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This page for communications with people in the streets and in the fields. See the Top of Page latest reports, visit the bulliten board, leave a note or send an email.

M33: Field Updates

I am pleased to announce that we have a very aggressive field plan, spending time in our support areas, covering every centimeter in Portland and Eugene, with presence on the coast and in Ashland.   By various methods we will be recruiting volunteers to do all sorts of things including a Halloween Canvass and GOTV from October 15-November 2nd.

Our focus for the next two weeks is the Banquet on October 2nd.   Please feel free to sell tickets (for will call) for the Banquet. Collecting a credit card would be good or get an address so we can invoice them. we will have to have a will call section at the event..... i am taking cards over the phone and encouraging students and low income folks to volunteer for the campaign and/or the event for a reduced rate.

KBOO will be announcing it on their People's Calendar and we will be phone banking and postering the entire city.  We also have radio ads-yea! I encourage everyone to come by and see our operation, we're already seeing a trickle of folks coming in to get the word out to vote Yes on 33!


Barbara Payne
Statewide Field Director
Yes on 33!


i'm looking for point people in as many cities and towns as possible to take campaign materials and help distribute them. we need to reach as many folks as possible with our message--Portland, Eugene, and Rockaway are covered pretty well....any takers?

point people would receive a packet of fliers, brochures, bumper stickers, a campaign t-shirt and anything else i can think of. we need local businesses to have our materials, we need markets to be fliered and we should serve as a community resource to our supporters who want Yes on 33 swag.

serving as a point person would help the campaign IMMENSELY. at this time there is NO field opposition against us! we must take advantage of this by saturating the state! Yes on 33!


Dear Barb,

Hello! I am here in Eugene Springfield, and can help. We already talk about measure 33 every Wednesday night, 8:30pm channel 29 on our highly rated television show: 'Eugene's Cannabis Television', and I can be a point person if you need cause I talk with a lot of folks here everyday about m33 and cannabis. Thank you for your energy and love, my phone # 541-741-7636.


Eileen Erdelt,
Hostess and Producer,
'Eugene's Cannabis Television'


Welcome to the cacophony. As a member of the Shame on Wu Committee, (we are critiquing his stance on supporting GW and the DEA) our committee will be making stops and conducting "visibilities" in Clatsop, Columbia, Washington, Yamhill and that part of Multnomah County COngCongressmanwas elected to represent. As such, we will be glad to be point people for your request.

We plan on being at the rally in Wednesday and can link up then. Erin & Bill H. and Trista O. are 2 other members.

PS will we have space in the lobby or is this a totally outdoor gathering?

OMMA2 Advocate
LCI 819


a key component of the field plan during GOTV (Oct 15-Nov 2) is getting out there on the streets, showing voters we are committed and reminding not-so-active voters to vote YES On 33.

if anyone knows folks who have the ability to stand for a couple hours at a time during morning and pm rush hours these two weeks, PLEASE have them email me, call the office 503-224-3051 or stop by the office.

we need as many people out as we can!



I can be the point person for SouthernOregon - Ashland, Williams, Grants Pass, Medford. Send me packets and I will distribute. I have already distributed bumper stickers in the area. Need lawn signs and more bumper stickers. Thanks.

Geri Kulp
PO Box 1395
Jacksonville, OR 97530

I could use more bumper stickers and some signs for the western Washington County area - I've given out the ones that came in the Voter Power packet (and seen them displayed, v. nice!!)..if you send me some more I will distribute some more:

Alicia Williamson
PO Box 31
Gaston, OR 97119


we probably won't ever NOT need help with this campaign so i am making yet another plea.....

we have point people in different parts of the state, Eugene, Williams, Florence and Salem...Dan and others thank you so much.

*we need pods of people to start preparing for GOTV visability. it only takes a few people to go to an intersection, bridge or whatever during the last two weeks of the campaign. We need this STATEWIDE.

*we need anyone going to a houseparty or political event to email me for materials, i will send it out priority.

*need people to continually write LTE's on message.

*we have window signs, yard signs are coming, please reply to have some sent.

*we need anyone subscribed to any list to BLAST out a message about M33.

i know all of us are doing everything we can; we must branch out and ask those around us what THEY can do to help. anytime anyone has anything to share about field coverage, please post to the list. i can't have my eye on everything and i need all the help i can get.

i would like to step up some sort of matrix to show John what others are doing around the state or what they have planned. go to an event? let us know! on a radio station? tell us? speaking at a meeting? call us!

some last thoughts: at present there is NO FIELD OPPOSITION. this is a VERY lucky position to be in and we should not get lazy cause we think everyone loves us.....not so.

i appreciate everyone's energy in order to win this campaign. and we will.



ps. please forward to individuals you think need activating. thanks.

Volunteer to be a Field Coordinator to help the Yes on 33 Medicinal Marijuana campaign WIN and get a free T-shirt! Awesome shirts, too....

There are various duties a Field Coordinator is responsible for so if you are interested or know someone who would be, have them contact me at barbara@voterpower.org or call 503-224-3051.

This experience is great for a resume and future efforts.


barb payne

HI all-

Well back to my faithful and debugged computer. My three missing posts turned out to be a problem with my servers web mail server- oh well. So...

1) if you google stormyray,marinol you will get several pages of SR saying marinol does not work and cannabis does. Might be useful w/ OMA position.

2) Our local paper is opposing #33 because "it is working now" -(this perception is not helped, of course, by SR) BUT the editorial board of three DID NOT READ IT!!!!

3) last friday the josephine county narc squad made eleven unannounced, non-warranted visits to Williams Valley card holders.. All let them in, remarked on their politeness and all were found in compliance-no arrests, no handcuffs- one monor screw up where OMMP gave out wrong number of gardens at one place, but was resolved by bringing all patients to the site and calling OMMP which said OOPS we were wrong. In some ways sems like what we have been asking for.

The rest of the story is that they flew thirty hours over our valley and saw lots of cannabis- MOST on non-cardholding properties, but chose deliberately to concentrate on cards to see if they could find them out of commpliance- nothing was done about anybody else illegal and the funds are now gone- they did arrest an woman in Takilma for one plant over (a start with hairs) but have only taken reports w/out investigating the three medical thefts reported in the paper. Life in Jo Co! A friend risked a lot to pass on this report and I have no reason to not believe it.

I received calls from two Williams patients as 'visits' were happening. and 'politeness' is not what I heard. What I heard was coerced consent ('You don't have to, but your neighbors did' "We don't need a warrant to check to see if you are in compliance' 'You don't want us to go get a search warrant, do you')

Although the latter seems innocuous, in JoCo, they get warrants for pee tests (if you piss clean, you're not really a patient; if you piss dirty and you are not a patient you are cultivating for resale) and catheterized patients who refused (or were unable) to pee.

JoCo cries out for organized protest and intervention between the Williams community and the police/da. I remain willing to assist with this, but can't for free. Perhaps some educational event about police activities at Boatnik?

Good Day All,

Just found this one, there's a meeting of the Lincoln County Democrats in Newport this evening (7pm) at which Measure 33 will be discussed (along with the other initiatives). If anyone is in the area or knows someone in the area, please let them know. Details about the meeting are in the news announcement below.

Newport News-Times, Sept. 22, 2004
Lincoln County Democrats host Joanne Verger

The Lincoln County Democrats will host a public meeting at 7 p.m. today (Wednesday) at the Central Lincoln People's Utility District, 2129 N. Coast Highway, Newport. The guest speaker will be Rep. Joanne Verger (D-Coos Bay) who is running for the District 5 position in the Oregon State Senate. Verger will present her vision for the future of the Oregon coast, and provide and opportunity for the public to ask questions and express concerns.

The measures on the November ballot will also be discussed during the meeting, including the initiative to amend the medical marijuana act and measures concerning timber production, patient lawsuits, and the legal definition of marriage.

The Democrats' campaign office is located in Lincoln City at 2941 NW Highway 101, Suite B (in the Gallucci's Pizzeria complex) and can be reached at 996-2300 and via e-mail at dems@cics.com. The office is open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. More information is available online at www.lincolndems.com .

Have a car? Know two people that have cars? COOL!

Drive around for Yes on 33!

Put signs in your windows and drive together single-file through parts of your town that you will be seen! Wave to people and urge them to vote for Measure 33!

Please let me know if you would like to do this--we could get some great press for it!


This Saturday, yesterday, a Medford resident saw the Governor on a local station coming out against the measure, saying it would set Oregon back 3 years. It's obvious we must craft a response for tomorrow morning. I will be working on a press release to be sent out tonight that will do a few things:

1. negate the governor's position on 33
2. remind voters of his dissaproval of all measures
3. focus on jobs, self-funding operation, patients
4. quote from john
5. inform press of lack professionalism on governor not to meet with us after attemps from this office.

call me with concerns.


Re.:Gov's position....The Gov "dropped the ball" in DHS/OMMP oversight (He appoints the head of DHS and is ultimately responsible for OMMP oversight). Since there have been so many problems with OMMP admin., mesasure 33 had to address some of these problems (i.e., by law cards are supposed to be issued within 30 days; this is routinely ignored by OMMP Admin.).with the creation of the OMMP COMMISSION.

Also, under Kitzhaber (sp), the Oregon Health Plan did well; under this Gov. it is in deep financial difficulty. When dispenseries are created, they are mandated to give for free at least 20% of their gross yield to patients who are on the Oregon Health Plan.We have found, that in almost 6 years of OMMA, patients who are med mj patients get better symptom control, with less prescribed pharmeceutical Rx's.

This will mean a very substancial savings in Rx costs for the Oregon Health Plan.....

here's an idea for an LTE someone could submit (they published one from me on saturday and are unlikely to repeat that favor soon):

"governor kulongoski is mistaken now, just like governor kitzhaber was mistaken in 1998 when he opposed ballot measure 67. in 1998 we protected some patients by passing the medical marijuana act. Ballot measure 33 would expand the protection of patients by, among other things, creating the right and the means to access to that medicine.

It was about compassion then, and it is about compassion now.

The compassionate vote is YES on Measure 33."

when you submit it, post here to let us know

Lee B


John, you did super well in a really horrible situation - I was feeling personally battered just listening to .. those truly terrible people...and you sounded sane, reasonable, calm. I'm glad you got in that there are only a few hundred nurse practitioners in Oregon.

Uhhhh...this is why I never listen to these hatemonger/ignorant/foolish talk persons as they scare the hell out of me!

Sorry could not call due to only one phone line, and listen, so listened...and, the guy who called and said he would vote 'yes' after listening to the non-info of 'Agent' McGee was a good 'un...plus popping in the meth question...which taxpayers and voters are far more concerned with...

...well done and thanks - I would have had a very hard time with what you just went through..


John you did a terrific job! Regardless of having the deck stacked against you and Lars even branishing his gun, if you watched it on TV14, I think Yes came out on top.

Thanks to the callers, for our side and the lack of callers for the con..... I believ e that C14 re-airs the programs I watched a rerun just the other day. In the prelem Lars was ripping Randy Rhodes (this I believe is only on the comcast version) if there was a way to get a cut of that to her it would be a door opener for a chance at getting on her show .... or one of the other Air Amercias, maybe.

Jim K


Great job on Lars today. In spite of the verbal brutality, mocking patients, interrupting constantly, double-standards and double-teaming, you got the talking points out.

Lars is verbally abusive. He bullies and lies and he did this in 1998 too when I was the chief punching bag. You deserve a medal for "abuse in public to promote medical marijuana". The little monologue you got in around 1:15 or 1:20 pm about not arresting patients, etc. right before a cut to a commercial was fantastic. I applauded. And, it sounds like you got Lars to admit that mj is medicine (someone might want to replay that part).

Also a medal to Lee because, amazingly, Lars outdid himself in "rudeness to an on-air caller award" at that point. It was a new pinnacle of jackassedness . . . even for Lars. Now don't be surprised if Lars starts telling lies about M33 on air when there is nobody around to defend M33.

That is what he did with the OMMA.

Everyone in the prior posts today has covered any specific comments from me, so thanks again to you and the callers. If I listened to that show regularly, I would need to start Tagamet again.


Maybe I am wrong, but the DEA guy is not an elected official; what is he doing making any comment as a DEA agent regarding a state initiative?

Does this not violate both state and federal injunctions against non-elected governmental agents from speaking out for or against an initiative?

Anyone expecting "fair" or "balanced" from Lars is dreaming. He is and will continue to be a right-wing fascist voice. I applaud John Sajo for having the courage to knowingly walk into the lion's den & face both a*shol*s down.

Funny, all of the arguments 'against' Measure 33 were the same ones used against Measure 67, the original OMMA! What a lack of imagination!

Unfortunately there is no prohibition against a fed taking a position on a state ballot measure, even if they're speaking in their official position. The Hatch Act doesn't cover initiatives. This is something that came up way *way* back in the '86 election cycle, when some US Attorneys were using their office to campaign against the measure, and it was reinforced in the 2002 election cycle when MPP's complaint against the Drug Czar was dismissed by the Office of Special Counsel. It *should* be illegal, but that's not the point. Here's the section of US Code which covers ballot measures and other so-called 'nonpartisan' elections: >>>"

Sec. 734.202 Permitted activities. Employees may take an active part in political activities, including political management and political campaigns, to the extent not expressly prohibited by law and this part.

Sec. 734.203 Participation in nonpartisan activities. An employee may:

(a) Express his or her opinion privately and publicly on political subjects;

(b) Be politically active in connection with a question which is not specifically identified with a political party, such as a constitutional amendment, referendum, approval of a municipal ordinance or any other question or issue of a similar character;

(c) Participate in the nonpartisan activities of a civic, community, social,

[[Page 43]]

labor, or professional organization, or of a similar organization; and

(d) Participate fully in public affairs, except as prohibited by other Federal law, in a manner which does not compromise his or her efficiency or integrity as an employee or the neutrality, efficiency, or integrity of the agency or instrumentality of the United States Government or the District of Columbia Government in which he or she is employed.

Example 1: An employee may participate, including holding office, in any nonpartisan group. Such participation may include fundraising as long as the fundraising is not in any way connected with any partisan political issue, group, or candidate, and as long as the fundraising complies with part 2635 of this title as well as any other directives that may apply, e.g., the Federal Property Management Regulations in 41 CFR chapter 101.

Example 2: An employee, individually or collectively with other employees, may petition or provide information to Congress as provided in 5 U.S.C. 7211.

[59 FR 48769, Sept. 23, 1994, as amended at 61 FR 35100, July 5, 1996] "<<<

FWIW, DEA has official positions against medical marijuana

as well as other drug policy reforms


Fellow Supporters!

We will be setting up caravans to drive on the last two Fridays of October to try and get some press for Yes on 33!

If you would like to donate two hours and/or your car, please email me back at barbara@voterpower.org.

We're looking for 3-6 people in each major city to drive around with signs in their cars, honking and offering info to passers-by in parking lots and around recreational areas. We will have one planned destination where a potential press hit could be.

Please help!

All you need is a few friends with cars to do this! Let us know 'cause were planning it NOW!


Barb Payne


NEXT THURSDAY, OCT 14TH FROM 3:30-5;30 pm,

there will be a rally on the se side of both the hawthorne and ross island bridges to help "expose people to measure 33'' we want to let rush hour traffic know about measure 33 and this is a great way to get the word out. we will have signs for people to hold up to inform drivers.




I will be the contact person at the ross island bridge, and john y from OGF will be the point person on the hawthorne bridge this is going to be alot of fun,,,,so, be there or be square!!!!!.

contact damon at djtomatoe2000@yahoo.com with questions

Jack Thomas and I will be traveling from Portland to Tillamook, then south to Brookings, then through Grants Pass, Medford, Ashland across to Klamath Falls and north through Bend, Redmond and Madras. We will be leaving for Tillamook next Wednesday, the 13th.

Because of my 24 years as a leading advocate for marijuana law reform, there are a lot of people who know and trust me. We are going to be assuring people, who may have been frightened by Stormy Ray's Voter Pamphlet argument, that is she is WRONG and that Measure 33 would help patients in many ways.

We will be contacting key people in each community, who have indicated they would like to help with Measure 33. The plan is to organize small meetings over coffee, where we will write letters to the editor, and get people organized about demonstrations of support during rush hour. We will be taking lawn signs, to be held by patients along busy, rush hour routes. Morning, lunch or evening, an hour or two can make a big difference. Wheel chairs, walkers, crutches and canes would be helpful to show people that these are real patients. We will need able-bodied folks to help those more seriously handicapped. It is up to us, the patients and their families and friends, to convince those in our communities that Measure 33 will be a lifesaver and improve the lives of many patients.

If you know folks along our route with whom we should meet, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Sandee Burbank

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Monday, March 24 at 11:28 AM:
Carol-Ann Evans from Ashland wrote:
" I want to thank everyone at the Medford clinic& all the volenteers for all they do for so many people like me. I have blinding glacoma@ since I moved here from F.L.& became a patient,with voter powers help my pressure is staying stable.In F.L. I had to have lazer surgery on both eyes .I love all of you guys at medford. Love Carol-Ann Evans "

Monday, January 16 at 06:08 AM:
kelly keeley (kksmkn420@aol.com) from Grants Pass ( 110 Homewood Rd. Oregon 97527) wrote:
" I would be more than happy to help with what-ever can do,fliers,standing and handing what-ever. Hey I don't have a bumper sticker?! Keep up the GOOD WORK and Thank You and all those who have given to this Measure.Please contact me to let me know how I can help.God Bless (541)862-2026"

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