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Tuesday, April 26 at 01:33 PM:
Mike Ward from Myrtle Creek Oregon wrote:
"I am a victim of chronic pain due to a power line injury of over 7,200 volts, which cooked 55% of my rt thigh tissue several inches of main artery 20% of my lft thigh tissue and overcharged my nerves burning away the myelin from my nerves in some areas which cause unbearable pain in my feet and back and nausea. I became certified in organizing operating non- profits in May of 2001 and believe I can be an asset to any non-profit as a grant writer and spokesperson for outreach programs. I understand the cirtical needs for bylaws which indemnify the board and creates opportunity for alternative grant proposals and projects. I only charge a small percent of each grant, say 4% to maximum of 7% depending upon the size of the grant less for larger grants, which means approximate $4 to %$7 of a one hundred dollar grant, or $40 to $70 of a one thousand, $400 to $700 of a ten thousand dollar grant, compared that to hours of a weekly salary it is next to nothing. The balance is of course administered thru the non-profit for the project as proposed, the grant writer is responsible for weekly, monthly, and annual progression reports. 541-643-9016 "

Tuesday, March 8 at 09:18 PM:
me from here wrote:

"a list of California Cannabis Patients' Cooperatives and Support Groups can be found at:

and, a list of California Medicinal Cannabis Specialists can be found at:

Monday, February 7 at 04:50 PM:
Bernie Peoples from Eugene OR wrote:
" Could you direct me to physicians in my area, OR., etc., that authorize Marinol for medicinal purposes? Thank You! Bernie "

Sunday, December 19 at 04:03 AM:
Trista Okel from Salem, OR wrote:
"EMPOWER is a medical marijuana advocacy group of women who are working together to protect medical marijuana patients and caregivers everywhere. Our website (which is still evolving) is I hope to hear from you soon. My email is: Thank you for this valuable resource. "

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