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Welcome to the Contacts page for M33. 

An index and entry point for M33 participating Contacts.

  About this page ...

About this section. This is the section for making Contact on Measure 33. See the M33 Resources and Field Reports pages for the latest Contacts for M33 action.

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M33 Contacts
the ORG
To donate or find out more information about the Measure contact . . .
A Life With Dignity Committee (aLwD) *
click here to see their Website
A Life With Dignity Committee
P.O. Box 3586
Portland, OR 97208
- call 503-226-3399, fax: 503-224-3065
or visit: www.YesOn33.org
To volunteer or help out in the field contact . . .
Voter Power (VP)
click here to see their Website
Voter Power
4315 SE Division
Portland, OR 97206
- call for current hours: 503.224-3051
or visit: http://www.voterpower.org
To help with this web section -or- Salem area activity contact . . .
Medical Cannabis Resource Center (MERCY)
click here to see their Website
the Medical Cannabis Resource Center
1675 Fairgrounds Rd. - contact them for an appointment
call: 503.363-4588
eMail: MERCY_Salem@hotmail.com or visit: www.MercyCenters.org

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