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Welcome to the MERCY List of Bands in Support of Medical Cannabis Law Reform
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List of Businesses; The Bandz - OMMA & cannabis friendly musicians and producers of music; these are Music related BIZ, and Bands that Support Medical Cannabis Law Reform.   They participate in Cannabis Jam Sessions, or events like the Global Cannabis Marches.   If your group is willing to play for the cause, post the info for the world to see in the NotePad, and/or e-mail us.  See below.

the BIZ
Basic Info, motto
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Original Jazz, Blues -n- R&B.
call (541) 513-9949
or eMail:
Art (music), Band
Tim Pate and The New Liberty Band
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Jumpin`, stompin`, shufflin` and swingin`, QTB combines traditional and progressive Blues with duet vocals, harmonies and dynamic instrumentation that grabs ya where it feels good! Genuine American music.
To see their upcoming schedule visit:
Art (music), Band
Quarter To Blue
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Cyndie Lee (vocalist) has been in the music industry since 1985. She managed her own band (Rock Bottom Blue) later re-named (Streetwise) based out of Boise Idaho from 1992-2004.
Recently she has relocated to Portland Ore with keyboardist Jimmi "Madfingers"Klahr. are in the process of taking on their newest project ( a collaboration with Steve and Little Laura Nelson of 'QUARTER TO BLUE' ).
Art (music), Band
Cyndie Lee

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  Questions & Comments  
Wednesday, May 25 at 05:50 PM:
RAZAMAN from Planet Earth wrote:
" Reggae ambassador singing and dj'ing long sets of dancehall and roots reggae. Live concerts from Portland, Or. to Festivals Nevada. If u want to see people dance and have fun call me. I use a macbook... top of the line entertainment. Booking 2011. "Peace & Blessings every time"-Razaman 503 901 2018-e-mail- "

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 09:04 AM:
shannon from otis, oregon wrote:
"i'm down!!!"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 03:44 PM:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 05:34 PM:
cyndie lee from boise idaho wrote:
" I am no longer in Portland. I went back to Idaho (Nampa) and returned to the STREETWISE band. "

Wednesday, December 19, 2007? at 01:33 PM:
cyndie lee from idaho wrote:
" I have moved back to Idaho from Porland and have er- established the Sreetwise band based now out of Nampa Id. my new contact is either thru cyndieleeandstreetwise on myspace or Thanks"

Monday, July 31, 2006 at 10:50 AM:
Jamie B. Bourassa from Freeport, Maine wrote:
" I came upon your site and was very interested in it's contents. I am a big cannabis fan and would without a doubt stand up for its purposes and fun recreational aspect! "

Wednesday, March 22 at 01:02 AM:
zebulon of babylon from Salem, Ore. wrote:
" i sing songs about cannabis i have a new album comming out on 4/20 i would love to play at your cannabis jam 06 it would really help me promote the cause i am also a caregiver here in salem i have a myspace music page it has a couple of songs on it. here it is my email is i hope to hear back from you "

Friday, January 20 at 09:33 PM:
little laura from The band Quarter To Blue wrote:
" Happy 2006 Quarter To Blue will be playing a benefit for M.A.M.A ( Mothers Against Misuse And Abuse) Saturday February 25, 2006 MARDI GRAS PARTY in Oregon City with Tim Pate & Brothers of Different Mothers. Bake sale and silent auction. Suggested donation is $5....Call 503- 233-4202 for information You don't want to miss this. "

Wednesday, November 30 at 10:03 AM:
me from here wrote:
"A couple of musicians that could help "carry the banner for ending prohibition" are Rob Lawrence ( ) and the band, Los Blancos.

Rob sent me a demo of his composition called, I believe, "Prohibition Time" and it's quite a nice old- timey track with horns and a good ragtime piano.

Los Blancos can be reached through Colin Aberdeen at You can see and hear them at This terrific bands leader (Colin Aberdeen is a big ReconsiDer fan. Tell him I sent you.

If I can help with this project (if it turns into a project) let me know.

Nicky / ReconsiDer

Tuesday, October 11 at 05:47 AM:
kayl from s/land wrote:
" smoke dope every day "

Thursday, June 16, 2006 at 11:43 AM:
The Southern Oregon Blues Band from Cave Junction, Oregon wrote:
" The SOB's is Southern Oregon hottest rocking blues band west of Chicago, Check them out at and download their MP3, They will play anywhere,anytime. They are the hardest working showband on the west coast. Just ask Madfingers.....

You can reach the SOB's at 541-592-2318 or email "

Monday, June 6 at 12:53 PM:
The SOB's from Cave Junction, Oregon wrote:
" HEY MADFINGERS, Wana do a brownie gig???? Love Sam and Dew"

Friday, April 15 at 08:42 PM:
Jim Young from Port Orchard, WA wrote:
" I came to this site for information and came away with that and more. My son is a very talented and creative musician. His vocally driven acoustic music, is unique with a thought provoking ethereal feal to it. Please tell me where to send a demo. My son name is Travis Young, his band name is DRONE. Please contact us at and "

Wednesday, March 9 at 08:49 AM:
Jimmy "Madfingers" Klahr from PDX wrote:
"Madfingers Productions
503-492-0990 "

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