------- Alerts and other Action/Event Items -------


ACTION ALERT!  Raid, Court and Jail Support Needed

There will be court appearances, hearings, trials and the like for the MC Activists and Groups raided recently:
in Medford, Southern Oregon NORML (SOCCC) was raided, The Green Compass and Puffin Stuff were raided, The Compass (affiliated with The Green Compass) in Gold Hill, OR, and The Greener Side in Eugene also were hit by LEO. Come out and show your support! 



* IMPORTANT NOTICE: New OMMP Fee Structure – Changes Effective October 1, 2013 - Cardholders on SNAP will have fees reduced from $100 to $60 and Cardholders on OHP will have fees reduced from $100 to $50.  The new fee structure will be as follows:


> Cardholder Application (Registration) and annual Renewal fee:    $200

> Reduced application fee for persons receiving SNAP benefits:     $60

> Reduced Application fee for recipients of OHP:                                 $50

> Reduced Application fee for persons receiving SSI benefits:         $20

> Grow site Registration fee where the patient is not his or her own grower on Application:                                                                                        $50

> Fee for replacement Registry cards: $100 ($20 for those patients who qualify for the $20 reduced Application fee). 


Contact the OMMP at   971.673-1234   or visit the OMMP website: here <<




* Taking Steps! * April 20th * 4:20 and All Day *  Locally, there is The annual 420 Celebration at the Bulb Ranch in Glenwood (between Springfield & Eugene), on Franklin Blvd behind the Dari-Mart Sat Apr 20.  And then there's  A 4:20 Gathering At the Steps of the Capital, Salem, Oregon and other Events, Actions and Activities around The World for Cannabis Law Reform.   See - http://w-v-norml.org/action/420.html  - for more detail.




Please Help Allow Medical Cannabis for PTSD for Veterans, Police, Firefighters and Other American Citizens


-1- Contact your Oregon State Representative and get them to sign on as co-sponsors to the PTSD bill (S.B.281), see - http://mercycenters.org/legis/2013/SB281.html  - For text of the bill, talking points, and all the details, or - Visit our PTSD action center - http://mercycenters.org/action/camp_PTS.html - today. And tell everybody you know about it. Then tell everybody you don't know. Yet.  At the same time, urge a YES vote for the other Cannabis Law Reform Bills in the House -


SB 40 - Reduces possession to Class C felony. Reduces unlawful manufacture of marijuana to Class B felony.  Visit - http://mercycenters.org/legis/2013/SB40.html


SB82 - Removes 6-months Drivers License Suspension for less than an ounce.  Visit - http://mercycenters.org/legis/2013/SB82.html


-2- Contact your Oregon State Senator and (a) urge a YES vote on SB 794 plus, (b) prep them for the Cannabis Law Reform bills expected to come from the House. SB794 will add Reciprocity and delete Requirement to designate a Grower/Grow Site if you don't have one, visit - http://mercycenters.org/legis/2013/SB794.html  - for more.  For list of bills, talking points, and all the details, Visit - http://mercycenters.org/legis/2013/


SB281 is just one of many in play in Oregon this session (see list) and should be a rally point for addressing the federal ones also in play as well.  (see page)


Oregon State Legislative video may be seen live and audio feed happens live and is archived.  Windows users will need Microsoft Windows Media Player for Legislative Video, Mac users may need Flip4Mac. See - http://www.leg.state.or.us/listn/


Also, MERCY-TV will attend and capture Legislative Events as possible and make video(s) available thru this page - http://mercycenters.org/tv/


wrote an article awhile back that provides basic information about WHO represents us and how to find them and contact them.  I hope it proves helpful to those who are unfamiliar with the legislative process - it includes both federal and state representatives and senators. 




Senate Bills 40, misdemeanor possession and 82, removing drivers license suspension for less than an ounce pass the Senate.  SB 40 24 - 6,  SB 82 18 -12.


SB 794 has a second reading in the Senate tomorrow which is typically followed the next day by third reading and a vote.  SB 794 adds reciprocity and eliminates the requirement to list a grow site or grower if you don't have them.


SB 40 re-classifies marijuana felony crimes to be consistent with other Schedule II controlled

substances and creates a misdemeanor offense for possession of small amounts of marijuana and

“marijuana product.”  Saves nearly $2.5M first biennium, nearly $4M next biennium.


SB 82 eliminates suspension of driver's license for conviction of less than an ounce.


We should make calls and otherwise CONX.  Call Reps for bills coming from Senate, contact your Senator about bills coming from House.


Marijuana Law Reform Measures Pending in Oregon




SENATE BILL 40 – filed by Senate Interim Committee on Judiciary (pre-session filed) (at the request of Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (the OCDLA bill)  | Reduces possession to Class C felony. Reduces unlawful manufacture of marijuana to Class B felony. In Senate Committee – Current Committee: Judiciary; Next Hearing Date:

Date: Tuesday - April 2
8:30 A.M.
HR 343, Salem, OR



Date: Monday-April 1

Time: 8:30 A.M.

Room: HR 343

Meeting Cancelled


Date: Tuesday-April 2

Time: 8:30 A.M.

Room: HR 343


Possible Introduction of Committee Measures


Public Hearing and Possible Work Session


SB 30


CARRIED OVER FROM THE 3/26/2013 AGENDA - For the purpose of hearing testimony from Vi Beaty, Gail Meyer and Darrell Fuller. Adds crimes to list of sex crimes requiring person convicted of sex crime or adjudicated for act that constitutes sex crime to register as sex offender after being discharged, paroled or released from correctional or detention facility.


SB 40


Reduces unlawful manufacture of marijuana to Class B felony.



House BILL 3371 –Sponsored by Committee on Revenue | Relating to the Control, Regulation and Taxation of Cannabis Act; appropriating money; declaring an emergency; providing for revenue raising that requires approval by a three-fifths majority. Provides for regulation of production, processing and sale of marijuana and marijuana-infused products. Currently In House Judiciary Committee – Current Committee: - Next Hearing Date:

Date: Tuesday - April 2
1:00 P.M.
HR 343, Salem, OR



Date: Tuesday-April 2

Time: 1:00 P.M.

Room: HR 343


Possible Reconsideration and Work Session


HB 3278


Permits appellate court to vacate juvenile court judgment or order and remand to juvenile court for reconsideration.


Public Hearing and Possible Work Session


HB 2710


FIRST PUBLIC HEARING - Provides that drone may be used by law enforcement agency for purpose of surveillance of person only pursuant to warrant or in emergency circumstances.


HB 2836


FIRST PUBLIC HEARING - Establishes standards and procedures for determining fitness of youth to proceed on delinquency petition.


HB 2963


FIRST PUBLIC HEARING - Provides that state law may not be construed implicitly to preempt city's authority to control or regulate use of sidewalks.


HB 3371


FIRST PUBLIC HEARING - Provides for regulation of production, processing and sale of marijuana and marijuana-infused products.



SENATE BILL 281 - Sponsored by Senator BOQUIST  (at the request of Todd Dalotto) (Presession filed.) -- Relating to Oregon medical marijuana program (OMMP).  | Adds Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to definition of "debilitating medical condition" for purposes of statutes authorizing medical use of marijuana.  Currently In Senate Judiciary Committee; Next Hearing Date:

Date: Wednesday - April 3
8:30 A.M.
HR 343, Salem, OR


Date: Wednesday-April 3

Time: 8:30 A.M.

Room: HR 343

**This meeting will begin at 8:30 AM**

Possible Introduction of Committee Measures


Public Hearing and Possible Work Session


SB 125 A


Requires state agency to provide notice to parties in contested case hearing describing rights that active duty servicemembers have to stay proceedings under federal law and providing contact information for legal resources.


SB 188


Authorizes Oregon Youth Authority to establish work release program for persons in physical custody of youth authority but in legal custody of Department of Corrections.


SB 281


Adds post-traumatic stress disorder to definition of "debilitating medical condition for purposes of statutes authorizing medical use of marijuana.


just got word that Rep. Barker, the Chair of the Judiciary Committee,

still plans on moving this bill onto the Revenue Committee, but that he has

been under pressure from leadership to have some invite-only testimony.

Barker has agreed, but he wants the hearing to go as quickly as possible,

so the bill can move onto the next committee.  Thus, there will be 3

speakers pro-3371 and 3 speakers opposing.  It looks like Dave Kopilak (an

attorney that drafted the measure, based upon input from activists),

Shelley Fox-Loken (former corrections officer and LEAP speaker) and myself

will be on the pro-side.  Anyone can submit written testimony for the

committee to consider.


If you do come to the Capitol, please dress appropriately, I will be suited

up and recommend that everyone attending do the same.  Also, do your best

to not smell like cannabis as legislators have complained about the odor at

previous hearings.  I will do my best to at least remember to leave mine in

my car


Even though there won't be public testimony during this hearing, there will

be an opportunity for public testimony when HB 3371 gets a hearing before

the Revenue Committee.  While many legislators have expressed trepidation

about passing this bill outright this session, it is certainly still

possible that they may refer the measure to the voters in November of 2014.


Sorry about the short notice, but I just got word about the details about

the invited testimony this morning.


Anthony Johnson

Executive Director, American Victory Coalition


Executive Director, National Cannabis Coalition



503-752-3966 (cell)


Date: Thursday-April 4

Time: 3:00 P.M.

Room: H-170


Public Hearing


HB 2052


Relating to marijuana diversion agreements



Legislation Pending to Legalize and License Medicinal Cannabis Dispensaries

Legislation is pending to legalize and license medicinal cannabis dispensaries.  House Bill 3460 "directs [the] Oregon Health Authority to establish a registration system for medical marijuana facilities." Such facilities exist presently in the state but are unregulated and are subject to state and local prosecution.

Oregonians initially authorized the physician-supervised use of cannabis in 1998. However, the law limits patients' access to cannabis to either home-cultivation or cultivation by a designated caregiver. Passage of HB 3460 will provide authorized patients with legal, state-sanctioned, above-ground safe access to their medicine.  Full text of the measure is here.

You can write your House member in support of HB 3460 by visiting NORML's 'Take Action Center' here:


NORML will keep you updated as this legislation moves forward.


After looking the bill over, I think it is a good start, but have some



Clifford made a few good points in another post about the poor, and I think

allowing a way for patients to get their medicine from the grower they

designated...at a rate better than that of a dispensary, seems reasonable.

Lets face it, the growers would have nothing to grow if it weren't for the



In the current system growers often keep a large portion of the medicine

produced as a type of reimbursement (legally or not), when in fact many,

many growers are not patients at all, or caregivers, and have no legal

right to use cannabis anyway, so why do they keep the medicine? It's sold

on the black market or to current SAPs. The complaints about growers are

voluminous, as many know.


This bill would allow for growers to legally be reimbursed for their

efforts, but provide no real safeguards for patients beyond "approving" of

the medicine diversion to the MMF's by their growers. It seems a provision

could be made. Vouchers?  A small tax on sales that goes to a fund for

those who qualify? Could an arbitration board be set up to handle disputes

(might help with many grower/patient disputes)? Maybe a way for patients to

get medicine before it is sold at MMF's??


Just because pharmacy's and big Pharma do not allow for the poor and

indigent does not mean we should follow suit....I'm not advocating

communism but it's .05 cents for a bottle of Albuterol (asthma inhaler) in

Cuba, for Christ's sake! We can do better.


Some may argue that the patient is responsible for their decisions, and

should be held accountable. But, I think too often patients are ignorant

and vulnerable (especially very ill ones), and should be protected in some

way, especially if the OMMA is about medicine for the* patients*. Many

seriously ill patients are not able to grow, and we cannot make concessions

for them? If taxpayers can unwillingly support a supposed left wing

institution like CPB, or Planned Parenthhood,  they can support poor



I am also  concerned about the lifting of restrictions on MMF's and their

limits. It leaves it wide open for super large grows, when the MMF is the

grow site of record (and there seems to be no restriction on that happening

in the bill), am I wrong on this???   What will the feds do?    Will this

encourage MMF's to divert medicine intended for patients?


And it also says the State "...*shall register* the Medical Marijuana

Facility" as long as they jump through the necessary hoops, which seems to

take away their ability to make restrictions on the number of MMF's. Would

this preclude a county from restricting MMF's beyond the scope of this bill?


It does not seem to spell out that the patient can reimburse their grower

fully, only reimburse a MMF. Yet, it allows for an MMF to reimburse a

grower for medicine, so who owns the medicine? And can a patient reimburse a

* grower* for the "customary costs of doing business", and not just a MMF?

It seems like a lot of people would like to do that....just *fully *reimburse

their current grower directly.


Lastly, the MMF's are going to report amounts purchased by individuals to

the state? So, will your supply be cut off when you exceed 24 ounces in a

12 month period?  It seems intrusive.


Other than that, it seems pretty good. I don't think this bill would reduce

the amount of medicine available to patients. In the end I think it will

increase the supply and drop the price since growers could now legally be

reimburse for their efforts.


We have to start somewhere, and I think this seems reasonable, but would

like to see a few changes made, as noted above.


And I agree, now is the time!


*"There is a tide in the affairs of men.

Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;

Omitted, all the voyage of their life

Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

On such a full sea are we now afloat,

And we must take the current when it serves,

Or lose our ventures."


Marcus Brutus -

Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3




*Keith Mansur*


Oregon Cannabis Connection






For what they are worth I have forwarded these suggestions to Rep Buckley.

On Monday 18/03/2013 at 10:11 am, lairdfunk@apbb.net wrote:

Hi Peter-

Following my last email I have reviewed again the language involving cardholder, caregivers and growers selling mmj to a facility.  I suggest the listed simple insertions as follows
which I believe will clarify the intent of the bill regarding how a facility obtains mmj for its operations.

In Section 2 (1) a insert "or with the cardholder's consent" after the fourth word of the sentence "cardholder".
In Section 2 (6)(a)(A) insert  "a caregiver or a person responsible for" after the word "from".
In Section 2 (6)(b)(A) insert "cardholders,caregivers or" after the word "All".
In section 2 (9)(b) insert "a cardholder,caregiver or a" after the seventh word in the sentence,  "a".

And finally I have a specific question regarding Section 5(10)(c).  What specific change is contemplated in this paragraph.  There is no clear reference as to what change to which aspect of the facility is being discussed.

I hope these offerings assist you in your work on this bill.   I will gladly testify in support of it when the time comes.

Thanks again.




Oregon: Marijuana Legalization Bill Heard April 2


Legislation has been introduced in Oregon by the House Committee on Revenue that would legalize and regulate the adult use of marijuana.


House Bill 3371 would establish a regulatory system, similar to the one in place in the state for alcohol, for the cultivation, production, and sale of cannabis to adults over 21. Adults would be allowed to possess up to 24 ounces of usable marijuana and grow up to six plants in their homes, in addition to purchasing it from regulated retail outlets. You can read the full text of the legislation here. HB 3371 is scheduled to be heard by members of the House Judiciary Committee at a public hearing on April 2.


There are now marijuana legalization bills pending in seven state legislatures. The voters in Colorado and Washington set the ball of legalization rolling on Election Day and it seems unlikely to slow down anytime soon.


Please take time today to contact your state House member and urge him or her to support HB 3371. For your convenience, a pre-written letter will be e-mailed to your elected official when you visit NORML's 'Take Action Center' here:  http://capwiz.com/norml2/issues/alert/?alertid=62445816



NORML will continue to update you in the coming weeks as this proposal moves forward.



Federal (US) Bills


Members of Congress To Introduce Federal Measure To Legalize Cannabis, Regulate Sales


Members of Congress will introduce historic legislation on Tuesday to permit for the regulated production and retail sales of cannabis to adults in states that have legalized its consumption.


Representative Jared Polis, (D-CO) is sponsoring legislation that seeks to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol.


Separate legislation to be introduced by Rep. Earl Bluemenauer (D-OR) seeks to establish a federal tax structure for retail cannabis production and sales.


Both Representatives, along with drug policy reform advocates, will discuss these measures at a teleconference this afternoon.


"When residents of Colorado and Washington voted to end their state's prohibition on marijuana last November, it was a watershed moment for our nation's move towards sane marijuana laws," said NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, who will be speaking at today's teleconference. "But there remains a lingering conflict between state and federal law. These historic measures seek to resolve this conflict and empower states to dictate their own marijuana policies, without fear of federal incursion. NORML would like to thank the Congressmen for taking this brave step forward and encourages their colleagues in Congress to join them in calling for sensible marijuana law reform."


Representatives Blumenauer and Polis have also released a report today outlining the need for federal marijuana law reform, titled "The Path Forward: Rethinking Federal Marijuana Policy." The report states that "It is time for Congress to allow states and voters to decide how they want to treat marijuana. The current system is broken. It wastes resources and destroys individual lives, in turn damaging families and entire communities. It is past time to take action and stop this tragic waste in the future."

In the paper, the Congressmen also call for establishing a Congressional Working Group on Sensible Drug Policy.

For more information, please contact Erik Altieri, Communications Director, at 202-483-5500.



Industrial Hemp Farming Legislation Reintroduced In Congress

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) and 28 co-sponsors, including House Agriculture Committee ranking member Collin Peterson (D-MN), have reintroduced legislation in Congress that requires the federal government to respect state laws allowing the cultivation of industrial hemp. Hemp is a distinct variety of the plant species cannabis sativa that contains only trace (less than one percent) amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis.

House Bill 525, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013, amends the Controlled Substances Act to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana. The measure grants state legislatures the authority to license and regulate the commercial production of hemp as an industrial and agricultural commodity.

Eight states - Colorado, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia - have enacted statutory changes defining industrial hemp as distinct agricultural product and allowing for its regulated commercial production. Passage of HR 525 would remove existing federal barriers and allow these states and others the authority to do so without running afoul of federal anti-drug laws.

"Industrial hemp is a sustainable crop and could be a great economic opportunity for Kentucky farmers," Rep. Massie stated in a press release. "Industrial hemp will give small farmers another opportunity to succeed."

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) are supporting the introduction of a companion bill in the US Senate.

According to a Congressional Research Service report, "The United States is the only developed nation in which industrial hemp is not an established crop."

Previous versions of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act have stalled in Congress. The issue has never before been debated in the Senate.

To contact your Congressional House member in support of HB 525, please visit NORML's 'Take Action Center' here:





Legislation To Be Filed To Authorize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Nevada

Nevada state Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas, has announced his intent to sponsor legislation to allow for the establishment of facilities to dispense medical marijuana to authorized patients.

Sixty-five percent of state voters approved legislation in 2000 to allow for physician authorized patients to consume and grow cannabis. However, the law does not explicitly provide for facilities where authorized patients may obtain medicinal cannabis.

Senator Segerblom's proposal is expected to be similar to an Arizona law allowing for licensed cannabis dispensaries. To date -- Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Maine, and New Mexico -- have operational, state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries. Similar dispensary outlets are in the process of opening in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, DC.

Please take time today to contact your state Senator and urge him or her to support safe access to cannabis. For your convenience, a pre-written letter will be e-mailed to your elected official when you visit NORML's 'Take Action Center' here:


NORML will keep you updated as this legislation moves forward.




Nevada: Bill to Allow for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Introduced

Senate Bill 374, which would allow for the establishment of facilities to dispense medical marijuana to authorized patients, has been introduced in the Nevada Senate.

Sixty-five percent of state voters approved legislation in 2000 to allow for physician authorized patients to consume and grow cannabis. However, the law does not explicitly provide for facilities where authorized patients may obtain medicinal cannabis. Senate Bill 374 "provides for the registration of nonprofit dispensaries authorized to dispense marijuana and products containing marijuana to persons authorized to engage in the medical use of marijuana." You can read the full text of the measure here.

To date -- Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Maine, and New Mexico -- have state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries up and running. Similar dispensary outlets are in the process of opening in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, DC.

Please urge your state Senator to support SB 374. For your convenience, a pre-written letter will be e-mailed to your elected official when you visit NORML's New 'Take Action Center' here:


NORML will keep you updated as this legislation moves forward.




Nevada: Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

Assemblyman Joe Hogan (D-District 10) and co-sponsors have introduced legislation to legalize and regulate the adult use of marijuana. Assembly Bill 402 provides for a legislative framework for the retail production and sale of cannabis to adults.

Nevada is one of nearly a dozen states where lawmakers this year are considering legalizing the use and distribution of cannabis.

The measure has been assigned to the Assembly Committee on the Judiciary.

Please take time today to contact your state Assembly member and urge him or her to support AB 402. For your convenience, a pre-written letter will be e-mailed to your elected official when you visit NORML's 'Take Action Center' here:


NORML will continue to update you in the coming weeks as this proposal moves forward.



NORML » Take Action for Marijuana Law Reform  http://norml.org/about/take-action-for-marijuana-law-reform




While you’re at it, Write to Medical Cannabis Prisoners!


Show solidarity and support for incarcerated medical cannabis patients and providers by adding these POWs to your Pen Pal list this year!  Several patients and providers are in jail awaiting trial or in prison serving out their sentences. Although the actions of many of these prisoners were legal under state law, defendants cannot bring up a medical defense in federal court. Please show your support for these prisoners by writing them letters or supporting them in one of the following ways, and remember that with just a little effort you can make the days much brighter for one these courageous people.  Visit - http://safeaccessnow.org/write-to-medical-cannabis-pows-this-holiday-season



*  Sunday, Feb. 17th at 7:00pm  *  A movie about The War on Drugs: "Breaking the Taboo", Narrated by Morgan Freeman *  Please join us for an exclusive showing of "Breaking the Taboo", a moving documentary about the failed Drug War and what we can do to end the violence, at - 3rd St. Pizza Company, 433 3rd St., McMinnville, Oregon - Tickets: At the door or in advance -  $25 per couple,  $15 per person,  $10 students     *  We are also having a Silent Auction.  So come bid on a favorite item at "The War on Drugs"ť - A fundraiser presented by Compassionate Oregon and Oregonians for Safe Access *  call  971.241.2707  for further info and tickets.


* ASA’s National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference and citizen lobby day, at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel February 22-25, 2013 in Washington, DC. The conference is a chance to network with other activists from around the country, attend panels and workshops to improve your skills and increase your knowledge, and to participate in the largest ever medical cannabis citizen-lobby day in Congress. Visit the webpage for registration information, travel details, and information about funding your trip. We are also soliciting agenda topics and nominations for awards.  Go to - http://www.americansforsafeaccess.org/NationalConference2013


Americans for Safe Access is excited to announce that Patients Out of Time (POT) and the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) will be sponsoring the Science of Medical Cannabis portion of ASA's National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference taking place February 22-25 in Washington, D.C. Dr. Donald Abrams, representing the IACM and RN Mary Lynn Mathre representing POT will be joining Dr. Mark Ware, Jahan Marcu, Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, and Dr. Michelle Sexton on the conference's scientific review panel.

The Science of Medical Cannabis portion of the conference will be taking place on Friday, February 22nd. This day will be dedicated to the presentation of scientific research on the medical efficacy of cannabis. We will be hosting a poster exhibition for researchers to showcase their work on a wide range of cannabis of cannabinoid related topics in addition to offering panels about the medicine of cannabis. ASA will invite members of the Administrations, local officials, and members of Congress to join us on this day to learn and engage with the medical cannabis community.

In addition to this, an accredited cannabinoid education program called "Cannabis in Medicine: A Primer for Health Care Professionals" will take place Friday afternoon of the conference. This course provides an expert overview of the clinical use of cannabis, providing health care professionals with up-to-date clinical information on the therapeutic potential of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. Physicians who attend will receive 2.75 AMA PRA Category 1 credits. This is open to physicians and current medical students only. The program is jointly sponsored by the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids and the University of California-San Francisco, and is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from the Americans for Safe Access Foundation. For more information, including course agenda, faculty, and registration, go to: www.ccic.net/USACME.

This is a wonderful chance for researchers and medical professionals to engage with the public directly.  Please find more information about the National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference at www.ASANationalConference2013.com.




Bill to Add PTSD to OMMP Needs Your Help!


We had a hearing on SB281, We are in the process of pushing it thru this committee and on to the next.  Continuing to Line up expert witnesses and testimony.  Last hearing was -


Date:  Wednesday - April 3

Time: 8:30 A.M.

Room: HR A, Salem, OR


Public Hearing and Work Session for SB 281, which Adds post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to definition of "debilitating medical condition for purposes of statutes authorizing medical use of marijuana.  Visit - http://mercycenters.org/legis/2013/SB281.html  - for text of the bill and more.



At Least CALL MEMBERS ON THE COMMITTEE!  Then call everybody you know and get them to do so also!!


Keep it simple.  Just ask them to support this bill and give it a due pass recommendation.


Keep it short.  Your call should be under 3 minutes. Don't get bogged down in details.  At this point it is a numbers game.


Keep it pleasant and remember to smile.  Even though they can't see it, your smile will come through.


Anyone in Sen. Kruse's district (Roseburg, etc.) especially veteran's, please call and ask him to support SB 281. 


Here is their contact info:


Judiciary Committee

Senator Floyd Prozanski - Chair, (D), District: 4, 503-986-1704, Email: Sen.FloydProzanski@state.or.us, Website: www.leg.state.or.us/prozanski

Senator Betsy Close - Vice-Chair, (R), District: 8, 503-986-1708, Email: Sen.BetsyClose@state.or.us, Website: www.leg.state.or.us/close

Senator Jackie Dingfelder, (D), District: 23, 503-986-1723, Email: Sen.JackieDingfelder@state.or.us, Website: www.leg.state.or.us/dingfelder

Senator Jeff Kruse, (R), District: 1, 503-986-1701, Email: Sen.JeffKruse@state.or.us, Website: www.leg.state.or.us/kruse

Senator Arnie Roblan, (D), District: 5, 503-986-1705, Email: Sen.ArnieRoblan@state.or.us, Website: www.leg.state.or.us/roblan


Constituent calls are the best.


If you plan to submit materials to the committee, please send PDF electronically to the email address near the top of the agenda by noon the prior business day. For printed documents, please provide 10 paper copies to the assistant when you testify.   Persons making presentations including the use of video, DVD, PowerPoint or overhead projection equipment are asked to contact committee staff 24 hours prior to the meeting.   ADA accommodation requests may be submitted to employee.services@state.or.us  or by calling  1-800-332-2313  at least 72 hours prior to the meeting time.


There is a packet ready to go to members of the committee, contact -


Anthony Taylor

Legislative Liaison

Compassionate Oregon

Oregonians for Safe Access.




We continue to need co-sponsors, so call your state senators and reps and get them on board.


Getting to the Capitol:  900 Court Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301 * Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00-5:30 ~ Saturday: Closed ~ Sunday: Closed * Visitor Services Phone: 503-986-1388 * For more information on How to get to the Capitol, including things like Where to Park. visit: www.leg.state.or.us/capinfo/



What you can do if you can't get to Salem:  You may submit written testimony even if you are not going to attend.  If you are going to provide testimony, you must submit 10 copies of your testimony.  If you are tech savvy enough to present a PowerPoint you need to give them 24 hour notice.


You can watch the hearings, it will be available on Capitol TV.  Oregon State Legislative video is live only and not archived.  Windows users will need Microsoft Windows Media Player for Legislative Video, Mac users may need Flip4Mac. See - http://www.leg.state.or.us/listn/


MERCY-TV will attend and capture Legislative Events as possible and make video(s) available thru this page - http://mercycenters.org/tv/  To hear Live Audio Today |  you can Click the link to access live streaming audio and video from the Oregon Senate, House Chambers, or legislative hearing rooms at >>  http://www.leg.state.or.us/listn/  << To see Capitol Chamber Video:   Senate Chamber Video | House Chamber Video;  or Capitol Hearing Room Video:  A | B | C | D | E | F | 50 | 170 | 174 | 343;   Capitol News Conference Video: News Conferences –or-  To find out how a hearing went, you can check out the Legislative Audio / Video Archives at: http://www.leg.state.or.us/listn/



Attention OMMP CardHolders:  The Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana (ACMM) Outreach Subcommittee is working on a project to help curb some LEO/Media/etc overstepping of boundaries - breaches of confidentiality, spreading misinformation, publishing protected info, LEO abuses of the law, inappropriate uses of the LEDS program, using public resources to publish anti med can info, et al. - in order to do an effective job, we need to hear what med can community members have read, heard or experienced. So, PLEASE look at the following list and if you have anything to contribute - do E-mail us. It is an evolving work in progress which will hopefully result in some changes, from the top down, in how LEO interacts with our community - please contribute your story (please focus more on what happened and less on your opinion about it) or links to news stories or leo publication info related to OMMP. thanks in advance -


1. Public Disinformation (shows LEO’s deliberate marketing of fear & reefer madness)

2. State Policy: recent ACMM letter to Atty Gen Kroger charging professional conflict of interest. Theme- it starts at the top and filters down thru LEO/District Attorneys or proofs of LEO abusing their power.

3. Testimony and Anecdotal Stories

4. LEO – LEDS Data and Charts

5. National Policy: use of Paramilitary Action for drug cases; other national organizations Policies that harm the patient (funding only for anti-mmj research, etc)

6. Costs: tax payers money – crimes in Oregon that are ignored, unsolved; Social costs – stigma (myths) and loss of Public Trust (cops lie) ; Personal costs – family fragmentation (mental, emotional, financial) leads to greater dependency on social services; cost of medicine that is destroyed (creates more profit for black market)

7. or Other? PLEASE E-mail us.



Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana (ACMM) meeting hosted by the OMMP.


We’ll get whatever documentation we can and post.  Next meeting will be sometime in March and will probably be in Portland or Salem.


See:  http://mercycenters.org/ommp/meets/  for details, including any info we have, like proposed agenda, etc.  We’ll get copies of documents and stuff from the meetings - and post in our online library, print out and otherwise Keep you in the loop! - as we can(!)  You can also keep up on Public Meeting Notices by visiting the OMMP website at: http://oregon.gov/DHS/ph/ommp/ * Call the Program at   971.673-1226   for more info on OMMP hosted meetings. Also, see: http://oregon.gov/DHS/ph/ommp/acmm.shtml    for more detail on the Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana (ACMM) or visit:   http://oregon.gov/DHS/ph/ommp/mtngnotice.shtml for latest OMMP hosted meetings.


We are crossing our fingers that both the sound amplification and video conferencing systems will be up & running for this meeting.  We'll provide details about how to access the video conference as soon as we know.


PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS 420 * visit - www.ProtectYourRights420.org – or call: 541-210-8790 * “TRAIN THE TRAINERS” WORKSHOP, COMING TO YOUR TOWN TBA * YOU COULD BE ARRESTED FOR NOT KNOWING YOUR RIGHTS!  Who is invited? Cannabis Activists, Members of Medical Cannabis Organizations, OMMP Cardholders who want to become more involved.  Why are they doing this? In Oregon, many members of Law Enforcement believe that Medical Marijuana Patients, Growers, and Caregivers are CRIMINALS.  Do you value your:  PERSONAL FREEDOM?  FAMILYS WELFARE?  LEGAL RIGHTS?  Do you want to:  AVOID GOING TO JAIL?  PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM LOSS AND TRAGEDY?  AVOID LOSING YOUR RIGHTS TO USE CANNABIS LEGALLY?


This workshop will teach you:  WHAT TO DO if you are approached by law enforcement;  HOW TO REACT with CONFIDENCE;  WHERE to get ongoing RESOURCES & SUPPORT so you can continue to TRAIN OTHERS IN YOUR COMMUNITY.  FACILITATED BY:  Christine McGarvin, MSSW  -  President of Oregon Green Free South Chapter, Lori Duckworth – Executive Director of Southern Oregon NORML.  CO-SPONSORED BY:  INSTITUTE FOR CANNABIS THERAPEUTICS, SOUTHERN OREGON NORML.  Contact to inquire about –or- set up Dates they can be in your area.


* Why you should never talk to police:  This video was VERY good - it is a law professor and a law enforcement

officer BOTH explaining why you should never talk to police, even if you are innocent.  It is a lecture given to law students, by the sounds of it – but I think EVERYONE should watch it.  Particularly the law enforcement officer

- rarely are they this candid.  Visit - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXkI4t7nuc



more Local Action items;  Initiatives  & Activities:


* Ask your Governor to sign the DEA Rescheduling Petition. Find your Governor's contact information. Find your Governor's contact information by clicking here. > http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Governors.shtml


Federal Action & Activities:

The U.S. Senate is rushing to pass four bills that would expand the DEA’s power by giving them the authority to outlaw even more substances across the country and subject more Americans to long mandatory minimum sentences. This legislation would waste your tax dollars by escalating the war on drugs and increasing the DEA’s power.

Expanding the power of the DEA is a huge and costly mistake and we are not going to let them get away with it!

The Senate needs to hear from you so please urge them to block these bills that would expand the drug war.

These draconian bills would make it easier for the DEA to ban and criminalize more drugs. The legislation would make it easier for the DEA to bypass the formal drug scheduling process and prohibit substances at their own discretion. If enacted, possession of any quantity could subject someone to a mandatory minimum sentence and incarceration. This misguided legislation would make it easier for the DEA -- a law enforcement agency -- to decide what drugs should be legal or illegal at their whim.

The DEA has a history of consistently ignoring sound scientific research and issuing outright lies about marijuana and other drugs. They routinely reject science and common sense in favor of fear and hysteria, and are an obstacle to evidence-based drug policies.

Given their anti-science, anti-public health record, why give federal police agents more authority over more substances?

Please tell your senators to block legislation that will give the DEA more power -- and demand that ideology not stand in the way of sound science!

This attempt to expand the power of the DEA and put even more people who use drugs behind bars is unacceptable. That’s why we need your help to demand that Congress stop escalating the drug war and stop these bills that would expand the DEA’s authority!

* While you’re at it, Contact Congress and urge your representative to co-sponsor HR1983, legislation that will reclassify cannabis, end federal interference in state programs, and provide licensed patients and provides a defense in court. 
Click here for a sample script and call in information. > http://americansforsafeaccess.org/article.php?id=7066  * and other Bills here >

*  Call the White House and tell Pres. Obama to keep his promise to not use Justice Department resources to undermine state laws, stop putting politics before science, and act immediately to reclassify cannabis as medicine. 
Click here for sample script and call in information.> 



What Else You Can Do:


* Be a Dialysis Buddy – help with Tabs-for-MERCY |  The Mercy Center is collecting pull tabs from pop cans to help with programs for our Dialysis patients.  Join us by bringing in any number of aluminum cans and turn them in at the front desk at - 1469 Capital Street NE, Suite #100, Salem, 97303 – any time Monday thru Friday, Noon to 6PM.  If you are interested in volunteering for this special project, call (503) 363-4588 and ask for Andre.  We will also accept any number of cans and bottles for recycling in general.  Thanks! In advance.



* Join The Campaign!  Medical Cannabis for PTSD for Veterans, Police, Firefighters and other Oregon-American citizens.  Help the Efforts underway to add PTSD to the List of Qualifying Conditions to Register with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Visit our PTSD today at - http://mercycenters.org/action/camp_PTSD.html   And tell everybody you know. Then tell everybody you don't know. Yet.



* Help Kevin! A Medical Cannabis Grower in Miscarriage of Justice, Convicted of Manslaughter for Self-Defense against a Repeat Intruder with a Record.  Kevin received a sentence of 5 years from Hawaii Parole Authority meaning he'll be eligible for consideration in 3 years plus some change for time served.


We continue his appeal.


He was also moved upon sentencing to Arizona.


1.  Prepare For APPEAL and other efforts to get him out of the hell-hole and access to medicine, at least. Bottom line is it is going to take MONEY, so visit -   http://helpfreekevin.com/donations.html - and Donate what you can.


2.  WRITE to Kevin and help keep his spirits up. Kevin needs everyone's help while he is denied his freedom and his medicine. Please write to inquire, amuse, entertain and otherwise keep his mind occupied with things other than where he is, etc. Write to -

Kevin Metcalfe

# A6020830
1252 E. Arica Rd.

Eloy, AZ, 85131


3.  HELP SPREAD The WORD! Tell EVERYBODY You Know, then everybody you don't know. Yet! Visit - http://mercycenters.org/action/FreeKev/subscr_form.html and Join the Help Free Kevin Network, which includes his free e-mail list so you can stay tuned to latest developments.  Thanx! and keep the support flowing.





* LEGISLATIVE Update:  Bills relating to medical cannabis, hemp legalization and marijuana prohibition reform in general have been introduced at the Federal and State levels, both in Oregon State and across the nation with web pages set up for each bill in order to gather related talking points, LTE examples, Hearing notices, links and Bulletin Boards so everyone can contribute.  Links and other tools on how to contact your rep, find out about bills, etc. is at -  http://willamettevalleynorml.org/legis/state.html



* NEED a PLACE for * Public Meet Up of VanPAH.Net, a Vancouver (WA)-area Patient Help Resource NetWork for current Medical Cannabis Patients and CareGivers as well as those To-Be. * Meeting Agenda:  News and Information in general, for example - How to Get Qualified, where to Find a Doctor;  How to Find a Grower;  Dispensaries in Washington?  But, mostly, How’s It Going with You, The People? What are your issues? Ideas? NOTE:  But the group is Furniture-challenged at this stage so it is B.Y.O.C – Bring Your Own Chair. SORRY!  This meeting organized as a Public Service by MERCY – The Medical Cannabis Resource Center. Help spread the word! Click here for quarter sheets in MS-WORD, and here for some in Adobe-PDF. Print 'em off, cut 'em up, hand 'em out -or- leave 'em at appropriate places! For more info about Meetings and Meet-Ups in your area, call MERCY at: 503.363-4588 –or- visit - http://www.mercycenters.org/links/Wash_St.html 



--------------------- more Action! Items ---------------------


*  We wish to Note the availability of "Medical Marijuana Law," a book co-authored by Richard Glen Boire, of the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics ( www.cognitiveliberty.org ), and Kevin Feeney


Medical Marijuana Law offers a complete overview of federal law and each of the 11 state medical marijuana programs. MMJ Law discusses the medical necessity defense in depth, how to qualify for each state program, the legal rights of patients and the role and legal rights of caregivers, how to deal with cops and how to remain legal under your state's law. MMJ Law also explores the rights and responsibilities of physicians who recommend marijuana, and explains how physicians can avoid legal troubles.


In addition to the above, MMJ Law contains a resource guide for each state, listing the prominent clinics and patient advocacy organizations in each state, contains the Marijuana Policy Project's Model Medical Marijuana Bill, a forward by Frank Lucido, MD, one of the prominent marijuana docs in California, and an article by Dale Gieringer (NORML) providing advice to medical marijuana providers.  The book is 190 pages and retails at 14.95, but is available on Amazon at a reduced price. Clinics who wish to stock this book should visit the website of Ronin Publishing at ( http://www.roninpub.com/ord_whole.html ).


We feel that this guide will be a valuable resource for patients, caregivers and their doctors. Any and all feedback on this book from readers is appreciated. Questions are also welcome.  For more information Contact:  Kevin Feeney, JD  (lalunaensumano@hotmail.com)



The State-wide Calendar of Events for Oregon is a Public Service provided by MERCY - the Medical Cannabis Resource Center - and is maintained by their volunteer staff.  To inquire about -or- add or maintain an event -or- idea, contact them by phone:  503.363-4588,  writing to:  1469 Capital St NE, #100, Salem, OR  97301  -or- visiting:  www.MercyCenters.org