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Welcome to the Event History page for the MERCY Center. 

  About this page ...

Event History information.  Tim Pate and New Liberty Band have supported MERCY and the cause in general by, among other things, performing fundraisers whenever possible.   Now, here's your chance to check them out on the tube!

A Mission of MERCY; Public Meetings arranged.  

One of the missions of MERCY is to establish regular get-togethers in each community where the are (or will be!) medical cannabis patients.   The purpose is to get patients networking and self-sufficient within their neighborhoods, assist those seeking information about the OMMP and pass on (or pick up!) action items of interest to the group.

Click here for details, including agenda.   All groups with action items are invited (contact Perry), and we especially encourage those with initiatives to take advantage.     See our calendar pages for more happenings.

  this page:

About this page About this page
Mr. Ed is coming! Ed Rosenthal's visit
Salem Freedom Rally and Global Cannabis Liberation Marches Salem Freedom & Global Cannabis Liberation!
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Poster Nite. Monthly Activist meetings during the week, Third Thursdays of the month, next is: > April 17th, 2003, 7pm < Currently our focus is Making signs & discussing plans for the the Global Cannabis Liberation Marches and other activism stuff. We need everything - poster board, slats for sign handles, markers, scissors, paste, paint, tape, staplers & staples. Talk it up, be there and help make it happen! Also May 15th and June 19th.

Movie Nite! Monthly Activist event on the week-end, Third Saturdays of the month. Next is Media Awareness focus as we host Movie Madness nite with “Grass”, “Saving Grace” and even “Reefer Madness”. Who knows, maybe we can even get a copy of “Assassin of Youth”! Fun oriented Activism! Come educate yourself (and others!) and have a laugh at the same time. > April 19th, 2003, 4:20pm < Also May 17th and June 21st.

Monthly meeting. Announcing a meeting at the Medical Cannabis Resource Center for members and the general public. Ending cannabis prohibition is a main topic and Concerned Citizens are encouraged to attend. First Thursday of the month, next is: > Thu., May 1, 2003, 7pm Also mark June 5th and July 3rd. Come help make a difference, be a part of change. The country you save just may be your own.

Cannabis Jam Sessions. Musical Activism at it’s finest! First Saturdays of the Month, next is: > Sat., May 3rd, 2003 - 3pm to 10pm < following the Global Cannabis Liberation March. Also circle June 7th , July 5th and August 2nd on your calendars. Live music and open mike available, this is an opportunity for cardholders to experience music as therapy and interface with the community.

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