LAC Changes Status

More About the LAC (Legislative Advisory Committee) Recommendations
Presented to OR. St. Sen. Morrisette, 9/15/04 ? (or thereabouts)

And now? The process.

As the final act of the Advisory Committee, Dr. Grant Higginson, Head of DHS, asked for review of the information on the proposed changes by the LAC via attachments that accompanied an e-mail message.

Earlier, Senator Morrisette requested that DHS/OMMP (the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program of the Department of Human Services) convene the Committee with an expectation that a consensus proposal would be developed for the 2005 Legislative Session to modify the current Oregon Medical Marijuana Act.  See About the LAC.

The first attachment is a report for Senator Morrisette prepared by Dr. Higginson describing the Committee's activities and outcomes.   The second attachment is The Draft of the suggested "potential" legislative language drafted to capture several major points of discussion.

The Draft is currently before Sen. Morrisette, the latest version of the documents were sent on or about September 15, 2004.   MERCY will make every effort to make sure the relevent documentation is up-to-date and accurately reflect the Change and Committee process and outcome.   See Library for current list of objects we've been able to store so far.

There may be more alterations before the text is ready for final consideration.   At that point Sen. Morrisette may agree to attempt to effect all or part of these changes.   But, then, due to political realities and variables, he may not be able to present the finished product, much less push it through.  Or, something else completely different may happen.

In any case, Patients and those who care for & about them need to get involved and at least talk up the relevent issues in e-mail lists, LTEs and such.   CardHolders, activist groups and interested parties should attend or send representatives to every public meeting and hearing.   See Meetings.

Nine other documents are referred to in the report, which are documents distributed at Committee meetings.  If you would like a copy of one or more of the documents, you can try to contact the Program and get them sent to you -or- wait for MERCY to post as we get copies -or- point to the most current source.   See Making Contact.

NOTE: These are just some of the changes currently happening or being proposed that we know about, and not all are due to the LAC - click here to see more.  

If you have any more information about the status of the LAC changes, please communicate!   Post your item, question or comment in the NotePad or e-Mail us.

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