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* Forums.  A means to communicate and network on medical cannabis in Portland across Oregon and around the world.  A list of Forums, Chat Rooms, Bulletin Boards and other Online Resources for the Medical Cannabis Patient, CareGiver, Family Member, Patient-to-Be and Other Interested Parties.  *  Resources > Patients (plus) > Online > Forums  *  Know any?  Let everybody else know!  Visit:  http://www.mercycenters.org/orgs/Forums.html   and Post It!



At meeting and meet-ups hosted by these non-profit organizations –


*  Patients – current and to be – can Ask Medication questions about how to apply and get answers from those who have already experienced the issues.


*  Patients can meet with Caregivers - Caregivers can meet with Patients.


* Growing Patients and CareGivers can Ask grow questions and get answers from Oregon's best medical marijuana growers.


*  Non-CardHolders and CardHolders alike can Learn the legal details of Oregon's Medical Marijuana Act and the most recent laws and rules changes – and what they can do about them.



* Medical Cannabis Network opportunity in Sweet Home.  A Meet Up has been arranged by MERCY associate Dorothy Westofkansas at the American Legion Building, 1127 Long Street, Sweet Home, Oregon, 97386 starting at 7pm.  The purpose is to establish a regular networking of Patients, Caregivers and Interested Parties in the area.


It is a public meeting and there is no medicating or open exchange of resources at the site at this time (must be “brown bagged”, out of public view).  If resources available, places and times to exchange will be networked as can.  Call   503.363-4588  –or- visit:   http://mercycenters.org/events/Meet_PUB_Sweet.htm


This group will be meeting up on a regular basis every first Monday of the month. 



Oregon Green Free (OGF) is a OMMP CardHolder-based virtual community that networks on-line and arranges meet-ups and other activity around the state.  Oregon Green Free meets in Portland, Eugene and around the state. Sometimes is CARDHOLDERs ONLY!  Contact info: mail to Oregon Green Free HQ, 2375 SE 174th Ave., Portland, Oregon, or phone:  503.760-2671 * or visit: http://www.oregongreenfree.com



Got a Place?  Or an Idea?  Post It! visit >  http://www.mercycenters.org/events/Meets.html    



------- Resources -------


World Famous Cannabis Café | Enjoy medicating and socializing with others while becoming part of the cannabis community! The 4,000 square foot cafe is a fully functioning community center offering many complimentary ammenities such as a conference room equipped with WiFi, a cannabis library, and an ample game room for your entertainment. Many fun events & gatherings are held year round including Karaoke, Movie Night, and an awesome stage for talented local musicians. Come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, aka "The Sea Level - Mile High Club", and enjoy medicating with our fabulous vapor bar, featuring the Volcano Vaporizer, which is always generously supplied with donated medicine of superior quality.  Visit - http://www.usaworldfamouscannabiscafe.com/


* Grand Opening of the new CAN! Research, Education & Consulting office in beautiful Downtown Corvallis, Oregon!  * When: Wednesday, Feb. 15th, 5:30 – 8pm *  Where: 551 SW 4th St., Corvallis, Oregon (Hwy. 99W)  *  What: 5:30 - 6pm – Open House with healthy finger-foods & drink  *  6 - 7pm – Presentation by Todd Dalotto, “Cannabis Horticultural Research & the CAN! Research Model”  *  7 – 8pm – Open Discussion  *  I look forward to introducing you to my new business and innovative research model.  Hope to see you there!  Contact:  Todd Dalotto, CAN! Research, Education & Consulting, 551 SW 4th St., Corvallis, OR 97333 *  541-752-9053  *  http://www.CanResearch.net



* Patients Choice Clinic Services,  332 W. 6th St.,  Medford Oregon 97504  *   phone# 541-210-3276  *   fax #    877-885-9910  *   New 160.00,  Renewals 125.00  *   Just Complete our Medical Release and we do the rest.  After we receive your records we upload them to Dr.  Within 48 hours our Dr. will have a response to the patient.   At that time we will schedule you upon qualified status.   Patients Choice is the first completely digital medical marijuana clinic.  Our office helps Patients find growers also. We have a "consultant" verify and pre-interview potential growers before any referrals are given. We no longer refer to Co-Ops w/over 99 plants.  Like Us on  Facebook at - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Patients-Choice/127126914021299


* Need Medicine?  Want to Network?  WELCOME to The Club!  * The MERCY Club * The folks at MERCY – the Medical Cannabis Resource Center are hosting The Mercy Club - a Medical Cannabis Network - to help people get their cards, network patients to medicine and other resources to help with the issues faced by the community * Call  503.363-4588  or visit - http://mercycenters.org/Club.html - for more details.


* Mon - Fri, Noon – 6PM * MERCY Office Hours.  * The folks at MERCY – the Medical Cannabis Resource Center have a new building to host the MERCY Consultations and general Office work, for starters.  It is at – 1745 Capital Street NE,  Salem, 97303  -  and will be Open to network patients to medicine and other resources on an As-Can basis * Call  503.363-4588  for more details.  Help spread the word! Click here for quarter sheets in MS-WORD, and here for some in Adobe-PDF. Print 'em off, cut 'em up, hand 'em out -or- leave 'em at appropriate places!


* Want To Get Your Card?  MERCY is hosting Medical Cannabis Consultations in Salem.  Please call 503-363-4588 or email – info@mercycenters.org - to begin the process of transferring records and scheduling an appointment. Help spread the word! Click here for flyers in MS-WORD, and here for some in Adobe-PDF and Click here for quarter sheets in MS-WORD, and here for some in Adobe-PDF. Print 'em off, cut 'em up, hand 'em out -or- leave 'em at appropriate places!


* Got One Going Yourself? Know of one, Or any other Medical Cannabis Resource NetWork Opportunity for Patients as well as CardHolders-to-be; Whether Social meeting, Open to public –or- Cardholders Only * Let everybody know, visit:   http://www.mercycenters.org/events/Meets.html     and Post It! 


*  Mari-Med of Oregon * Alternative Pain Management  *  Conveniently located along Hwy 101.  Superior Quality Medical Cannabis Products.  Present current OMMP card and photo ID at the door.  1743 Sherman Ave., North Bend, OR, 97459



* Need a Doctor to sign for you? > The Doctor is In ... Salem! * MERCY is referring people to Medical Cannabis Consultations in Salem, Oregon to help folks get their card when their regular care physician won't sign for them. Call 503-363-4588 or visit - http://mercycenters.org/Clinic.html - to begin the process of transferring records and setting an appointment.  Know of Other Clinic Resources > Patients > Doctors > Clinics (Specialists)  >  Then Let everybody else know.  For Oregon, visit:  http://www.mercycenters.org/orgs/Clinics.html  and Post It!  For elsewhere in the USA, visit - http://www.mercycenters.org/usa/  and Help spread the word! Click here for flyers in MS-WORD, and here for some in Adobe-PDF and Click here for quarter sheets in MS-WORD, and here for some in Adobe-PDF. Print 'em off, cut 'em up, hand 'em out -or- leave 'em at appropriate places!


* Voter Power Portland Patient Resource Center Now Open Five Days/Week * Hours of operation are:  Tuesday – Friday, 2 - 6pm;  Saturday, 1pm - 5pm;  The Portland PRC is located at 6701 SE Foster Road, Suite D. Call the office at  503.224.3051 for appointments and more information.


- and on Monday thru Friday from 10AM - 4PM at 1708 W. Main St., Medford.  Cardholders only (yes, bring your Card and ID) $20 a year membership and $10 entrance fee each time. No one is turned away for lack of funds if you need our resources.  Call 541-245-6634 for information on Medford PRC.


Voter Power has clinics to qualify patients for the OMMP in Medford, Eugene, Roseburg, Coos Bay and Portland.  Please see their Locations page at - http://www.voterpower.org/?q=node/31  - for list and contact information.  The Portland clinic will operate on alternate Saturdays from 9am - 1pm - call the clinic scheduling/business office 503.224.3051 for appointments and more information.  To Contact Voter Power Call:  Portland: (503) 224-3051 || Medford: (541) 245-6634 || Eugene: (503) 224-3051 || Roseburg: (541) 245-6634 || Gold beach: (541) 247-6465 ||


* Mon - Fri, 10AM – 6PM * SO-NORML Cannabis Information and Resource Center open daily, 332 W. 6th St. in Medford.  Located right next door to the Federal Courthouse.  For info, visit www.so-norml.org or call 541-779-1448.


* Compassion Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary * Compassion Center, Oregon's oldest medical marijuana clinic, support and education nonprofit, celebrates its 10 year anniversary this year. The Center will hold an anniversary celebration from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on June 8, 2011 at their office, 2055 W. 12th Avenue in Eugene. The public is invited for refreshments, a free raffle and a book signing by Dru West, author of The Secrets of the West Coast Masters: Ultimate Techniques for Growing Medical Marijuana.  Compassion Center has grown along with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) which had about 2000 patients in 2002 and has nearly 40,000 today, with about 11% of them in Lane county.


According to Cheryl K. Smith, Executive Director, "Compassion Center serves about one-third of these local patients and others from around the state in medical clinics, teaches practical classes and provides free information over the phone and in person Monday through Thursday. Because many of our patients are disabled and low-income, we have a low income assistance program for doctor fees, and also provide information on other social service agencies. We recently started a Chronic Pain and Illness Support Group. We also have speakers who are available to medical clinics, disease organizations, universities and other groups that want to learn more about the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program and our services."


Preliminary results of a recent survey of Compassion Center patients show that they don't fit the stereotypes that many people have about medical marijuana patients. More than half are over the age of 50, the majority do not use marijuana recreationally, nearly as many medicate or vaporize their medical marijuana as smoke it, and they most commonly use it for severe pain. Mirroring results in California, we found that more than two-thirds of those responding to the survey have used medical marijuana to decrease or quit another substance, including pharmaceutical drugs, street drugs, alcohol and tobacco-making marijuana a viable harm reduction method. Final survey results will be available by the end of the month.


For additional information, contact: Cheryl K. Smith, Executive Director, Compassion Center, (541) 484-6558, (541) 484-0891, execdir@compassioncenter.net, <http://www.compassioncenter.net/>


Compassion Center is a nonprofit corporation established to work for the proper implementation of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act by proving patients the opportunity to work with compassionate physicians for the treatment of their qualifying medical condition; by offering educational opportunities to patients, growers, caregivers, and to the general public; and by providing services at a reduced rate or free for patients in extreme need.



NOTE:  Gro-Lite Store and Nursery Protocols – Watch Yer Terminology


Welcome to BendinBloom.com | We are your Central Oregon gardening alternative, specializing in organic alternatives and traditional techniques. Stop by and meet your friendly gardening staff at Bend In Bloom!  Contact -  Address:   20780 High Desert Ln. # 4, Bend, OR, 97701  (Right Across From CO Indoor Sports Center) *  Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm;  Sat. 11am-4pm;  Sun. - Closed  *  Phone:  (541)383-9304  *  Email: inbloomgarden@gmail.com   -or- visit - http://bendinbloom.com/


Urban City Hydroponics | Indoor gardening supplies.  At:  112 N. Everest Rd., Newberg, OR,  97132 *  ph:  (971) 832-8225


NOTE:  Smoke / “Head” Shop and Hemp Store Protocols – Watch Yer Terminology


Welcome to Vaporizer Sale, the offical Herbal Vaporizer Reviews website!  |  Read our Herbal Vaporizer Reviews and Forget what You Know About Smoking!  With so many herbal vaporizer types on the market today it can be difficult determine which vaporization unit would be the best for you. Whether you are looking for a portable vaporizer, digital vaporizer, or the best vaporizer money can buy our herbal vaporizer reviews can help you find a vape that is perfectly suited for you.  Visit - http://vaporizersale.com/



* Voter Power is hosting a Medical Marijuana Program referral clinics in Portland, Eugene and Medford.  Please call 503-224-3051 to schedule an appointment for PDX, EUG and 541-245-6634 for MED. Walk-in's welcome after 12 noon, but you must have qualifying medical records with you. Visit - VoterPower.org - for more.


* Meeting / Meet-Up opportunity in Salem-area, Oregon *  For OMMP CardHolders Only (Please bring OMMP Card and Photo ID) and Oregon-NORML Membership required;   Memberships can be purchased at the door.  Contact:  Jim at 503.851-7632 or > SalemNorml@hotmail.com <  Got One Going Yourself? Know of one, Or any other Medical Cannabis Resource NetWork Opportunity for Patients as well as CardHolders-to-be; Whether Social meeting, Open to public –or- Cardholders Only * Let everybody know, visit:   http://www.mercycenters.org/events/Meets.html     and Post It! 


* The OMCU Patient Resource Center is at 2900 Cornelius Pass Rd., suite 548, Hillsboro, OR, 97123 * 503-649-2999 * http://www.omcu.net *  It is open Mon – Fri, 10am – 5pm; Sat 10am – 3pm and hosts bi-monthly socials along with other activities.


Oregon's only Medical Cannabis University (OMCU) was founded to provide OMMP participants with the best education possible. Covering all aspects of growing medical cannabis and cannabis preparations.  Our facility is staffed by some of the most recognized names in the local, national, and international medical cannabis scene. Our multiple award and cup-winning facilitators are dedicated to ensuring that students and alumni of Oregon Medical Cannabis University have the knowledge and tools to succeed.  You must have a valid Oregon Medical Marijuana Program card to participate at OMCU.  Visit -   http://omcu.net/  - for more.


*  Portlandsterdam University classes  *  See Class Information for Details and requirements  *No card required - Open to public *   Classes Start at $25 with Free Basic Grow Class 100 and Politics Classes as well as Special Weekend Package Pricing  * Come in and check them out.  Join them for a whole weekend and get all their classes in one package, or just drop in, take their free introductory classes or select the single class you want.   *  503-788-2349  *   visit - www.PortlandsterdamUniversity.com



MERCY Monthly Meetings.  MERCY hosts Meetings on the Last Thursday of the Month at CCTV - Capital Community Television of Salem, Oregon.  They’ll start at 7pm and go til 9pm.  CCTV address and contact info:


575 Trade St SE

Salem, Oregon 97301

Phone:  (503) 588-2288

web:  http://www.cctvsalem.org 


* Please help us help the sick and dying, let them know about this opportunity to network to resources or just get with the Program.  For more info Visit: http://mercycenters.org/tv/ 


Still need places to do a variety of things!  If you have any information or ideas, please let us know.  Contact MERCY – the Medical Cannabis Resource Center by phone:  503.363-4588  or email:  mercy_salem@hotmail.com



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the HomeGrown stuff


every other Tuesday, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm *  Eugene Cannabis T.V. (ECTV) bi-Weekly Production.  Location:   Show is filmed at Community TV 29 Studio behind Sheldon High School  *  Visit: http://mercycenters.org/events/Meet_CLF.htm  or Contact: Cannabis Liberation Front * PO Box 10957, Eugene, Oregon 97440-2957  *  Check out more on the show online at:




Our Media list: others?  Lets us all know, Post It!



* Watch CANNABIS T.V. in EUGENE on Cable Channel 22/29 - EVERY WEEK -  The Eugene Cannabis TV show schedule: EVERY WEEK Wed 8:30 pm, Thurs 8:30am.  In Salem, see CANNABIS T.V. on Cable Ch 23, TUE @ 11 pm, THU @ 1 pm, FRI @ 11 am -or- SAT @ 11pm.  


MERCY on the Tube


ALSO, catch MERCY-TV in Salem, on Cable Channel 23, TUE @ 10:30 pm, THU @ 2 pm, FRI @ 11:30 am -or- SAT @ 8:30 pm.    Many Thanks to CCtv, E.C. TV and volunteer Peke.


Cannabis Common Sense


ALSO, catch THCf’s Cannabis Common Sense in Salem, on Cable Channel 23, MON @ 2 pm, TUE @ 9 pm -or- FRI @ 9 am.   



Radio?  Printed Media? Others? Post It!



This Calendar of Events is a Public Service provided by MERCY - the Medical Cannabis Resource Center - and is maintained by their volunteer staff.  To inquire about -or- add or maintain an event -or- idea, contact them by phone:  503.363-4588,  writing to:  1745 Capital St NE, Salem, OR  97301  -or- visiting:  www.MercyCenters.org