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basic Information on cannabis as medicine Basic Information on cannabis as medicine
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Map of Contients, Sub-continents and other Regions around the World Map of Continents, Sub-continents and other Regions around the World
List of Continents, Sub-continents, major Countrys and others Regions around the World List of Continents, Sub-continents, major Countrys and others Regions around the World
Map of Countrys around the World Map of Countrys around the World

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Directory of information on cannabis and conditions Cannabis and ...

Information about Cannabis and ADHD ADHD Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder
Information about Cannabis and AIDS AIDS
Information about Cannabis and Alzheimers Alzheimers
Information about Cannabis and Anxiety Anxiety
Information about Cannabis and Arthritis Arthritis
Information about Cannabis and Asthma Asthma
Information about Cannabis and Autism Autism
Information about Cannabis and Bipolar Disorder Bipolar
Information about Cannabis and Cancer Cancer
Information about Cannabis and Cachexia Cachexia
Information about Cannabis and Crohns Crohns
Information about Cannabis and Dementia Dementia
Information about Cannabis and Depression Depression
Information about Cannabis and Diabetes Diabetes
Information about Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma ( DIPG )  DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma)
Information about Cannabis and Epilepsy Epilepsy
Information about Cannabis and Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia
Information about Cannabis and Glaucoma Glaucoma
Information about Cannabis and High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  Information about Cannabis and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)
Information about Cannabis and Lupus Lupus
Information about Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis
Information about Cannabis and Myasthenia Gravis Myasthenia Gravis
Information about Cannabis and Nausea Nausea
Information about Cannabis and Pain Pain
Information about Cannabis and Parkinson's Parkinson's
Information about Cannabis and Pregnancy Pregnancy
Information about Cannabis and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Information about Cannabis and Seizures Seizures
Information about Cannabis and Spasms Spasms
Information about Cannabis and Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears) Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears)
Information about Cannabis and Tourettes Tourettes Syndrome

Information about CannaButter CannaButter - a cannabis-infused medicinal application
Information about Cannabis Tea Canna-Tea - Tea, a cannabis-infused medicinal application
Information about Cannabis Ticture Ticture - a cannabis-infused medicinal application
Information about Canasol Canasol - a cannabis-based medicine
Information about Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) - Rick Simpson Oil
Information about Golden, Honey Oil (GHO) - Golden, Honey Oil
Information about Cannabis and Tar (Resin) Tar (Resin)

Information about Seeds for Medical Cannabis Seeds - for Medical Cannabis and related info
Information about Strains of Medical Cannabis Strains - of Medical Cannabis and related info

... plus Information on
Information about Cannabis Cannabis for ...
Information about Cannabis for Doctors Doctors
Information about Cannabis for Nurses Nurses

This Section >     Global Index   |   Resources around the World   |
Welcome to MERCYs page on Medical Cannabis Resources around the World. 

  About this page ...

This is our overview of global related Items.   International information as well as country-by-country.   Status, Law, Legislation, News, Action, Resources; Forums, Organizations, Businesses, - and - Information; Links, Librarys, Gallerys, Calendars - and more.

Information and other Resources

  Info on the World and Medical Cannabis  

The World - status Legal and medical status of cannabis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | The World (global) Illegal | Cannabis is generally illegal around the world, but growing and usage is widespread. For more info -

. . . and . . .

Alabama - Resource, Contacts; local The Underground - Worldwide Marijuana Travel Guide, Marijuana Prices, Spots & Legalization Status | Currently covering 1134 cities. New cities and cities updates every day! Hi there, and welcome to, the worldwide Marijuana travel and information guide. Go ahead and check out our latest city updates, reports and other cool info on your favorite cities!! We are currently developing a more in-depth MEDICINAL marijuana section to the site, so if you have any suggestions, ideas, or contributions for this section feel free to email us. * Visit -

  The Law, LEGAL Info Resources  

The Law - Erowid Cannabis Vault : Legal Status, U.S.  LAW Erowid Cannabis Vault : Legal Status, U.S. LAW | Both Cannabis and Tetrahydrocannabinols, the active chemicals contained in Cannabis plants, are Schedule I in the United States. This means they are federally illegal to cultivate, buy, possess, or distribute (sell, trade or give) in all forms (cannabis plants, extracts, hash, hash oil, thc, etc) except synthetic THC (Marinol) which is Schedule III. The federal scheduling of Cannabis was disputed in 1988 by Judge Francis Young, an administrative law judge for the DEA, who recommended that marijuana be reclassified as schedule II on the grounds that if a respectable minority of doctors endorse it, then it has a "currently accepted medical use". Visit:

  International Law, LEGAL Resources  

International - Laws concerning medical marijuana Legal and medical status of cannabis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Cannabis is in Schedule IV of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, making it subject to special restrictions. Article 2 provides for the following, in reference to Schedule IV drugs:

    A Party shall, if in its opinion the prevailing conditions in its country render it the most appropriate means of protecting the public health and welfare, prohibit the production, manufacture, export and import of, trade in, possession or use of any such drug except for amounts which may be necessary for medical and scientific research only, including clinical trials therewith to be conducted under or subject to the direct supervision and control of the Party.

This provision, while apparently providing for the limitation of cannabis to research purposes only, also seems to allow some latitude for nations to make their own judgments. The official Commentary on the Single Convention indicates that Parties are expected to make that judgment in good faith. Click > here < for more.

  LEGISLATION, Action Items and related Resources  

The World - Resources | is the homesite for the Cannabis Rescheduling Petition ... International Cannabis Alliance of Researchers and Educators (I-CARE) - 1992 ... Marijuana Research: Medical Professional... The 2002 Petition to Reschedule Cannabis (Marijuana) Accepted Medical Use: Medical Professionals

Cannabis's accepted medical use in the United States is increasingly recognized by health care professionals and the medical community, including the Institute of Medicine. Numerous medical organizations support legal access to cannabis for medicinal purposes. A new medical journal released in 2001 focuses on the medicinal use of cannabis and cannabinoids. National clinical conferences on the medicinal use of cannabis have been held in the United States in 2000 and 2002 and are scheduled to continue on a biennial basis. Most importantly, data on the number of physicians currently recommending therapeutic marijuana use to their patients demonstrate its acceptance by the medical community in the United States.

The most significant evidence of marijuana’s acceptance by the medical community in the United States consists of data on the number of physicians currently recommending marijuana medical use by their patients: "By any reasonable definition, marijuana has "currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States."   ...   Visit -

Organizations and other Resources Any others? Will be listed here.  As we get the info. Know about one yourself? Got an Idea? Post it on the Bulletin Board, below.

Information on
Cannabis As Medicine Is Ancient History Cannabis by ...

Information about Medical Cannabis around the World The World of MERCY; Medical Cannabis around the Globe

Information about Medical Cannabis in Africa Africa
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Angola Angola
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Cameroon Cameroon
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Cape Verde Cape Verde
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Egypt Egypt
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Morocco Morocco
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Mozambique Mozambique
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Senegal Senegal
  Information about Medical Cannabis in South Africa South Africa

Information about Medical Cannabis in Asia Asia
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Cambodia Cambodia
  Information about Medical Cannabis in China China
  Information about Medical Cannabis in India India
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Indonesia Indonesia
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Israel Israel
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Japan Japan
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Malaysia Malaysia
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Nepal Nepal
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Pakistan Pakistan
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Philippines Philippines
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Russia Russia
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Taiwan Taiwan
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Thailand Thailand
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Turkey Turkey
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Vietnam Vietnam

Information about Medical Cannabis in Caribbean Caribbean
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Bermuda Bermuda
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Jamaica Jamaica
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
  Information about Medical Cannabis in US Virgin Islands Virgin Islands (US)

Information about Medical Cannabis in Europe Europe
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Albania Albania
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Austria Austria
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Belgium Belgium
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Croatia Croatia
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Cyprus Cyprus
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Czech Republic Czech Republic
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Denmark Denmark
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Estonia Estonia
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Finland Finland
  Information about Medical Cannabis in France France
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Germany Germany
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Greece Greece
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Hungary Hungary
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Ireland Ireland
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Italy Italy
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Lithuania Lithuania
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Luxembourg Luxembourg
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Macedonia Macedonia
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Netherlands Netherlands
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Norway Norway
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Poland Poland
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Portugal Portugal
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Romania Romania
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Serbia Serbia
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Spain Spain
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Sweden Sweden
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Switzerland Switzerland
  Information about Medical Cannabis in  the United Kingdom (UK) United Kingdom (UK)
    Information about Medical Cannabis in England England
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Scotland Scotland
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Wales Wales

Information about Medical Cannabis in Latin America Latin America
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Mexico Mexico
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Central America Central America
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Costa Rica Costa Rica
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Guatemala Guatemala
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Honduras Honduras
  Information about Medical Cannabis in South America South America
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Argentina Argentina
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Brazil Brazil
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Chile Chile
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Ecuador Ecuador
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Peru Peru
    Information about Medical Cannabis in Uruguay Uruguay

Information about Medical Cannabis in North America North America
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Canada Canada
  Information about Medical Cannabis in the United States the United States

Information about Medical Cannabis in the Pacific (Oceania, Rim) the Pacific (Oceania, Rim)
  Information about Medical Cannabis in Australia Australia
  Information about Medical Cannabis in New Zealand New Zealand

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  National and International ORGz Section 
World Political Map
Map courtesy of Maps Of Click on a country or see list above. Greenland Alaska Canada USA Iceland Russian Federation Kazakhstan Mongolia Norway Sweden Finland Australia Newzealand India Pakistan Sri Lanka China Bangladesh Nepal Bhutan Madagascar South Africa North Korea South Korea Japan Papua New Guinea Philippines Mexico Argentina Uruguay Peru Ecuador Bolivia Paraguay Brazil Colombia Chile Ireland United Kingdom French Guiana Zambia Namibia Botswana Zimbabwe Mozambique Angola Tanzania Libya Egypt Saudi Arabia Yemen Oman Kenya Somalia Ethiopia Algeria Niger Nigeria Chad Democratic Republic Of Congo Congo Sudan Central African Republic Eritrea Gabon Cameroon Mali Mauritania Western Sahara Gambia Sierra Leone Senegal Liberia Ivory Coast Burkina Morocco Portugal Spain Italy Tunisia France Germany Netherlands Czech Republic Poland Denmark Ukraine Belarus Lithuania Latvia Estonia Hungary Romania Bulgaria Jordan Iran Iraq Turkmenistan Azerbaijain Georgia Uzbekistan Kazakhistan Afghanistan Turkey Greece Syria Myanmar Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Taiwan Philippines Malaysia Brunei Indonesia Laos Timor Leste Guatemala Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama Cuba Bahamas Venezuela Guyana Surinam Antarctica French Guiana Bhutan

Action Alerts! You Can Make a Difference - Act Now

Help End the International War on Medical Cannabis (Marijuana)

In days, a group of powerful world leaders will ask the UN to end the war on drugs and move towards regulation. But politicians say that the public will not support alternative drug policies. Let's give this unique opportunity massive public support and get urgent action. Follow this link below -

>> Click here <<

- and tell everyone you know about it. Then everyone you don't know ... yet! In days, we could finally see the beginning of the end of the 'war on drugs'. This expensive war has completely failed to curb the plague of drug addiction, while costing countless lives, devastating communities, and funneling trillions of dollars into violent organized crime networks.

Experts all agree that the most sensible policy is to regulate, but politicians are afraid to touch the issue. In days, a global commission including former heads of state and foreign policy chiefs of the UN, EU, US, Brazil, Mexico and more will break the taboo and publicly call for new approaches including decriminalization and regulation of drugs. This could be a once-in-a-generation tipping-point moment -- if enough of us call for an end to this madness. Politicians say they understand that the war on drugs has failed, but claim the public isn't ready for an alternative. Let's show them we not only accept a sane and humane policy -- we demand it. Click below to sign the petition and share with everyone --if we reach 1 million voices, it will be personally delivered to world leaders by the global commission -

>> Click here <<

- and Act Now! to End Medical Cannabis Prohibition around the World by Stopping the War on (Some of the People doing Some of the) Drugs. For 50 years current drug policies have failed everyone, everywhere but public debate is stuck in the mud of fear and misinformation. Everyone, even the UN Office on Drugs and Crime which is responsible for enforcing this approach agrees -- deploying militaries and police to burn drug farms, hunting down traffickers, and imprisoning dealers and addicts - is an expensive mistake. And with massive human cost -- from Afghanistan, to Mexico, to the USA the illegal drug trade is destroying countries around the world, while addiction, overdose deaths, and HIV/AIDS infections continue to rise. Meanwhile, countries with less-harsh enforcement -- like Switzerland, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Australia -- have not seen the explosion in drug use that proponents of the drug war have darkly predicted. Instead, they have seen significant reductions in drug-related crime, addiction and deaths, and are able to focus squarely on dismantling criminal empires.

Powerful lobbies still stand in the way of change, including military, law enforcement, and prison departments whose budgets are at stake. And politicians fear that voters will throw them out of office if they support alternative approaches, as they will appear weak on law and order. Many former drug Ministers and Heads of State have come out in favour of reform since leaving office, and polls show that citizens across the world know the current approach is a catastrophe. Momentum is gathering towards new improved policies, particularly in regions that are ravaged by the drug trade. If we can create a worldwide outcry in the next few days to support the bold calls of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, we can overpower the stale excuses for the status quo. Our voices hold the key to change -- Sign the petition and spread the word, visit -

>> Click here <<

- and Spread The Word! We have a chance to enter the closing chapter of this brutal 'war' that has destroyed millions of lives. Global public opinion will determine if this catastrophic policy is stopped or if politicians shy away from reform. Let's rally urgently to push our hesitating leaders from doubt and fear, over the edge, and into reason.

Support the Avaaz community! We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way -- donate here. is an 8-million-person global campaign network that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 13 countries on 4 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns Facebook or Twitter.

To contact Avaaz, write to us at or call us at +1-888-922-8229 (US).

With hope and determination,

Alice, Laura, Ricken, Maria Paz, Shibayan and the whole Avaaz team


Reports that show the war on drugs has failed:

Reports that show alternative approaches of decriminalisation and regulation are working:

General report on drug law reform in practice:

The Global Comission on Drug Policy that will call on the UN to end the war on drugs

Drug War by the Numbers

Final Report of the Latin American Comission on Drugs and Democracy

The World - Resources, Meetings and Meet-Ups Meetings and Meet-Ups > Medical Cannabis Meetup Groups - Medical Cannabis Meetups around the world | Find a Medical Cannabis Meetup Group near you ... grouped by City and Country ... find the ones with the most people interested in Medical Cannabis Meetups ... international, national, provincial, municipal levels   ...   Visit -

Russia - Legal Resources The International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS) | The ICRS is a non-political and non-religious organization dedicated to scientific research in all fields of the cannabinoids, ranging from biochemical, chemical and physiological studies of the endogenous cannabinoid system to studies of the abuse potential of recreational cannabis.   ...   Visit -

The 19th Annual Symposium of the International Cannabinoid Research Society Sun, 03/08/2009 | The ICRS is a non-political and non-religious organization dedicated to scientific research in all fields of the cannabinoids, ranging from biochemical, chemical and physiological studies of the endogenous cannabinoid system to studies of the abuse potential of recreational cannabis. In addition to acting as a source for impartial information on cannabis and the cannabinoids, the main role of the ICRS is to provide an open forum for researchers to meet and discuss their results.

The mission of the ICRS is to: foster cannabinoid research, to promote exchange of information and ideas about cannabis and the cannabinoids through the organization of scientific meetings; to encourage financial support from funding agencies and industries; to facilitate liasons between funding agencies, industry and the academic community, and to serve as a source of reliable information on the chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and the behavioral, psychological and social effects of cannabis and the cannabinoids (ICRS By-Laws, adopted June 1992).   ...   Visit -

Russia - Resources ASA's Federal Quarterly Newsletter » Medical Cannabis Policy Update: Spring 2009 | Medical Cannabis Developments: Legislative, Legal, State Programs, International and Research ... for California Provider of Medical Cannabis. >> INTERNATIONAL >> CANADA: Restrictions of Medical Cannabis Program Unconstitutional Russia: Autonomous Regions Can Allow Doctors to Prescribe Cannabis   ...   Visit -

Russia - Resources A International World Wide Listings Of Marijuana & Cannabis Clinics & Dispensary's | California Medical Marijuana Buyers Club ... A Indepth Roster & Reviews California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries ... National & International Marijuana Dispensary's Clinic Listings. Any Medical Clinics & Or Dispensaries Or Delivery Services Who Would Like To Get Listed Here On This Page Of Our Website.   ...   Visit -

Resources, Organizations - NORML Medical Use by State NORML Home / Medical Use by State. All States and Canada Mexico Europe Other ... See Map: for more.

Resources, Organizations - Patients Out of Time, a patient advocacy organization Patients Out of Time is a patient advocacy organization with a universal constituency. They support the rights of patients to have a legal and safe access to the therapeutic use of cannabis. The mission of their organization, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, is the education of health care professionals and the public about the therapeutic use of cannabis. Their leadership is composed of medical and nursing professionals with expertise in the clinical applications of cannabis and five of the seven patients (two wish to remain anonymous) who receive their medical cannabis from the US government. Patients Out of Time is the only national non-profit in the United States that focuses only on therapeutic cannabis issues. Visit -

Resources, Organizations - Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). Join the Marijuana Policy Project! State officials confirm Supreme Court decision does not impact state medical marijuana laws. Medical Marijuana Briefing Paper - 2005. Until 1937, marijuana (Cannabis sativa L.) was legal in the United States ... Hawaii enacted a medical marijuana law via its state legislature in 2000 and ... Visit:

Resources, Organizations - DrugSense: Drug Law Reform DrugSense: Drug Law Reform ... of Justice Statistics, State Court Organization, 1998 (Washington, DC ... Cannabis in Medical Practice: A Legal, Historical and Pharmacological... Visit:

Organizations and other Resources Others? Will be listed here.  As we get the info. Know about one yourself? Post it on the Bulletin Board, below.

  FORUMs Section 

Russia - Resources International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums > Talk About It! > Cannabis Laws & Cannabis Legislation > NJ Medical Marijuana | N.J. Senate approves medical marijuana bill - Monday, December 15, 2008 | TRENTON BUREAU: A Senate committee today cleared a measure that would allow medical use of marijuana in New Jersey. The Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee voted to approve the long-stalled bill by a 6 to 1 margin; two senators abstained. The bill calls for creating “alternative treatment centers” where people with chronic and terminal diseases would be allowed access to marijuana. Supporters say marijuana is a viable treatment option to alleviate pain in many cases.

“It is the definition of basic human decency that we do whatever we can to ease the pain and suffering of people living with severe chronic and terminal diseases,” said bill sponsor Sen. Nicholas Scutari, D-Union. “When all other avenues of currently-approved pain relief have been exhausted, we need to give doctors the freedom to prescribe medical marijuana to give their patients a measure of comfort and dignity in the face of their debilitating diseases. This bill is about the most humane, compassionate option for those state residents who have nowhere else to turn in managing their illnesses.”

If ultimately approved by the full Legislature and signed by Governor Corzine, New Jersey would be the 14th state to allow medical use of marijuana.   ...   Visit -

Russia - Resources | Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Club directory, Collective, Dispenary Reviews, ... "The International Narcotics Control Board is deeply concerned ... Cannabis Forums Message Boards - Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Club, Dispensary, News Cannabis Club / Clubs / Co-Op / Dispensary Directory   ...   Visit -

Russia - Resources International | Medical Cannabis: Voices from the Frontlines. Our international counterparts may be surging ahead in their paths to provide safe access for patients who benefit from medical cannabis, but here in the US ... Archive for the ‘International’ Category In Case there was any Doubt… Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 Posted by elizabeth |   A new study entitled Marijuana Effectiveness as an HIV Self-Care Strategy, which was released this past weekend in Clinical Nursing Research, indicates that persons living with HIV/AIDS rate cannabis as more effective in treating the symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, diarrhea, and neuropathy than other prescription and over the counter medications.

The study, which was conducted over a two year period and included 775 patients from the USA, Africa, and Puerto Rico, assessed the use of cannabis as a symptom management approach for anxiety, depression, fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, and peripheral neuropathy.  27% of survey participants reported using cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Researchers wrote that cannabis use “was rated slightly more effective than antidepressants for anxiety and depression, Imodium for diarrhea, [over the counter] (OTC) medications for fatigue, and anti-epileptics and OTC medications for neuropathy” while cannabis was rated “slightly less effective for nausea than either prescribed or OTC medications.”   Authors concluded that cannabis “is perceived by users as at least as effective as prescribed medications in symptom management.”   ...   Visit -

Resources - Forums, Ganja Grocer Ganja Grocer | We are your Medical Marijuana Resource Center. Learn How to Become a Legal Medical Marijuana Patient. If you live in a state with Medical Marijuana Laws, Come visit our forums today! Visit - < for more.

Resources  - Forums, Chat Rooms, Message Boards CANNABIS.COM - is based in california and focused on providing the best possible resources for future and current medical marijuana patients, activists, and supporters. MessageBoard Forum. Cannabis FAQs. Image & Picture Gallery. Medical Marijuana. Vaporizer FAQ. Advertising Information ... Visit:

Resources  - Forums, Cannabis Community Coalition Cannabis Community Coalition. Forum for Medical Marijuana & Medicinal Cannabis Patients. ... visit: < for more.

Resources - Forums, Compassionate Coalition The Compassionate Coalition's mission: To defend the rights of medical marijuana patients and care providers through education and community participation. A nonprofit grassroots organization that helps build and support local chapters nation-wide, linking them with other medical marijuana reform organizations and resources. Contact Information - Mailing Address: The Compassionate Coalition * 1500 Oliver Road, Ste-K * P.M.B. #248 * Fairfield, CA 94533-3473 * (NOTE: When sending mail to this address, please be sure to write "The Compassionate Coalition" in the address line. Thanks!) * Fax: (916)266-7455 * or Visit:

Resources - Amsterdam THC Ministry
First Universal Church of Kantheism The Amsterdam THC Ministry, First Universal Church of Kantheism, is based on ancient wisdom, modern science and the enlightening and healing properties of the cannabis sacrament. Their mission includes liberating the sacred cannabis hemp plant and the minds and spirits of those who do and of those who do not revere it. May we all enjoy the rich, abundant, joyful and awakened life that is part of our natural inheritance. Visit:

Resources - Ya-Hooka; Health and Medicinal Buyers Clubs Organizations and Compassion Clubs Ya-Hooka; Health_and_Medicinal/Buyers_Clubs Organizations and Compassion Clubs providing access to medical marijuana  ... Co-op ~ The Alternative Relief Co-op is a patient-oriented medical cannabis dispensary located in San Francisco ... It Report Broken Link. Arizona Medical Marijuana Co-Op ~ Click here for more.

Resources - Cannabis Classifieds Want Ads Welcome to the Cannabis Classifieds Want Ads. To buy cannabis for medical purposes is legal in some areas. Here you will find hundreds of medical doctors, professional growers, and prescription patients in need who want to buy cannabis legally but can't find each other. Visit:

  EVENTs, Calendars and related Resources  

2011 IACM  Conference 2011 IACM Conference | The next IACM Conference will be held from 8 to 10 September 2011 in cooperation with the European Workshop on Cannabinoid Research at the University of Bonn. ... Further Events ... 16-28 May 2011 - Course on Endocannabinoids; San Quirico d'Orcia, Siena, Italy ... 22-27 May 2011 - Gordon Research Conference on Cannabinoid Function in the Central Nervous System; in Les Diablerets, Switzerland ... 6 -9 July 2011 - ICRS Conference; in St. Charles, Illinois USA ... Source: International Association for Cannabis as Medicine (IACM), Am Mildenweg 6, D-59602 Ruethen, Germany * Phone: +49 (0)2952-9708571 * Fax: +49 (0)2952-902651 * or visit -

CannaTrade 2011 - DEUTSCH - FRANCAISE - ITALIANO * Event - CannaTrade 2011 | The International Hemp Fair - Switzerland; Contact: AG, Monbijoustrasse 17, CH-3011 Bern, Switzerland * phone. +41 31 398 02 35 * fax +41 31 398 02 36 * eMail -, or visit -

Events - Marches Marches | Demonstrations, Rallies and similar Action Items any situation where activists are trying to educate or draw attention to - yet another - victim and people are congregating ... like the Million Marijuana Marches ... will be listed here as we find out about them.

Events - HempFests HempFests | Street Fairs, Festivals and Farmers Markets - Music, Food and Stuff for Sale or Barter - any opportunity for activists to booth, people to gather and businesses to vend ... like any local versions of the Seattle Hempfest ... will be listed here as we find out about them.

Organizations and other Resources Other Types? Will be listed here.  As we get the info. Know about one yourself? Got an Idea? Post it on the Bulletin Board, below.

  BIZ, and related Commercial Resources  

Marijuana Seeds: Cannabis Seeds, Medicinal Use, and more Marijuana Seeds (Horticulture, Cannabis {medical} ) | - The finest quality marijuana seeds available direct from Holland. Our Marijuana seeds ( Cannabis Seeds ) are hand checked so you get the best; We stock the most popular varieties of marijuana seeds e.g. White Widow and Northern Lights; We ship seeds worldwide, discreetly packaged in crush proof envelopes; Seeds are batch tested in Holland & have 90% plus germination rate if germinated correctly; We stock the most awarded marijuana strains such as Cannabis Cup & High Times Cup winners. Almost every variety we stock has won awards! We stock an excellent range of feminized marijuana seeds * to Contact: Visit >>

Sensi Seeds: Cannabis Seeds, Medicinal Use, Sensi Merchandise, Hemp and more Sensi Seeds (Horticulture, Cannabis {medical} ) | Sensi Seeds, where you can discover the stories behind many different facets of this legendary seed company, from its beginnings as one man’s passion and a small collection of very special seeds to the impact that the Sensi gene bank has had on medicinal marijuana and the culture of cannabis in the Netherlands and beyond. The locations and more information about Sensi Seeds shops can be found in the Shop Locations section. Medicinal users and anyone interested in the medicinal properties of marijuana will find useful and relevant advice and background information in the Medicinal Cannabis section. Cannabis Seeds, Medicinal Use, Sensi Merchandise, Hemp and more * Contact: Sensi Seeds B.V. - P.O. BOX 10952, 1001 EZ Amsterdam, Netherlands * Tel: +31 (0)20 626 29 88 * Fax: +31 (0)20 428 41 10 * or Visit >>

Weed Seed Shop offers regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds, free shipping and secure payment Weed Seed Shop (Horticulture, Cannabis {medical} ) | Weed Seed Shop offers regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds, free shipping and secure payment. The Weed Seed Shop collection contains the most cheap cannabis seeds available online. Only with us you can buy 5 feminized cannabis seeds for less than €15! A selection of the most affordable cannabis seeds on the internet * Contact: WSS BV - P.O. box 10952, 1001 EZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands * or Visit >>

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Buy Dutch Marijuana Seeds They offer you the biggest list of seeds directly from top Dutch Cannabis breeders. Over 30 cannabis strains. Lots of Cannabis Cup winners like White Widow, Durban Poison and Northern Lights. They provide marijuana seeds for every need: Indoor, Outdoor, feminized, and medical. Discretion and SAFE shopping is guaranteed, SSL Secured. Discrete delivery worldwide! All seed-packages contain 10 seeds, they ship all seeds by Priority mail in plain packaging crush proof sealed envelops with no indication to the contents. * Contact: Postbus 938, 5600 AX Eindhoven, The Netherlands * or ... Visit:

Russia - Resource, Org; local Cannabis Books Co UK (BIZ) * Online Cannabis Books on Growing Medical ... Supplier UK EveryOneDoesIt.Com Online Books on Medical Cannabis Growing Books Recipes Magazines ... From the early beginnings of our first shop, customers have always praised our selection, prices, and flair for the imaginative. Ten years ago, our first retail shop opened up, specialising in smoking paraphernalia, piercing jewellery and giftware. The shop still stands in St. Albans although we've moved through four different locations since then, including an outlet in London's busy Leicester Square. Visit:

Russia - Resources, Information Oaksterdam University | Oaksterdam is recognized around the world as a symbol of the over-the-counter cannabis culture that emerged here and has gained acceptance in communities throughout the state. Quality training for the 420 industry. Classes enrolling now.   ...   Visit -

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The World - News: Countries rethink pot laws in wake of US, Uruguay Countries rethink pot laws in wake of US, Uruguay - AP foreign, February 15 2014 | The Associated Press= The marijuana legalization experiments underway in Washington state, Colorado and Uruguay have prompted or accelerated discussion about changing pot laws in many nations, and activists say momentum is building in advance of a special United Nations convention on drugs scheduled for 2016. Here's a look at how some countries are rethinking their approach to marijuana. >> Read more >>

The World - News: International Marijuana Laws: Three Takes In Three Countries International Marijuana Laws: Three Takes In Three Countries | Three countries, one week and three different public policy views about cannabis laws: Switzerland — After years of debate, and with a number of cantons having already done so, the entire nation of Switzerland began a cannabis possession decriminalization policy for adults. This is not unlike similar penalties in fifteen states in America and likely a prelude to eventual legalization in the infamously ‘neutral’ country (certainly more than most countries as the Swiss have been largely neutral in the war on some drugs). North Korea — A social conscience travel blogger writes about and photographs what it is like in North Korea and that there are no laws against cannabis. This may explain Dennis Rodman’s new fascination with visiting the country. Romania — Romania became the tenth European country to allow citizens to access medical cannabis for serious medical conditions. - See more >> here >>

The World - News: Romania to Legalize Medical Marijuana? Romania to Legalize Medical Marijuana? | Reports are that Romania will become the tenth country in the EU to legalize medical marijuana. This is welcome new for those that are suffering from various ailments in Romania. Up until now people have had to either use medical marijuana illegally or use harmful pharmaceutical drugs. Other European countries that have legalized medical marijuana (cannabis) include - Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Czech Republic, and Spain. One wonders how long the United States will sit on the sidelines at the national level. Not only does the Obama Administration refuse to legalize medical marijuana at a national level, but it continues to disrespect the will of voters at the state level by harassing medical marijuana program participants in states that have passed medical marijuana laws. >> Read more >>

The World - News Source: The International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) Portugal drug law show results ten years on - The Associated Free Press | LISBON — Health experts in Portugal claim that Portugal's decision 10 years ago to decriminalise drug use and treat dependent users rather than punishing them is an experiment that has worked.

"There is no doubt that the phenomenon of addiction is in decline in Portugal," said Joao Goulao, President of the Institute of Drugs and Drugs Addiction, a press conference to mark the 10th anniversary of the law. The number of dependent users considered "problematic" -- those who repeatedly use "hard" drugs and intravenous users -- had fallen by half since the early 1990s, when the figure was estimated at around 100,000 people, Goulao said. Other factors had also played their part however, Goulao, a medical doctor added.

"This development can not only be attributed to decriminalisation but to a confluence of treatment and risk reduction policies."

Portugal's holistic approach had also led to a "spectacular" reduction in the number of infections among intravenous users and a significant drop in drug-related crimes, he added. A law that became active on July 1, 2001 did not legalise drug use, but forced users caught with banned substances to appear in front of special addiction panels rather than in a criminal court. The panels composed of psychologists, judges and social workers recommended action based on the specifics of each case. Since then, government panels have recommended a response based largely on whether the individual is an occasional drug user or an addict. Of the nearly 40,000 people currently being treated, "the vast majority of problematic users are today supported by a system that does not treat them as delinquents but as sick people," Goulao said.

In a report published in June 2011, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) said Portugal had dealt with this issue "in a pragmatic and innovative way." Drug use statistics in Portugal are generally "below the European average and much lower than its only European neighbour, Spain," the report also said. "The changes that were made in Portugal provide an interesting before-and-after study on the possible effects of decriminalisation," EMCDDA said.   Visit - SOURCE: The International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) is a global network of 82 NGOs and professional networks that specialise in issues related to the production and use of controlled drugs.

The World - News Source: IACM-Bulletins Subject: IACM-Bulletins | Science: THC effective in trichotillomania symptoms in a pilot study; USA: Delaware becomes the 16th state to legalize the medical use of cannabis; Science: Cannabis use reduces symptoms in fibromyalgia patients; Holland: Citizens may possess up to five cannabis plants, the high court ruled; USA: States reassess cannabis laws after warnings by the federal government; USA: Brain cancer in a child improved with cannabis; Rwanda: Plans by the government to allow the medical use of cannabis; USA: The governor of Montana vetoed a bill that would have repealed the medical cannabis law; Canada: Cannabis law unconstitutional, an Ontario court ruled ... Source: International Association for Cannabis as Medicine (IACM), Am Mildenweg 6, D-59602 Ruethen, Germany * Phone: +49 (0)2952-9708571 * Fax: +49 (0)2952-902651 * or visit -

The Medical Cannabis - News Feeds > Medical Cannabis - News Feed, Powered by MAP.  Click here to build yours!< Click here to build yours!

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See more at The Media Awareness Project > Drugnews Archive ... visit -

Russia - Resources US Government Says It Will Stop Interfering with Medical Marijuana | According to this article, US Attorney General Eric Holder has said that states will be allowed to make their own rules about medical marijuana, and that the US federal government will stop raiding medical marijuana dispensaries in California. (See article “Can Marijuana Help Rescue California’s Economy?”at this link) In the 1990s, several US states passed referendums which allowed marijuana to be used legally for medical purposes. In a referendum, the registered voters vote directly on the proposed law, as opposed to the law being passed by the state legislature. Thus, when these states passed these referendums, it meant that the citizens of these states really wanted medical marijuana to be made legal.

However, in a blatant disregard for democracy and the people’s will, under the Bush administration, the national government refused to accept this law, and carried out raids of the medical marijuana dispensaries.   ...   Click > here < for more.

Resources, News - The Media Awareness Project Drugnews Archive The Media Awareness Project Drugnews Archive, Visit - to look up specific items - and - for the index.

Resources, News - Marijuana (cannabis) News Feed, by NORML NORML News Feed.  Visit -

Resources, News - MarijuanaNews.Com, Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth MarijuanaNews.Com, Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth ... Medical Marijuana Co-operative Writes About Value Of Cannabis For MS Patients. Photo-ID Cards For Washington State Medical ... Visit:

Resources, News - The American Alliance For Medical Cannabis (AAMC) The American Alliance For Medical Cannabis (AAMC) | Dedicated to bringing patients, caregivers and volunteers the facts they need to make informed decisions about whether Cannabis is the right medicine for them, the laws surrounding Medicinal Marijuana in your area, political activism and even handy recipes and guides to growing your own nontoxic medicine. visit:

Resources, News - Cannabis Times,  Alternative News Service for Cannabis and Hemp Cannabis Times. Alternative News Service for Cannabis and Hemp ... Montana Woman on Hunger Strike for Medical Cannabis. Visit Robin's Site * E-Mail the ... The science of medical cannabis continued its climb in estimation of medical professionals and ... visit:

Resources, News - Common Sense for Drug Policy: Medical Marijuana Facts & News. Common Sense for Drug Policy: Medical Marijuana Facts & News. Tuesday, July 12, 2005. Search using CSDP's own search tool or use. WWW Common Sense. More CSDP News Pages ... card program for medical marijuana patients. The suspension has ... consequences of issuing medical marijuana ID cards that could affect medical marijuana users, their families ...

Resources, News -, by DrugSense, by DrugSense | a News feed page. Visit:

Resources, News - Stop the Drug War (DRCNet) Stop the Drug War (DRCNet) is an international organization working for an end to drug prohibition worldwide and for interim policy reform in US drug laws and criminal justice system. visit -

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World - History The ancient use of marijuana as medicine has been documented in a great number of cultures, including Greece and Africa and medicinal use of cannabis was recorded in Egypt in the 16th century BC. Ashes from a fourth-century tomb near Jerusalem suggest that marijuana plants may have been used in the ancient Middle East to help childbirth. Apparently, cannabis was burned for use as an inhalant to aid in delivery, researchers said, noting that a 19th-century medical publication said it strengthened contractions while reducing labor pain. ... Marijuana In The 20th Century | Despite the fact that marijuana was made illegal in the United States in 1937, research has continued on the medical uses of marijuana. The findings include various possible medical applications of cannabis and its chemical derivatives. One of the most recent and interesting findings (Frank, 1972) concerns the effect of cannabis in reducing intraocular pressure. It was found that as the dose of marijuana increased, the pressure within the eye decreased by up to 30%. This occurred in normal persons as well as in those with glaucoma, a disease of the eye in which increased intraocular pressure may cause blindness. Click > here < for more.

Medical Cannabis, History - Letter: Medical Marijuana Informational Guide on Medical Cannabis | If you have ever heard of the song, “Lets Go Get Stoned,” as sung by Ray Charles or Joe Cocker, you know the lyrics were referring to getting high or using cannabis aka marijuana. This mind altering drug goes by other names as well; names such as weed, pot, joint, blunt, hash and mary jane are quite common among users. Cannabis is a plant that contains a chemical called cannabinoids or cannabinolidic acids. Another substance that is found in cannabis is THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, which gives the users that “high” sensation. When speaking of marijuana, the actual substance used in creating the high feeling comes from the leaves and flowering tops of the cannabis plant. Marijuana is considered to be a schedule 1 controlled substance today, because of the THC, which can be highly potent, depending upon the concentration factor of the THC. Visit > < for more.

Medical Cannabis History - REEFER MADNESS BOOKS THE REEFER MADNESS ERA, REEFER MADNESS BOOKS (Info, History) By definition, it would be a contradiction in terms to list or classify a Reefer Madness book as a work of "Non-Fiction." Thus both genres are group together here simply as "Hard Cover" books; if only to distinguish them from the "Pulp Fiction" or "Dime Store novels" discussed elsewhere. However where appropriate the terms [Fiction] and [Non-Fiction] are used. Please take note - This Index consists solely of those books that the museum has been able to locate and is in no way shape or form complete. It should be thought of only as a starting point. Visit:

Medical Cannabis History - Pharmacutical Museum Cannabis medical manufacturer Pharmacutical Museum Cannabis medical manufacturer | [Made post-1937 medical Cannabis products]. Burrough Brothers Mfg Co. - 123 Market Place, Baltimore, ... Korn Pop Remedy Co. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ... visit -

Medical Cannabis History - Cannabis Quack Medicines Cannabis Quack Medicines | ... contained it as an ingredient, Medical Cannabis was as common as aspirin is ... the Hazeltine Corp., of Warren Pennsylvania, was founded in 1869, and soon ... visit -

Medical Cannabis History  - Marijuana (cannabis) News Archive, by NORML NORML News Archive.  Visit -

Medical Cannabis History  - Dr Tod; California doctor braves political pressure to prescribe marijuana for those in need. Dr Tod | California doctor braves political pressure to prescribe marijuana for those in need. ... German mother in a small Pennsylvania town during the Depression and ... California Cannabis Resear... Click > here < for more.

Medical Cannabis History  - Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization |... Youth," was, in fact, Cannabis Hemp, the most traded commodity in the world ... visit -

  Cannabis as Medicine  

Medical Cannabis - LESSON PLAN:MEDICAL MARIJUANA - LEGITIMATE USE OR LEGALIZED ABUSE? LESSON PLAN:MEDICAL MARIJUANA - LEGITIMATE USE OR LEGALIZED ABUSE? By Lisa Prososki, a former middle school and high school social studies, English, reading and technology teacher. Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes/1 class period Lesson Objectives: (1) Students will use cooperative learning activities to discuss opinions about medical marijuana use and see both sides of the issue, (2) Students will use decision making skills and strategies to render their own decision about the U.S. Supreme Court case related to medical marijuana use. Click > here < for more.

Medical Cannabis - Pros & cons on medical marijuana Medical Marijuana Pro/Con * Pros & cons on medical marijuana. Science, risks, policies, & laws. Should marijuana be a medical option? This site presents in a simple, nonpartisan pro-con format, responses to the core question "Should marijuana be a medical option?" Divided questions about the topic into the issues and sub-issues listed below. All individuals and organizations quoted on our site are ranked based upon our unique credibility scale. [Note: Although physicians and attorneys are listed on this site, they do not recommend or refer either.] visit:

Medical Cannabis - Medical Marijuana News and Facts Medical Cannabis (marijuana) News, Information, Organizations, Links.  Resources and more. visit -

Medical Cannabis - Factbook: Medical Marijuana Factbook: Medical Marijuana

1. Since 1996, twelve states have legalized medical marijuana use: AK, CA, CO, HI, ME, MT, NV, NM, OR, RI, VT, and WA. Eight of the twelve did so through the initiative process. Hawaii's law was enacted by the legislature and signed by the governor in 2000, Vermont's was enacted by the legislature and passed into law without the governor's signature in May 2004, Rhode Island's was passed into law over the governor's veto in January 2006, and New Mexico's legislation was signed into law by Governor Bill Richardson on April 2, 2007.

2. The Institute of Medicine's 1999 report on medical marijuana stated, "The accumulated data indicate a potential therapeutic value for cannabinoid drugs, particularly for symptoms such as pain relief, control of nausea and vomiting, and appetite stimulation." And more. Visit -

Medical Cannabis - Information, NORML, Medical Use, Introduction NORML / Medical Use / Introduction | Introduction. Select One Send All States Canada Mexico Europe Other Alabama Alaska Am. ... District of Columbia FEDERAL Florida Georgia Guam Oklahoma Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana of individual patients to use medical cannabis under state law, or the ... visit:

Medical Cannabis - Information, Medical Marijuana Handbook  Medical Marijuana Handbook | This a draft by Todd. H. Mikuriya MD, a long-time advocate of medical cannabis, respected author and one of the medical staff at the San Francisco Buyers Club. Its patchy, and uncomplete, and acts only as a framework for Dr Todd to store snippets of info on various aspects of medical cannabis. Marijuana as Medicine - A Plea for Reconsideration, is a commentary article written by Lester Grinspoon and James Bakalar, which appeared in the June 21st 1995 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association. Medical cannabis web resources. Medical Marijuana Handbook This a draft by Todd. H. Mikuriya MD, a long-time advocate of medical cannabis, respected author and one of the medical staff at ... visit:

Medical Cannabis - Medical Marijuana Info Medical Marijuana Info Online Resource for Medical Marijuana Information. Partners. Events. Legalization. Doctors. Federal Law(s) Lawyers. Medical/Medicinal. AIDS/HIV. History. Magazines ... Ohio Marijuana Party. Montana. Montana NORML ... Visit:

Medical Cannabis - Medical Marijuana - Master Reference Medical Marijuana - Master Reference | Note: This page was prepared for the November, 1996 election. Some of the external links may be out of date. ... Cannabis Research Library - A collection ... visit -

Medical Cannabis - Yields and Dosage Cannabis Yields and Dosage | the authoritative study of the science and legalities of calculating medical marijuana. The booklet is available as a PDF by ... visit -

Info - Medical Marijuana Medical Marijuana ... to Washington's New Medical Marijuana Law" was adopted to ... The Washington State Medical Marijuana Act CHAPTER 69.51A ... list of professional medical associations. Marijuana as medicine ... Visit:

Medical Cannabis - MarijuanaNews.Com, Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth MarijuanaNews.Com, Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth ... Court Decision On Medical Cannabis Expected This Week ... Medical Marijuana Co-operative Writes About Value Of Cannabis For MS Patients. Photo-ID Cards For Washington State Medical ... Visit:

Medical Cannabis - CCRMG - California Cannabis Research Medical Group CCRMG - California Cannabis Research Medical Group - WWW.CCRMG.ORG | Autumn 2004. O'Shaughnessy's. Journal of the California Cannabis Research Medical Group ... medical effects of cannabis. It is unl... visit -

Medical Cannabis - Medical Marijuana by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Medical cannabis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A catalog page offering Cannabis sativa extract. Medical cannabis refers to the use of Cannabis as a physician recommended herbal th... visit:

Medical Cannabis - Accepted Medical Use of Cannabis: Medical Professionals Accepted Medical Use of Cannabis: Medical Professionals by | Cannabis's accepted medical use in the United States is increasingly recognized by health care professionals and the medical community. visit:

Medical Cannabis - Proven : Cannabis is Safe Medicine Proven : Cannabis is Safe Medicine by Ian Williams Goddard | In reaction to medical cannabis access referendums on the ballots in Arizona and California, former presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George Bush signed a letter stating that they "categorically oppose'' access to cannabis for its many proven therapeutic uses such as the prevention of blindness and epileptic seizures. Their chief concern was that legal medical access would send the message that cannabis is safe. The presidents can, however, lay their safety concerns to rest because the scientific literature overwhelmingly confirms that cannabis is both an effective and safe medicine. The Cannabis Safety Profile. The journal PHARMACOLOGICAL REVIEWS reports that decades of research prove that, "Compared with legal drugs...marijuana does not pose greater risks." Yet based upon mortality statistics, we can safely conclude that cannabis is one of the safest medical drugs known, for, while prescription drugs, defined as safe by the FDA, kill up to 27,000 and aspirin up to 1,000 Americans per year, cannabis kills 0 per year. Click here for more.

Medical Cannabis - Medicinal Cannabis Cannabis Facts Medicinal Cannabis Cannabis Facts, Cannabis Law, Hemp, Peyote Info, Salvia Divinorum Info   ... therapeutic uses for medical cannabis has been entertained in ... 1990's, medical cannabis ballot initiatives have received a majority of votes in Arizona, Arizona, California, Colorado ... visit:

Russia - Information Medical Cannabis Strains - Geoffrey Guy, MD (GW Pharmaceuticals, U.K) | Founder and President of G.W. Pharmaceuticals in Russia, Dr. Geoffrey Guy's observations about the mammalian Cannabinoid system (with more receptors throughout the body than any other system) are presented to the Second Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, held in Portland, OR in May, 2002. First discussing CB1 and CB@ receptors; the modulatory effect on dopamine, GABA and glutamate; and cross-talk with other receptors, Dr. Guy then examines Phyto-Cannabinoids (plant based)THC, CBD and others, with GW's success in producing whole extracts from 3 tonnes/year of dried marijuana and years of genetic breeding to feature both high THC and high CBD strains. ... Visit:

Russia - Resources, Information Cannabis Headquarters - Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) Strains ... articles about specific medical conditoins and how cannabis ... ever heard of PURPLE Nepal ? ...   ...   Visit -

Russia - Resources, Information Medical Cannabis Menu - Safe 420 Deliver... Purple Russia. Indoor, Indica, very exotic-rare. Purple Nepal.jpg ? SEO by Artio. Medical Cannabis Delivered! 949-334-3065. ...   ...   Visit -

  BOOKs on Medical Cannabis (marijuana) and related 

Medical Cannabis, Books - Is Marijuana the Right Medicine for You? Is Marijuana the Right Medicine for You? | A Factual Guide to Medical Uses of Marijuana by Bill Zimmerman, PhD with Rick Bayer, MD and Nancy Crumpacker, MD, ISBN#0-87983-906-6 (Keats 1998). Chapter 3: Why All the Controversy? What Does The Research Actually Show? is online at:

Medical Cannabis, Books - Cannabis and Cannabinoids; Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutic Potential Examine the pros, cons, and controversies of marijuana as medicine! | Cannabis is still sending “signals of misunderstanding.”1-3 The result is an exaggeration of beneficial or deleterious effects as well as occasional intermixture of medical science with other moral categories. This book deals with health aspects of the cannabis plant and the cannabinoids while mainly factoring out societal aspects. Some authors refer to social topics that require discussion even within the bounds of a narrow handling of medicinal aspects. “Cannabis and Cannabinoids; Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutic Potential”. Edited by Franjo Grotenhermen, MD; Nova-Institut GmBH, Hürth, Germany and Ethan Russo, MD; Montana Neurobehavioral Specialists, Missoula, Montana. Hard Cover (ISBN-13: 978-0-7890-1507-7, ISBN-10: 0-7890-1507-2) $79.95

Medical Cannabis, Books - Marijuana Rx: The Patient's Fight for Medicinal Pot Marijuana Rx: The Patient's Fight for Medicinal Pot (Book) by Robert Randall & Alice O'Leary * This is a story of government betrayal -- a betrayal that continues today. But it is also a story of human courage and perseverance. Please take the time to read this book. Afterall, none of us are immune from the illnesses that marijuana can treat -- glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis and more. Some day you might need medical access to marijuana. We pray that it will be as simple as a doctor's prescription. Full text articles, news summaries, supporting organizations and states, additional resources, and information on medical marijuana. Visit:

Medical Cannabis - Medical Marijuana, research Medical Marijuana Your search on medical marijuana has brought you to Questia, the world's largest online academic library. The Questia online library offers reliable books, journals, and articles that you can trust on medical marijuana.  With Questia you can quickly research, cite, and quote with complete confidence. Save substantial time without sacrificing research quality. Research Medical Marijuana Find quality info at the world's online library. 435,000 books, articles. Search or read full text, highlight, cite and auto-create bibliographies and get a personal bookshelf. Click here for more.

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World - Information CIA - The World Factbook -- References :: Definitions and Notes ... Industrial Hemp, Cannabis, and more! Visit -

Resources, Organizations - Marijuana links Marijuana links. Popular Searches: Medical Marijuana Links. Marijuana Research Links. ... about marijuana, The Washington State Medical Marijuana Act CHAPTER 69.51A RCW This is ... an activist for medical marijuana. Chronic Cannabis Use A report on ... Click > here < for more.

Russia - Resources, Information Cannabis - Medical Wonder Drug or Worldwide Anathema? Cannabis - you'll hear it called wacky backy, marijuana, weed, puff, smoke, pot, ... countries such as Morocco , Lebanon , Pakistan , Nepal , Afghanistan and India ... Major producer countries such as Morocco , Lebanon , Pakistan , Nepal , Afghanistan and India compete in a bouyant market, with around 40% of the weed coming from the "cannabis farms" in Morocco . Significant amounts are also starting to be produced in North America and Europe .   ...   Visit -

Rhode Island - Medical 101; Links, Web-Ring Medical 101 (Links, “Web-Ring”) * A potential starting point for Medical Cannabis info. Find what you're looking for! Visit:

Rhode Island - Marijuana Drug Slang Dictionary Marijuana Drug Slang Dictionary | Drug Slang Dictionary - Marijuana. Click here for more.

Rhode Island - Rights and Freedoms Our Rights and Freedoms | The U.S. Constitution and it's Bill of Rights bestow our rights and freedoms as Americans. Court interpretations and decisions, like the Supreme Court's Miranda rights ruling define the sco... Click > here < for more.

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Tuesday, November 5 at 10:59 AM:
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" What is the price of weed in your city? Marijuana is found all over the world and the laws and price of weed changes daily and sometimes hourly. We have created this website to inform you of the most accurate cost of cannabis in your area. We value your submission to help others and to inform them of the current laws in cities around the world. Visit Popular Places - "

Monday, September 2, 2013 at 07:01 PM:
Gil from wrote:
"Sign the petition so everyone can get the correct Cannabis Oil LEGALLY. After all, it could be YOU next!! and there is NO OTHER cure! - "

Thursday, June 27 at 06:29 PM:
i from i wrote:
"HTML encoding of foreign language characters - "

Friday, June 14, 2013 at 12:06 PM:
me from here wrote:
"Phillip Smith over at Cannabis Culture writes "Drug Prohibitions Hurt Science, Researchers Charge" - - In a paper published Wednesday in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience, a group of leading scientists argue that global drug prohibition has not only compounded the harms of drug use, but also produced the worst censorship of research in centuries. They likened the banning of psychoactive drugs and the subsequent hampering of research on them to the Catholic Church banning the works of Copernicus and Galileo. The paper, Effects of Schedule I Drug Laws on Neuroscience Research and Treatment Innovation (abstract only), was written by Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London and Leslie King, both former government advisors, and Professor David Nichols of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill."

Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 07:01 AM:
AE from MAPinc wrote:
"more good stuff from Time mag, I thought the part I quote here very interesting and maybe useful to some here: OAS to White House: It's High Time the U.S. Debated Legalizing Pot -


But even as Insulza and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos were hailing the OAS report last week, something else was brewing in Bogota that could further undermine resistance to pot legalization. The Colombian capital is about to start a program that uses marijuana to wean junkies off bazuco, a cheap but fiercely addictive cocaine paste. It will mark one of the largest experiments to determine if marijuana - which legalization opponents still insist is a "gateway" to harder drugs like cocaine and heroin - is in reality an "exit" drug. If so, it will only serve to reinforce the argument, mentioned by the OAS study, that marijuana is a relatively benign drug, far more comparable to alcohol than it is, say, to crystal meth.

As Miami Herald South America correspondent Jim Wyss recently wrote from Bogotá, "For the most desperate [bazuco] users, the cannabis cure may be the only way out." Or as one social worker told Wyss, "We want people to quit a substance that is very, very damaging and transition to something less dangerous and which will allow them to function in society." Critics say the effort will just turn bazuco zombies into potheads. But for years now, similar projects in countries like Brazil, Jamaica and most recently Canada have indicated that marijuana is in fact an effective exit drug. In British Columbia last fall, a team of U.S. and Canadian addiction researchers determined that "clinical trials on cannabis substitution for problematic substance abuse appear justified." -snip-"

Wednesday, April 24 at 10:14 AM:
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"The Open Research Network (ORN) is a peer-reviewed open access and open collaboration network. The Open Research Network has created a unique platform for open research activities for well funded open collaboration research for private corporations and government agencies. The goal of ORN is to establish a research collaborative platform and community that is open to all. The chief aims of this open-access network are to disseminate knowledge; provide learned references in key fields; and establish channels of communication between academic and research experts, policy makers and executives in industry, commerce, investment institutions and the government. Visit - "

Monday, April 15, 2013 at 06:59 AM:
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Call for Editors | International Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (IRJMMS) is also currently seeking suitable scholars interested in serving as editors, associate editors and reviewers. We are looking for individuals with diverse areas of expertise in medicine and medical sciences. Applicants must have a doctorate (or an equivalent degree) and significant publishing and reviewing experience. Accepted applicants will be contacted via email. Kindly send your resume to: Best regards, Moyosore Oduyela Editorial Assistant, International Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences E-mail:, or visit - "

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 05:20 PM:
Me wrote:
" Annual cannabis use by country - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | See also: Adult lifetime cannabis use by country (as opposed to annual use). .... Peru, 0.7, 2006, (12-64) ... cannabis use by country, Cannabis reform at the international level, plus more ... visit - "

Friday, January 4 at 05:18 PM:
Perry from MERCY wrote:
"found these Language Resources very useful -

Free Translation Online >> Home › Translate Free Online | Language Translation ... visit - "

Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 04:39 PM:
JA from Oregon wrote:
"Stumbled on this page of "papers" from notorious opponents to legalizing (or even decriminalizing) drugs, especially marijuana while researching for an article. It includes Robert DuPont, Calvina Fay and similar advocates globally. Worth checking out, for those that want to know the "global" opposition positions:

There is a position paper dated Dec 2011 speaking broadly and another paper on how prohibition is not only necessary, but required under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (which the US did not ratify, but many others did) - in short, they claim that prohibition protects children and therefore is required under this UN Convention.

Although not directly related to Oregon - these are the people considered to be "experts" and often consulted by our government in crafting policies and these are the positions that are drifting down into Oregon. Calvina Fay, for instance, is directly connected with Shirley Morgan, of Oregonians Against the Legalization of Marijuana. Morgan's arguments closely parallel what I am reading here.

Just FYI for those interested.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 06:36 AM:
me from here3 wrote:
"Come with us on the adventure of life that changes the lives of othersThere are many wonderful missionaries and volunteers sacrificing their home comforts to get up, go out and work hard to help some of the less fortunate in these places, but sometimes they just don’t have access to the resources and equipment they need. Part of our job at Mercy Trucks is to do what we can to help by linking some of the resources of Europe with needs in Eastern Europe, Asia and West Africa or as in the case above; the resources of America with the needs in Central and South America. Visit - "

Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 02:23 PM:
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" World Vacation Guide TV: World Travel Guide Videos - cannabis Videos - cannabis ... Thailand; Trinidad and Tobago; Turkey; Ukraine; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom - "

Sunday, April 1 at 08:27 AM:
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" Forum: Other World Regions Forum > Cannabis World > Other World Regions > >> Discussions about marijuana and its health benefits with those around the world. Visit - "

Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 09:44 AM:
I wrote:
"Looking at the wider drug picture, marijuana was showing up more in schools and on the street. Floyd said that since Oregon introduced medical marijuana in 1998, the drug's prevalence continued to rise. The price had dropped to a quarter of its value from six years ago.

"Before that it was grown in a closet and the crops were not high yield, and now we have run into two homes just leased to grow marijuana. No one even lives in the homes." So far the team has not busted any major growing operations on private or government timber land this year.

It was common for criminal groups to plant marijuana on hidden patches in parks and forests that were rarely visited by people or police. These crops are harvested, sold, and their profits used by criminals to import more serious illicit drugs like meth. But while meth and marijuana may rank as the biggest illegal drugs in Coos County, health officials say their harm still pales in comparison to alcohol.

Jessica Quinlan, Bay Area Hospital's clinical manager of ED and ICU, said alcohol was the most abused substance in Coos County. Each month, 50 to 60 patients arrive in their emergency department for substance abuse, and roughly two-thirds of those cases involved alcohol. Read more: "

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 06:38 PM:
a person from earth wrote:
"This is an interesting site to check out. - - continuos feed of drug busts world wide."

Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 07:05 PM:
me from here2 wrote:
"The “drug war” strategy of the last four decades revolves primarily around supply side measures. Whether eradication, interdiction, or arrests, it fixates on stopping the seemingly endless flow of drugs and cash across U.S. borders . But there is obviously another side to the equation – U.S. demand. The United States is the largest consumer of drugs across the globe (though there are signs that the cocaine and marijuana markets in Europe and the developing world are catching up) with 1 in every 7 Americans having tried an illegal substance. Marijuana accounts for the vast majority of that consumption, followed by prescription drugs and cocaine. visit - legalize-marijuana-and-a-look-at-demand-side-policies-in-the-u-s-war-on-drugs/ "

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 04:25 PM:
i from here wrote:
"7 Countries You Don’t Want to Get Caught With Drugs In - March 21, 2009 - by Addiction Blogger | Over the years, hundreds of tourists have been arrested in their various countries of destination for the simplest drug offenses. Lucky are those who got caught in countries where drug laws aren’t so stringent; more often than not, they get away with a brief stint in jail or fines.

Others, however, have had the misfortune of being caught in countries whose drug laws are quite harsh, and have learned the hard way how serious they are in implementing their drug offense penalties, which range from a lengthy prison term for simple possession of the minutest amount of illegal drugs to public beheadings for convicted drug traffickers. Here are seven countries you don’t want to get caught with drugs in. Visit - "

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