LAC Contacts

Making Contact about / with the LAC (Legislative Advisory Committee)

Public Contacts:

the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program of the
Dept. of Health Services
Phone: (503) 731-4002 x 233
Fax: (503) 872-6822
or visit:

the Medical Cannabis Resource Center
Phone: (503) 363-4588
or visit:

Register Below. If you have any more information about LAC contacts, please communicate!   Want to be a contact on a specific issue or in general?   For public entities Post your item, question or comment in the NotePad or, if you prefer, you can e-Mail us and be a Private Contact.   State your issue and/or be an overall Contact.

Private Contacts:

The Concept. Indiviuals and groups who are working with or thru the LAC or other means to effect change and who can not publicize any contact information for a number of reasons - mostly due to not having any.  

In some cases it is an informal group or individual with ONLY personal / home contact points and communications is handled on a confidential, case-by-case basis.  

How It Works. Private Contacts register with MERCY and contacts by Interested Parties are referred to the Private interest for further process.  

Example. Patient, et al, contacts MERCY on a specific issue or from a certain area.   MERCY forwards contact info to relevent person or group.   Person or group then decides to ignore / reject contact, have MERCY reply with response, or make contact themselves and process from there.

  NotePad section  
Enter the NotePad! Post public Contact info -or- Enter questions, comments in the NotePad.   To request further maintenance or for private communications, use the FeedBack form below.

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