What Else Is Happening

MERCY Event ideas - contact MERCY - or visit the website for more info - www.MercyCenters.org


GlassWare Party (was Jan. 28th, 2006).  Attention patients who use "glass" pipes for medical cannabis delivery devices. GlassWare Parties are an opportunity for medical cannabis patients to examine and inquire about this particular means of medicating in privacy and comfort.


For example, a GlassWare Party was held at the MERCY Center Sat., Jan. 28th, 2006 from High Noon to 4:20pm featuring the very functional glass art of Smokin' Glass of Portland.  Patients were able to preview beautiful, practical "glass" products and accessories in a nice, SAFE, friendly environment where people can discuss the FAQS openly and straightforward.


Y'see, when in the store, conversations must be carefully controlled, even in the age of OMMA.


NOTE: "Smoke Shop" Protocol for Medical Cannabis Patients


Smokin' Glass sells only the finest quality functional glass art and other products.  Sure, WE all know what else they can be used for, but we can't talk openly about it in the store.


OMMA didn't fix anything in this area, it's the same old drag.  Anyone heard using words like: Bong, Hash-pipe or any word that implies illegal intent in the store - could be a local yokel on a boon-doggle or even a DEA agent on a fishing expedition - and the owner could be fined or even shut down.  No joke.


SORRY!  But federal law applies, so watch yer terminology!  Yep, it's a silly game we ALL must play til we change the law.


Smokin' Glass has supported individuals and groups in the medical cannabis movement since the concept began.  They help as much as they can publicly, mostly by patiently educating consumers on the law when purchasing their functional glass art for use as delivery devices while giving them the best price they can.


Now, would like to help more by offering a discount to the patient community.  Mention you read it here and receive 30% off!  Yes, all OMMP Cardholders get a whopping 30 percent savings on your purchase.  So, stop on by their new location in Portland at -


1408 SE 39th, a half block north of Hawthorne up 39th, next to Jiffy Lube


- and ask about their water-pipes (NOT "bongs"!) and other functional glass pieces that OMMA cardholders may be interested in.   Visit: http://mercycenters.org/events/GlassWare_Party.html    for details.



Grow-vention (last was 2/26/05). Growers Convention. Bring all growers together in safe environment and enable free exchange of information and resources. Have presentations and booths. Allow patients to attend in order to pick up info, resources or shop for a grower.


--- Future Events ---


*  Saturday, February 19th-ish, 2013  * 8:00pm til we’re done! * Sweet Leaf Valentines Ball hosted by W-V-NORML at the Voter Power Office in Eugene, at 687 River Ave., Eugene, 97404-2513  *  Join Willamette Valley NORML as we sweeten the ‘pot of life’ by mixing entertainment and activism.  There will be Raffles for stuff, Music, Food and Fun, of course, but also: Info on Avoiding Busts and What to do in a Law Enforcement Encounter; How to Get Your Card, Volunteer for The Cause, or otherwise Help Out, and more!  $5 donation at the door.  For more info call:  541.517-0957  –or-  visit:   http://w-v-norml.org/events.html#sweet



* April 20th, 2013 - Saturday - 8PM 'til Closing *  ‘Hash Bash Ball’ Benefit at the Voter Power Office, 687 River Ave, Eugene, 97404-2513.  The “Hash Bash Ball” event is part of a series of monthly fundraising events (third weekend in each month). Part of the “Hash Bash Week” activities, open to the public, OMMP patient medication area provided.  The purpose is to raise funds to continue the fight for Cannabis Law reform by donating all proceeds to Voter Power, the Willamette Valley NORML & the Emerald Empire HempFest. 


Our Mission: The purpose of the “Hash Bash Ball” event is to unite our citizens in calling for sweeping reforms in America's laws against cannabis and hemp. This is a uniquely valuable plant: it provides high levels of key nutrients, relieves symptoms for patients suffering from an array of medical conditions, and can be made into environmentally positive products such as clothing, paper, paint, biodegradable plastics, and replacements for fossil fuels.


Join Willamette Valley NORML as we start working on making the year better than the last by laying down a foundation for real change. There will be Raffles for stuff, Music provided by Liquid Platinum, Food and Fun, of course, but also: Info on Avoiding Busts and What to do in a Law Enforcement Encounter; How to Get Your Card, Volunteer for The Cause, or otherwise Help Out, and more!  $5 suggested donation at the door.  For more info Contact: Willamette Valley NORML, at (541) 517-0957 – or canlibsoc@hotmail.com


*  National NORML Conferences * Stand Up, Get Out, Speak Up For Your Rights! Where do freedom-loving citizens like YOU gather? Answer: Events hosted by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws!  If you have questions, contact NORML by phone at 888-67-NORML or Visit -  - And Spread the Word! Visit: http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=3427  for the latest on NORML conferences.


* Annual 420 Strike * Saturday, 20 April 2013, 00:00 until 23:30 (all Day) * location: Earth, specifically USA (national, global? action item) * In an effort to stop the inanity that has criminalized 25 MILLION of us in this country alone -- which means we are arresting over 800 THOUSAND people YEARLY and wrecking 2,000 lives on a DAILY BASIS we are proposing the Annual 420 Strike on April 20.  On April 20 let your lack of money speak for you loudly and clearly! We will all join together and refuse to spend our money on any items or wares except those items that are directly connected to cannabis, made out of cannabis, hemp, marijuana or connect to an event that supports the marijuana movement.  It is only through our withholding our hard earned money that are we going to be able to show the government - we mean business!  Elvy Musikka is one of 4 patients in the USA that has a federal medical marijuana prescription (NOT JUST A MEDICAL RECOMMENDATION). She is proposing this event to raise awareness on how medical marijuana can help patients throughout the country. Join her in this cause of working with the government on changing the prohibition of medical marijuana.  Contact - organizer  Elvy Musikka at - https://www.facebook.com/events/198293580277485/ - learn more >> http://w-v-norml.org/action/420.html


* sometime in 2013 -- NORML National Conference To Convene in TBA.  The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) will be holding its 41st annual national conference April 21 through April 23-ish at one of America's most 'pot-friendly' cities. Please mark your calendars now to attend this important event.  Visit -  http://norml.org/about/norml-conferences   - for more detail. NORML invites the public to join hundreds of likeminded marijuana law reformers at the nation's only annual conference dedicated to ending cannabis prohibition. Please visit http://www.norml.org for forthcoming information regarding other 2011 conference registrations, speakers, and social events.


* The National Clinical Conference On Cannabis Therapeutics, sponsored by Patients Out of Time, among others * last was held on April 26 - 28, 2012
at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona.  *
This conference presents state of the art cannabis research with faculty from the US, and around the world. NOTE! To NURSEs and other Medical Professionals - Continuing Medical Education credits available!  CMEs from USCF; also CEUs for RNs, LVNs, MFTs and Reg.P./pharm.D.  More information on the conference agenda, faculty, registration, and how to obtain Continuing Education credits is available at:  http://www.medicalcannabis.com/Clinical-Conferences/2012-tucson-az


* first Saturday in May * Marches for Global Cannabis Liberation * Also known as the Million Marijuana Marches, this Action is happening in Salem, Eugene, Portland and around the World.  Check your local listings.  Salem plan:  MERCY will assemble for this event, starting at 11am, at the far end of the mall across from the steps of the Capital Building, Salem, Oregon on first Saturday in May, annually and March at High Noon.  Officially, the intersection of Summer and Center streets.  At High Noon (sharp!) we March, Visit - http://mercycenters.org/events/MMM.html   - for map and more. 


Eugene:  The W-V-NORML / CanLibSoc / EEH / ECTV Coalition will assemble 10:30am, at the FSP (Free Speech Plaza), 8th & Oak, do a lap around Saturday Market, back to FSP and begin the speeches at noon. The speakers last year were: Brian Michaels a prominent Criminal Defense Lawyer practicing in Oregon with extensive experience in Marijuana cases. 

Contact: Willamette Valley NORML (Eugene chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), 1863 Pioneer Pkwy E #624, Springfield,  OR 97477 *  www.willamettevalleyNORML.org


WHERE:  March starts at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza, Lane County Courthouse, 8th & Oak   St, Eugene, Oregon. The march will wind around Saturday Market and downtown Eugene. Marchers will be marching on the

sidewalks, obeying pedestrian traffic laws. The march ends at the old Federal Courthouse Plaza at 7th & Pearl for the Rally with speakers & information Booths.


Rally Speakers; Ron Chase - Lane County ACLU, past Executive Director Sponsors, Inc; Sam Chapman - UofO Grad, UofO, SSDP chapter founder, past state coordinator for SSDP, activist;  Allan Erickson - writer/speaker for Media Awareness Project;  Dan Koozer - Willamette Valley NORML, Emerald Empire HempFest, Eugene Cannabis TV;  Shelley Fox-Loken - LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition);  Jim Greig - board member for Voter Power Foundation Board, Organizer for Americans for Safe Access (ASA); Brian Michaels - ACMM member, Attorney at Law;  John Sajo – Co-Founder/Director of Voter Power Foundation; Cheryl Smith - Director, Compassion Center; Bradley Steinman – Graduate of Lewis & Clark Law School, founded L&C Law SSDP;  Jim Greig and Dan Koozer have been organizing the Global Marijuana March in Eugene for the last seven years, and will serve as Masters of Ceremonies again this year. There will be other speakers as well as an "Open Microphone".


Portland: Oregon NORML usually gathers in Pioneer Courthouse Square to march at High Noon through downtown Portland, accompanied by a police escort.  To volunteer or for questions about the march and rally, please call the Oregon NORML message line at  503-239-6110 or visit http://www.ornorml.org.  


Medford: For info, visit www.so-norml.org or call 541-779-1448.


Visit:  http://mercycenters.org/events/MMM.html   for more on local action.  For updated full list, go to  http://cures-not-wars.org/wordpress/?p=7   There is also some international MMM networking going on at this CannabisCulture.com message forum >




*  Treating Yourself magazine is excited to host the upcoming 3rd Annual Treating Yourself Expo on May 25 – 27-ish, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (Toronto,  Canada).  We are currently seeking vendors, exhibitors, and sponsors for this very high-profile event. Mark your calendar and join patients, their friends and loved ones, professionals, distributors and manufacturers from across North America and Europe. *  For more information Contact: Treating Yourself at 416 620 1951 or by visiting -  http://medicalmarijuana-hempexpo.com/  


* The Marijuana Conferences *  last was June 16 & 17-ish, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco * How Can You Succeed in Building a Sustainable Business in the Current Environment? After the success of DealFlow Media's New York event this past fall, we're bringing this conference to San Francisco. This is the only non-biased event covering the business, legal and health aspects of the growing debate over legalization in the United States. This event draws the most concentrated group of investment professionals, business owners, attorneys, state legislators, and physicians, and they attend because this event is a forum geared for business-to-business networking and education.

What is the present status of federal and state laws? How do they impact businesses structuring start-up capital? Find out the answers to these and other critical questions.  his event is imperative for anyone interested in learning about and building a sustainable business in this rapidly growing and dynamic industry.  Take advantage of our early registration discount before April 1st.  Early registration is only $495 ($100 off the regular price). http://www.dealflow.com/conferences/  to register or call our office at (516) 876-8006. Subscribers to The MJ Business Report will receive a 2-for-1 coupon to bring a colleague for free. Active yearly paid subscription required to receive the coupon.


* every July 4th * Fourth Of July Hemp Coalition's Annual Smoke-In at the National Mall in Washington DC.  Usually "High Noon" in Lafayette Park (North side of the White House).  From 12:00 - 4:00pm * Activist speakers from the front lines of the "War On Drugs" commenting on the progress and direction of ending marijuana prohibition and other aspects of drug policy reform;  A Concert with Performers and activists presenting a colorful message relating to our cause during the afternoon; and a "Peace Mile Parade", and more. For more info Contact:  Fourth of July Hemp Coalition (FJHC)  -  P O Box 5513, Washington DC 20016, phone 202-286-5586, or visit  - http://www.smoke-in.org/


*  7th - 9th-ish of September  *  CannaTrade,  the international Hemp trade fair at Stadthalle Dietikon, in ZÜRICH, Switzerland * Contact:  CannaTrade.ch AG  *  Monbijoustrasse 17, CH-3011 Bern, Switzerland  *  Tel. +41 / 31 / 398 0235,  Fax +41 / 31 / 398 0236,  eMail info@cannatrade.ch   *  visit - http://cannatrade.ch/   * CannaTrade Facebook Community: - Join now CannaTrade-Facebook-Community! 



* date:  TBA  *  time: TBA * next CannaVention Planning meeting * last was Room ED 176 at the University of Oregon campus, Eugene.  Contact:  TBA, 503-396-9062, samuelc@uoregon.edu. 



* W-V-NORML & Voter Power Potluck Halloween Costume Party * WHERE: Voter Power office - 687 River Av, Eugene, 97404-2513 * WHEN: Friday, October 28-ish, 2013 - 8:00pm - ? * WHY: to raise Funds and Awareness.  Admission is $10.00 or $5:00 & a 4 - 6 serving dish to share. Special prize for best costume. Live music provided by the Grateful Dead cover band Liquid Platinum (back by popular demand).


*  December 1 – 3-ish * The NORML Legal Seminar, Key West, FLA * The 2011 legal seminar will be held at the Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa in Key West, FL on December 1-3, 2011. The hotel is holding a block of reduced rate rooms for NORML legal seminar attendees. We usually sell out our block of rooms, so please try to make your reservations early. The NORML Key West legal seminar is an excellent legal seminar with outstanding speakers, and it is fully accredited by all states that require Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits for practicing attorneys. In addition, it has become a wonderful opportunity to spend some time in a relaxed setting with old friends, and to make new friends, who share your opposition to marijuana prohibition. Many of our members and supporters look forward each year to this celebration of personal freedom. Visit - http://norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=5341 - for more.



* Saturday, December  3rd, 2pm – 4pm * Willamette Valley NORML Member meeting * will be held 2nd Saturdays at 687 River Ave., Eugene, 97404-2513  * It's that time again, nominations and elections for The Board.  Visit -




*  For more info call:  541.517-0957 


- for the Members Forum to see this and other Agenda items, visit -




- for more detail and to participate on-line.  Also, Go to -




- the Calendar for the latest.  Also, Latest newsletter is out, visit -




- to review and get yours.  Or pick one up at the


* Saturday, December 15th-ish - 10am to 10pm * The annual Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards (OMCA) at the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, 322 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216.  . The Holiday Bazaar and day event is FREE and open to the public from 10:00am to 5:00pm  *  Banquet and Awards from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM  *  World Famous Cannabis Café | Enjoy medicating and socializing with others while becoming part of the cannabis community! The 4,000 square foot cafe is a fully functioning community center offering many complimentary ammenities such as a conference room equipped with WiFi, a cannabis library, and an ample game room for your entertainment. Many fun events & gatherings are held year round including Karaoke, Movie Night, and an awesome stage for talented local musicians. Come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, aka "The Sea Level - Mile High Club", and enjoy medicating with our fabulous vapor bar, featuring the Volcano Vaporizer, which is always generously supplied with donated medicine of superior quality.  Visit - http://www.usaworldfamouscannabiscafe.com/


* Saturday, December  17th, 2pm – 4pm * Willamette Valley NORML Public meeting * will be held 4th Saturdays (excepting Holidays, then 3rd Sat.) at 687 River Ave., Eugene, 97404-2513  *  For more info call:  541.517-0957  –or-  visit:  http://w-v-norml.org/meeting.html


For more info call:  541.517-0957  –or-  visit: 





* Wednesday thru Saturday, November 2 – 5-ish *  International Drug Policy Reform Conference * last was at Westin Bonaventure, Los Angeles, California.   Every two years drug policy reformers from across the United States and around the world come together to listen, learn, network and strategize. If you’re working to bring about drug policies based on science, compassion, health and human rights, you can’t afford to miss this extraordinary gathering!  Read more about the conference at › http://www.reformconference.org/



------- more Future Events -------


Join Tristone and West Coast Master Dru West, every Monday night in "The Canna Coop" on 88.9 FM KPOV across the Central Oregon High Desert and streaming at www.kpov.org.   Lobbyist for Compassionate Oregon, Anthony Taylor, joins us around 8:20 every Monday for the latest news from Salem on the many cannabis related bills working their way through the legislature.   Dean Becker brings us the 420 Drug War News, and The Master himself, Dru West, will answer all you grow questions and share growing advice for our medical patients seeking knowledge.   Oh, dont forget lots of Reggae Music from around the world along with our famous worldwide PTK break at 9 PM on the West Coast .  If you miss the show live, an archived version is also available on The Coops site at www.kpov.org.  *  Enjoy!


* Stay tuned for next * Good Samaritan Cannabis Appreciation day. Purpose: to protest Good(?) Sam’s bad policy of forcing Patients to choose between Opiates and Cannabis.  Location of event is main entrance to Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, corner of 9th street, Elks drive and 99W in north Corvallis.  Parking is 1-2 blocks away to the south of the site: Parking is allowed moving south on Maxine, NW Conifer Blvd, NW ponderosa Blvd, NW Hemlock Blvd. Parking is not allowed on 9th Street, Hwy 99, Elks Drive. Please see map link >> here <<    Please wear appropriate clothing, don't bring animals, no medicating at the event unless you are comfortable being arrested.  All patients who have been excluded from their (your) medical system, have been forced to take drug tests, forced to choose opiates or cannabis, or humiliated by your doctor - please come and show your support for patient inclusion, share your stories. Bring signs.  Contact:  Ed Julia Glick  via FaceBook: Corvallis Cannabis Support Group - https://www.facebook.com/corvalliscanabisgroup, phone:  541-224-4039  -or-  email:  glicke@live.com  *  Learn more About the Issue >> here  <<


* May 30 - June 1-ish, 2014 * Aspen Legal Seminar in Aspen, CO.  NORML's spring three-day legal seminar at The Gant in Aspen, CO will be held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, May 30 - June 1. This annual Aspen Legal Seminar weekend has become a favorite for many of the NORML Legal Committee (NLC) attorneys and Active NORML people, whether chapter organizers or individual activists.  There will be CLE credit for this program from all states that require continuing legal education credits for their attorneys.  Visit - http://norml.org/about/aspen-legal-seminar


* June 1st-ish, 2014  * MERCYs Annual Wake-n-Bake (WaB) * to be held at an Invite-only location near Vernonia, OR * We have a new spot for our WaB. Expect the usual -  Communing Friday evening, a Green pancake breakfast Saturday morning (8am – 10am-ish) and Net+working til at least 1pm, Monday. * Bring gloves – in case a Work Party breaks out!, all other work-related resources will be provided.  * To get invite / directions or, for more on MERCY, call: 503.363-4588 * for more info on the WaB, visit: http://mercycenters.org/events/Wake_n_Bake.htm


* (every Third) Saturday, next is TBA  *  4:30 pm - 6:00 pm  * Emerald Empire HempFest Volunteer Meetings.  This event used to repeat every month on the third Saturday at:   4:20pm, Location:  Maurie Jacobs Park (on the concrete slab, near the bathrooms) Bring a chair or two with you please.  * Contact:  Dan Koozer, Emerald Empire HempFest, Voice Phone Number (541) 517-0957, FAX Number - (888) 420-1819 * Email Address emeraldempirehempfest@hotmail.com * Website URL –  www.EmeraldEmpireHempfest.com


* Third week-end in July, 2014 * Fri - Sun * The Emerald Empire Hempfest will be, as usual, on the third week-end in July (the w/e after the Oregon Country Fair)  It happens every year, generally on Friday: High Noon - 10:00p, Saturday: 10 AM - 10:00p, Sunday: 10 AM - 8 PM  in Eugene at Maurie Jacobs Park, Eugene, OR, 97402 (navigational devices use the address 130 Fir Lane –or- 400 N Polk St), across from the Valley River shopping center at the end of the footbridge over the Willamette River. As always FREE TO THE PUBLIC / ALL AGES WELCOME in order to educate the general public about the plant Cannabis (HEMP).  For more CONTACT: Dan Koozer at 541-517-0957 * FAX: 888-420-1755 * or Email Address emeraldempirehempfest@hotmail.com * Website URL www.EmeraldEmpireHempfest.com


* July 28-ish, 2014  *  Sun.,  3pm  *  The MERCiful Ultimate Louisiana Party (MULP), a Fundraising Event featuring Henry Turner Jr (HTJR) and Ultimate Louisiana Party with Catfish, Red Beans, Rice and more * Music, Food, Activism, plus at Bear Creek Saloon, 40598 Cole School Rd, Scio, Oregon, 97374  * Events begins High Noon, HTJr goes on at 3pm, Party til we’re pooped.  $10 donation will be begged for early and probably often, so consider yourselves warned.  For details see - http://mercycenters.org/events/MULP.html - For more on MERCY, call: 503.363-4588 * for more on Scio's Bear Creek Saloon (BCS), to Discover Events, Shows > more Scio Venues > visit Zvents - www.zvents.com/scio_or/venues/show/9557225-bear-creek-saloon * 


*  Fri. - Sat. - Sun., August 16 – 17 – 18-ish, (third weekend in Aug.) 2014 * Seattle HempFest in Seattle, on Friday from 12 noon to 8 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to  8.  Admission is still FREE, and at Elliot Bay, Myrtle Edwards Pier 70, and Olympic Sculpture Parks - 3130 Alaska Way W., Seattle, WA  *  Hempfest is a work-party. They want you to come to relax and enjoy their event, but they also want you to learn. When people learn the facts about Cannabis they inevitably come to our side. They want to offer the latest educational resources to help you learn about domestic production of industrial hemp, medical marijuana, pot law, and even addiction and abuse. They want to contribute to you being as informed, educated and prepared as you can be to participate in our culture and movement. Take this year's program guide home with you and study it. The brightest minds they can find have contributed to their program this year. It is a user's manual so please use it. Find more information at: http://www.hempfest.org


*  Sat.- Sun., August 24th – 25th, 2013 (4th week-end in August) * Olympia Hempfest is held at Heritage Park, 5th Ave. and Water St. NW, Olympia, Washington on the fourth weekend of August and last year happened; from 11AM – 8PM on Sat. & from 11AM – 6PM on SUN. Admission is FREE, tho they suggest a $5 donation.  Heritage Park is a 24-acre state-owned property adjacent to Capitol Lake and downtown Olympia, WA. It is the northern extension of the Washington state capitol campus.  Olympia Hempfest was founded in 2003 as a gathering of 500 people on the original Washington state capitol campus in downtown Olympia and has grown into one of the major Olympia events in just under its fourth year, with a annual theme of “Helping” each year Oly Hempfest strives to break down the barriers and remind people about our heritage and our responsibility to be active citizens. Find more information at:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Olympia-Hempfest/149429311748592


*  August 23 – 25-ish * 10:00AM - Midnight * Friday, Saturday, Sunday * 2014 * Jefferson State Music Festival and Hemp Expo *  At 14390 HWY 238, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526  (Across the street from the Provolt Community Center on Williams Hwy.) * Music * Artists * Food * Camping * Educational Hemp Forums * Industry Experts *  Jefferson State Music Festival and Hemp Expo is founded on the belief that through awareness, education, and the cooperation and coordination of citizens and public officials, many complex social issues can be mitigated.  Objective and Purpose: To host a world class music event that provides outlets for cannabis advocates to educate the public on the many potential benefits and uses of the cannabis plant. This includes religious, medicinal, industrial, agricultural, economic, environmental, and other practical applications.  Visit - http://www.jeffersonstatehempexpo.com/   - for more.


* Saturday, September 6th, 10AM to 10PM – Sunday, September 7th, 10AM to 7PM - 2014 * HempStalk will probably happen in Portland, Oregon. *  at Kelley Point Park,  N. Marine Dr. and Lombard St. *  The reason marijuana is illegal has very little to do with drugs, and is really about money and the continued centralization of economic and political control. Hemp seed oil is biodiesel and is three times more productive than any other seed oil crop, and hemp seed oil will run any diesel engine today with no modification. Hemp oil is the reason the petrochemical industry made up the "reefer madness" myth. They renamed hemp, using racist propaganda, calling it marijuana, and lied to make it illegal. There is a truth that must be heard! That's what the Hempstalk Festival is all about.  To find out more about HempStalk, visit:   http://hempstalk.org/  * 


* Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 (21 days before election) * until 5pm * Voter Registration Deadline in Oregon.  Call the toll-free voter information line at 1-866-ORE-VOTE (1-866-673-8683). The voter information line is available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, se habla Espanol. TTY services for the hearing impaired are available at 1-866-350-0596.  Am I Registered to Vote?  Check Your Voter Registration On-Line! Visit - https://secure.sos.state.or.us/orestar/vr/showVoterSearch.do?lang=eng&source=SOS  to find out if you’re registered to vote.  Voters may also call their county elections office to confirm their registration.


To receive a ballot this fall, voters must be registered no later than Oct. 14th. Voters should also re-register if their residence has changed, if their mailing address has changed, if their name has changed or if their signature has changed. The signature on a voter registration card is used to validate their mail-in ballots. Additional voting resources are also available online at the Elections Division website; visit: www.sos.state.or.us/elections/elechp.htm.   Then * first Tuesday, November 4th  2014 General Election this year * til the Polls close * Vote! in Oregon.   Read the Voting in Oregon Guide http://www.oregonvotes.gov/pages/voterresources/regtovote/index.html. Get to the link and others by visiting: http://www.oregonvotes.gov/


* October 23 – 26-ish, 2015 * The International Drug Policy Reform Conference, last was in Sheraton Downtown; Denver, CO.  The International Drug Policy Reform Conference takes place every two years and draws a wide range of participants including students, grassroots activists, scholars and other researchers, city, state and federal elected officials, people in recovery as well as active drug users, law enforcement officers, treatment providers and public health advocates.  There are 55 sessions over the course of three days, including three plenary sessions. All sessions are 90 minutes long: usually 60 minutes of presentations or discussion (depending on the format) and 30 minutes of question & answer.  To see the timeline of the day plus all sessions and speakers, check out the Conference Schedule. Or you can download a PDF version to print and take with you. Visit >> http://www.reformconference.org/program


* Tuesday, November 4th  (1st Tues.), 2014 - all day - Every 1st Tuesday of November for the year, VOTE! And be sure everybody you know does so also * til the Polls close * Vote! in Oregon.      Read the Voting in Oregon Guide http://www.oregonvotes.gov/pages/voterresources/regtovote/index.html. Get to the link and others by visiting: http://www.oregonvotes.gov/


If you have any questions or problems visit www.HeadCount.org or Call - (866) OUR-VOTE.


And Vote Smart!  Project Vote Smart has profiles about nearly all candidates for federal and state offices, to include what the candidates have stated is their position on drug issues. Biographical Information, Voting Records, Issue Positions, Interest Group Ratings,  Public Statements,  Campaign Finances, Voter Registration, Ballot Measures, Issues and Legislation, Political Resources, and more.  Politics is going to the Dogs!  So, Bite Back with Project Vote Smart.  Visit - http://www.vote-smart.org/



* TBA * Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse (MAMA) will be hosting a free public presentation entitled "The Science of Medical Marijuana" at TBA *  Topics include: the body's natural cannabis signaling, chemicals in the plant, synthetic medicines, conditions which can be treated, side effects, methods of delivery (tinctures, vaporizer, salves, etc.), and plant varieties.  Wayne Haythorn is a member of the American Statistical Association with over 30 years experience in scientific and technical presentation. *  For more information call 541-298-4202 or see www.mamas.org


* December 7-ish, 2014 * the WFCC will again play host to the 12th Annual Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards (OMCA) at 322 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216.  To learn more, or For more information on the event, please contact the World Famous Cannabis Cafe at 503-208-3395, find them on Facebook or visit their website at > www.usaworldfamouscannabiscafe.com.





The State-wide Calendar of Events for Oregon is a Public Service provided by MERCY - the Medical Cannabis Resource Center - and is maintained by their volunteer staff.  To inquire about -or- add or maintain an event -or- idea, contact them by phone:  503.363-4588,  writing to:  1745 Capital St NE, Salem, OR  97301  -or- visiting:  www.MercyCenters.org