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Kevin Metcalfe!

His Story

Kevin is a hard working individual who is a union laborer by trade a commercial fisherman, and a farmer at heart. He is also a Legal Medical Cannabis Grower caught a in Miscarriage of Justice, On trial for self-defense against a repeat intruder with a record.

At 10:30 one evening Kevin confronted a person trying to cut his way into a legal, medical cannabis (marijuana) greenhouse on his property. When Kevin confronted the person, and pleaded with him to lie on the ground, Kevin was then lunged at by the intruder in a attempt to wrestle the shotgun away from him. Kevin fired a warning shot, losing a flashlight he had also brought with him, so the next two shots of birdshot were in the dark. One of them fatally wounded the intruder.

Now, Kevin is charged with 2nd degree murder as well as a 10 year mandatory gun charge - even tho the gun was registered and legal. See the News section for media coverage and more.

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