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Read the Initiative

Dear Opponents,

I wish you would take the time to READ OMMA2, instead of writing uninformed (non)contributions thru various media.

There are so MANY things in OMMA2 we need; if dispensaries are enjoined by the feds (which is about the only action they would take), the rest of the law is still in effect.

If you had read the OMMA2, you would have known that not only are these dispensaries inspected by DHS (plants number and size noted), and full financial disclosure ("the books") gone over by a DHS accountant every 3 months.  Any discrepancies would be subject to laws like RICO,fraud, etc., etc.

And as far as the dispensaries selling medicine for high prices...if they did, everyone would go to dispensaries that sell for much cheaper, and the high priced dispensary would go bankrupt.  And if you REALLY want to insure that the best quality medicine will be made available for cheap, then you could do something POSITIVE and become a dispensary, sell the (high quality) medicine for REALLY cheap, and make a difference, preventing these dreamed up potential abuses.

Your rhetoric sounds amazingly like the stuff we heard from the Law Enforcement Community during the OMMA campaign of 1998:  If this law passes "the sky will fall".  Well, OMMA PASSED, the "sky DIDN'T FALL", and many of us are better off now.  But there is a VERY significant percentage of OMMA patients going without medicine, or buying on the "black market".  OMMA2 will address this, and MANY MORE of medical marijuana patients' needs.  (AND WHEN IT PASSES, THE SKY WILL NOT FALL!)

If it was me only, and I didn't care or work with anyone else, our current OMMA works just fine.  I produce my own medicine, take care of myself (I'm not a large volume necessity patient), and OMMA would work.  Maybe that's where some of our opposition is at ... OMMA is okay for them, so don't touch anything!  Unfortunately, for a majority of OMMA patients, the current OMMA doesn't work.

I am contacted by someone like a social worker every week (frequently several) on behalf of OMMA patients who are not in residential care and unable to grow their own medicine and cannot find a reliable, knowledgeable caregiver who is willing to do a hell of a lot of work for free, incur a lot of expenses, undertake a lot of responsibility.  In my volunteer work helping patients in residential care implement OMMA, my single biggest challenge (after having to cope with patients dying) is coming up with enough medicine for these people.

Since our current OMMA works so WELL, maybe, every call I get you can ensure that the patient gets an adequate supply of quality medicine, and you can pick up some of the slack by taking on one or 2 or 3 of the patients I work with as caregiver.

I have to refer these folks elsewhere, where they are not being accommodated and I CAN'T HELP THEM;  lately I have had an especially difficult time accommodating the patients I currently serve, with a waiting list because we cannot produce enough medicine to accommodate these needy folks (these people cannot even afford the application fee, let alone the expenses associated with production).

So, we - those suffering and those caring for them - are voting Yes on 33!


    Medical cannabis activist and hospice care worker

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