Sunday, December 28, 2003 at 12:40 PM:
Medical Marijuana Dotors & Clinics 2004 from Oregon and all 9 legal States wrote:
" Our dedicated staff is referring doctors appointments in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada and Calif. If you believe you have a qualifying condition? Please call 1-800-851-3761 for a pre-qualification interview to see if you may qualify for the State Medical Marijuana program. All information is kept confidential. Your clinic visit falls under doctor patient confidentiality. Thank you very much Please call me anytime 1-800-851-3761 "

For more interesting reading, see the guestbook entries on our Guestbook archive at: guestbk_archive.html

Monday, October 7, 2002 at 06:48 AM:
Perry from Tualatin wrote:
" The DEA is lying - Cannabis is Medicine!"